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Coming Up … Mystery # 1: A Den of Thieves : Still Alive and flourishing in the Last Days

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Mark 11: 17, And he taught, saying unto them. Is it not written, my House shall be called of all nations the House of Prayer? But ye have made it a den of thieves.
A House of Prayer or a Den of Thieves…God’s Plan or man’s plan. Take your pick. What we have in Mark 11:17 is the righteous indignation of Yeshua cleansing the temple (which just happens to be his Father’s House) of the debauchery and sacrilege taking place within it.

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We have a connection from what Jesus said here and the Prophet Isaiah. Back in the days of the Prophet Isaiah, Isaiah was addressing the essential need for the Lord’s People to keep the Sabbath out of necessity as much as out of an act of obedience. He made it clear that those who love the Lord obey his commandments.

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So in V.7 of Isaiah 56:7, the Prophet states God’s Intentions with the House of Israel, Even then will I bring to my holy mountain and make them joyful in my house of prayer their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine alter for mine house shall be called a house of prayer for all people. We can clearly see God’s Intentions to make his House, a House of Prayer for all people. Time after time in the scriptures we have seen how defiling the Holy Temple of God has cost many a life and pained God greatly.

So why is it we are talking about this verse in Mark 11:17? Well Yeshua was obviously fairly upset about what he had witnessed. He saw people in the temple not praying to God, not giving God the glory but instead he saw the moneychangers and the buying and selling of anything and everything and in general disrespect and a lack of reverence to God and his Holy Temple.

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Perhaps you may already know where this MOB is going. Perhaps you have even been witness to a version of this in the modern church where some worship services resemble slick rock concerts which include the selling of their merchandise and all the marketing schemes that help move product with their “branding”.

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Certainly in many instances some Christian bands depend on the selling of their CD’s and other merchandise for their very survival and no one is pointing a finger for one making a living even when conducting a ministry. No, this is not what we are dealing with in regards to this subject. Let’s dig a little deeper, to the root of the issue. GREED. We are talking about the G word which should always stand for God but in this instance refers to Greed. We are talking about what is God’s and approaching it with the proper amount of reverence. The church built with hands is just that it is a church built with hands, but what God has claimed for himself and what he calls his own, his true Holy Temple (which is to reside in all who become vessels of his Holy Spirit), that we should never allow to become polluted with sin and filled with greed and corruption.

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The prosperity movement is full of greedy pastors who drool at the thought of owning mansions galore,

I'm rich than all pastors in Ghana, but I dont displays my mansion ...Image result for rich pastors with huge mansionsHow 'Prosperity Gospel' preachers bend the Bible's words - UCA NewsSee the source image

jet liners and as many cars they can fit in their driveway.



We are not judging them, it is by the fruit of their spirit they are known. Even as a testimony they fail to testify a “Christ like” presence to the lost of the World. Where is the humility our Lord Jesus Christ taught us to have with those whose life’s are so heavily immersed in materialism?
There is indeed so much excess and the blasphemy that comes with it, that they claim that God’s Blessing them through all of this prosperity.


So what of the 3rd world person

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or any person homeless

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and starving to death,

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are they cursed and not ‘bless worthy of God’? Blessed are the poor and the meek for they shall in inherit the Earth. For them shall God make the Kingdom of Heaven accessible. The first will be last, the last first in God’s Kingdom, quite different than this Worlds system.


It seems some Pastors have a got a head start on their mansions that God was to go and prepare for his children in Heaven. Maybe they knew in their heart it just wasn’t going to happen like that, so this was there only way to get that mansion and build it themselves out of their greed and love of materialism.
The reality that we can discern in our spirit what should leave all believers groaning in their spirit is that for decades upon decades upon decades, children and families around the World have been starving to death due to malnourishment with no food to eat,

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no clean water to drink

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or decent medical facilities to prevent against disease nor sanitary shelters for them to live in, has lead to millions and countless millions of lives that needlessly died. This is on all of us on this Planet, we all share the shame that we have let our fellow humans on this planet completely down. We could have made the difference instead we let the greedy elites who are the epitome of greed let all these people die so that their sick and depraved fantasies can all come true. Disease and Famine have wiped out so very many lives and the deaths continue daily, hourly, and minute by minute. How wickedly unbalanced this World is presently, thank the Lord God for it not being much longer.

Image result for greedy church peopleThis flies in the face of those who say they are so blessed by God in God’s Temple that they are so rich beyond measure while the number of those who are poor and are barely surviving or can’t pay their bills continues to grow. What a discrepancy we have between those who have the best of everything and those who have nothing. The reality is God has been used as a marketing tool for some who have made money using a type of worldly spiritually whether it is in the arts, sports or any other type of occupation. Now we should do all things to the Glory of God of course no matter what it is, but we should never pursue committing to anything that God has given us for his glory and use it solely for our own selfish gain. Using God for financial gain is just exploitation no matter how one may attempt to disguise it.

It seems God knows what to do with man, but man has no idea of what to do with God. It’s always interesting to hear some talk about how they are thinking of trying God, like he is a shoe size available for one to try at the local shoe discount store. If it fits great, wear it but if it doesn’t put it back and try another one on for size. That is what religion is, Christ offers much more in the form of an eternal relationship with the Father, a ministry of reconciliation. The reality is we have not been pursuing God as much as God has been pursuing everyone at one time or another, they just might not have been paying close enough attention to the signals God had left for them.

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Since man in his sinful condition does not know what to do with God, God remains the greatest mystery to him. The topic of tithing and giving has long been considered a discussion taboo but does beg the question of how does one go about regulating when a Church may have crossed the line and become excessive in asking above and beyond the needs of themselves and others. When does the benevolent fund go above and beyond what can be regarded as reasonable giving?

Image result for churches selling merchandise getting greedy and money focused

This topic makes many in the church uncomfortable to discuss and this is not the attention of this MOB to be a MOB about tithing. We do believe that is between the believer and God, end of story. A good size chuck of the modern church has resembled a Den of Thieves and has attempted to use and exploit God for it’s own material gain. Many church goers have put out excessive amounts of their savings into the coffers of some of these Mega churches. They are mega in size and mega in streams of revenue. Some of these very same mega churches have been found to be suspect in the way they operate and we will not get into all the “con men” who have claimed at one time or another to be part of the Church and the Body of Christ. They have made a mockery out of those truly pursuing God and worshipping him in Spirit and in Truth with all manner of humility. For those leading the flock astray at these corrupt Churches, God wants them to repent of their misguided ways and return to their first love, which should be God and not mammon or money. The prosperity movement is not biblical and is a doctrine of demons which we are told in the last days, there will be an abundance of doctrines of demons springing forth and being accepted by those willing to compromise God’s Ways.

Indeed the greed being displayed by certain churches is indeed a sign of the last days and is part of the falling away of many from the faith which is to happen before the son of perdition, the Antichrist is revealed to one and all on the Earth. That time is soon coming. Indeed many are giving heed to the seducing spirits and doctrines of demons and those allowing this particular doctrine of greed have been seduced by the demons working for Satan into believing they are doing God’s Work and this is a true indication of God’s Blessing (their profits and the growth of their material wealth). We must pray for all those caught up in this powerful and deceptive delusion. It will lead them straight to Hell without true repentance taking place.

May all those that are trapped in this delusion and foolish enough to believe that they are in a House of Prayer gain proper spiritual discernment in knowing that they are instead in a Den of Thieves. A den where they will either rob or be robbed, steal or be stolen from. Make no mistake about it beloved, they are working for one that has come to steal and destroy and his name is Satan. Escape, flee the devil and run to the arms of Yeshua and the enemy will leave you be.
John 10:10 says it all, The Thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly

See the source image5 Signs You've Bought Into the Prosperity GospelTo the Point: What about Tithing and the Prosperity Gospel - Lewis Center for Church Leadership

Mystery # 2 : Misuse of Riches: Warnings

James 5: 1 Go to now, ye rich men weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
In this chapter in the Book of James we see clearly stated warnings to the rich. Now when we mention rich we are not just talking about those that happen to enjoy a great deal of personal wealth as much as they are spiritually bankrupt because they put money first in their lives over God. These that do this all have one thing in common, their spiritual condition is one of being impoverished and poor in spirit and this is despite the fact that materialistically by the World’s standards they are very wealthy. So it goes without saying that there are of course some who despite their wealth are true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. There just isn’t too many of them and we will examine the reason for this in this MOB.

As we should know as believers of the Lord and readers of scripture, true riches always should be stored up in Heaven and not Earth where rust and moths will corrupt. The garments that these individuals wear are moth eaten and are not robes of righteousness that the redeemed of the Lord wear.

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They are wearing garments that they invested in by their earthly pursuits and consequently there garments have become corrupt and temporal, lacking the eternal power of God’s Righteousness. All material possessions fade over time, that’s why Yeshua made it clear to all that would listen, that we are all to store up our treasures in Heaven and not on Earth, where the moth and rust does not corrupt. Where are you storing your riches beloved, here on Earth or in Heaven?

The very things some of these rich people put their stock in (and in some instances their faith) such as money, will be eaten away (much like a canker worm destroys what you grow in your garden). The cankerworm of course was very familiar to the Israelites and God at times would use the cankerworm to send judgement to a stubborn and rebellious Israel during times of harvest by a poor crop yield.

Not only that but these temporary possessions that many on the Earth have put stock in will actually be used ultimately as a witness against them. Now of course this is not implying all who stock such resources as gold and silver are in trouble with God.

There is some biblical merit to investing wisely and being a good steward of what God gives us (see the parables of the talents). However those who put their possessions above God as in a form of idolatry will have those possessions used against them when they stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ. James 5: 3 states clearly that one description of a Hell bound individual is someone that worships materialism to the point that it shall consume them and their flesh will be like it’s on fire just as the worm that burns and whose fire cannot be put out.


Then this verse becomes unmistakably prophetic in nature as the statement reads in James 5:3, Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days. Indeed some act as if he who has the most toys in the end wins. One cliché is answered by another cliché that rings true regardless. That is, you cannot really take anything with you after your done with this life. We are born into this World as dust and ashes and our bodies go back to the Earth in the same fashion at the end of our time on Earth. That’s where the saying at funerals “dust to dust and ashes to ashes” came from, this very principle. Our souls of course are eternal and they will only go to one of 2 places ultimately, there simply is no middle ground. There is no middle ground with the Lord, he is not “wishy washy” your either for him or against him. That is why broad is the way to salvation initially, but ultimately narrow is the path that leads to destruction.

The Lord would not take the time to wonderfully design man and woman the way he has only to see his creation just end up in the ground and rot away. No he has something more special in mind for his creation but the cost of rejecting this special opportunity is eternal. We get a picture in V.4 and V.5 that these rich people have exploited many and have taken advantage of them. Think of all those who run and own the sweat shops around the World,

Image result for SWEATSHOPS

literally forcing children into cruel and horrible labor unfit for an adult never mind a child

Image result for SWEATSHOPS

and in general treating other humans like slaves.

Image result for SWEATSHOPS

The black market still exists and it is nothing more than a slave market and often children and in some cases women are treated inhumanly as nothing more than slaves.

See the source imageImage result for women treated like slaves in third world countriesImage result for women treated like slaves in third world countriesWhat is modern slavery? - CNNAfrica now has world's highest rate of modern-day slavery — Quartz Africa

Think of the rich globalists behind the Illuminati

and the Bilderberg’s and the Tri-Lateral Commission



and Lucius Trust,

Image result for lucius trust

the Rockefellers,

Image result for the rockefellers

the Rothchild’s,

Image result for the rothchilds

The Club of Rome, the Royal Family

See the source imageImage result for the club of Rome

Image result for the Royal family

and on and on it goes. One pattern is common with all these names and organizations, they are the richest and most powerful of the elite and they comprise of only 3% of the World’s Population owning 97% of the World’s Wealth. They for all intent and purposes have come to the conclusion that they own everything including our property and us as well.

These Globalist enterprises are the ones who use many millions of people on the Earth as their slaves economically and ultimately psychologically making them believe they are inferior (that is why nothing is done to feed them, nourish them and keep them alive). They are left to starve and die of diseases as part of the Global depopulation plan for the World –which we addressed in our most previous MOB).

These people deemed slaves are only kept alive and when it has been deemed they have outlived their usage they are eliminated, in what is called the culling since they and for that matter all others outside of the elite are considered useless eaters.

In fact as many are well aware of, the Georgia Guide Stones state that the rich Globalists want to significantly reduce the World’s population so that it is a nice tidy number of 500,000,000 that is only 500 million people on the earth which of course means that nine tenths of the World’s population will need to go bye bye.

That is not going to happen unless it is forced upon humanity. It of course has already been put into motion with many laboratories created diseases springing forth every other year  and suspicious chemtrails dumping aluminum particles into our air that we breathe

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and many, many other ruthless tactics designed so that most of us just don’t live a long and fruitful life. Do we really think that none of these 3rd World countries couldn’t ever recover eventually (with a reasonable amount of assistance of course) if it weren’t for the Global elites forcing their oppression upon them and forcing them to pretty much all starve or die of disease?

Image result for illuminati suppresses third world countriesThis all may seem shocking to some and maybe unbelievable, but one must lift their head out of the ground and see the World for what it truly is, and that is a sinful World, a place where the Mystery of Iniquity has made both the land and it’s people corrupt and reprobate. Sin has brought man down into the depths of degradation and depravity. These rich Globalists are the same people who have million dollar bunkers built for themselves deep underground so that when they see all the coming catastrophes they think they will be safe and snug in their regal “home away from home”, while the rest of the World topside goes to hell in a basket during the time of Jacob’s Trouble (The Great Tribulation) and God’s Impending Wrath.

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Many have commented that this might be why in The Book of Revelation it states that some will be looking to hide under the rocks and mountains when Yeshua returns. They will wish for the rocks and mountains they are trapped in to cave in on them rather than deal with God’s Wrath. They will know that their time is up and what they have done has been witnessed by God and now finally justice will be served by the only just one, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. For the Lord, Yeshua has seen all and witnessed all and he will not be made a mockery of. For Yeshua has seen how some of these rich people have lived a life of pleasure at the expense and exploitation of others and have not cared one iota for the well-being of their fellow man / or woman, especially the homeless and the least of these. They have done all that they can to nourish their own hearts, to take care of # 1, the epitome of selfishness and greed, and so their final destination, is a day of slaughter. They had the ways and means to benefit those in need but instead they were gluttons of their riches and now they will become gluttons for punishment.

Some of these rich people have condemned and killed the just, they did not deserve what was handed down to them. They have made many people through the course of history their slaves and continue that practice to this very day. So now the tables will be turned on the rich elite and arrogant Globalists who have decided what’s in their best interests is good enough for the rest of the World to deal with. Many in the World, that is the secularists in particular, say that most of what has been discussed here is nothing more than fear mongering or the thoughts of crazy conspiracy theorists and religious nuts and fanatics. However and ironically enough, those that state such things are actually the ones who are blind and delusional. The evidence of what really is the truth is everywhere around us. The rich elites simply do not have our best intentions in mind and never will. They are only going to look out for themselves and get even greedier then they are already.

Yeshua will sort all this out when he returns and so this passage we took a look at today in James is a warning to the rich to repent and get right with God while there is still time to do so. God is merciful but God is just so time is of the essence for them to turn away from their sinful ways and repent and be forgiven. The chances of them doing this realistically are not likely at all. The Lord warned that those who heap treasures on Earth in these very last days that we live in would have a huge problem of getting into heaven, since money can’t buy one in, only the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Image result for the rich need to repent

The Lord himself stated that the rich man inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven is as likely as a camel going through the eye of a needle, which is an impossibility of course. A warning has indeed gone out to all those who are wealthy and powerful on this planet (temporarily in the hands of Satan for a brief period and time). When King Yeshua comes back, those who are rich and have been exploited many will now face a Day of Slaughter that will end in perpetual hell for all of eternity, if they do not repent. It’s the Lord’s Will that all should repent and come to salvation, even the greediest and most wicked of people. For we all have fallen short of the glory of God and all our righteousness is like filthy rags to the Lord. To God sin is sin.

Image result for satan our adversaryImage result for satan our adversaryImage result for satan laughing gif

What Does The Bible Say About The Devil? | Crossroads Media

My Weekender] with SATAN | SmartShanghaiImage result for satan

Mystery # 3 : Satan, Our Adversary

1 Peter 5: 8, Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.
Here is a passage that is so well known, even non-believers know of it. They know of it and yet they have no means to do anything about it.

See the source image

They don’t have the spiritual armor of God that we are told in scripture we need to fight the spiritual warfare that is inevitable, if we are truly doing God’s Work. What is meant here is Satan doesn’t worry about those that already belong to him (and are heading to hell either out ignorance or out of a genuine hatred to God and all things holy). Satan is keeping a much more watchful eye on God’s Children who are doing the work of the Lord and are seeking to obey and glorify God in all that they do on a daily basis.

Image result for satan our adversary

Before we go too far ahead of ourselves, let’s define a couple of words that are in this passage, sober and vigilant.

Image result for Be Sober

Strong Greek’s definition of sober is “to be of sound mind or sober-minded, or the ability to exercise self-control.” Being sober means conversely that one is not being drunk which means not being under the influence and instead means being aware of what is going on around you.  Being vigilant means being watchful, wide-awake, by alert the meaning connotated here is as being on the lookout especially for danger or opportunity. The timelessness of this message prophetically is simple. Satan knows his time is short and so he is making a concentrated effort to speed up his plan to cause as much destruction as possible, in particular when it comes to God’s Plan of Redemption for all of mankind. Satan loves to interfere with the process of winning converts to Christ and has many schemes that he uses to see his diabolical plans come to fruition.

Image result for satan our adversary

He is the craftiest of any of the God’s Creations and we have already covered in a previous MOB, the deceitfulness and cunningness of Satan in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve (see the Book of Genesis study).

This time around we will focus on some other strategies of Satan that we need to be constantly mindful of.

No matter what as Ephesians 6:11 says we must, Put on the whole amour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. We are no match for the enemy otherwise, he will seek us out and devour us without God’s Protection. Not only must we have the spiritual amour but we must pray for spiritual discernment from God, to know what is of God and what is not.

Image result for Manifest Can into an Angel of Light Satan

To many Christians today are simply being the blind leading the blind. They are letting others tell them something is of God without praying about it, without asking the Holy Spirit for discernment or seeking counsel from the scriptures. Someone might say this person is so anointed of God and the things coming out of their mouth can be complete heresy and unbiblical.

God has very rigid litmus tests that are mentioned in scripture for such things as defining what the qualifications of being a watchman are as well as defining what the qualifications are for being a true Prophet of God for example. Some people will call someone a Prophet of God without really seeking biblical clarification and that can have deadly spiritual consequences.


God clearly detests those who are false prophets and claiming ignorance will not hold any water with God come the Day of Judgement. Discernment is so very important and necessary for all believers to ask liberally of God. It is a spiritual gift and so it must be requested in earnest and then exercised to be used effectively.

Image result for spiritual discernment

If the believer is going to make a successful stand against the antics of Satan and his fiery darts he loves to throw at a believer (like they are his personal dart board), then one must have both the spiritual amour of God and discernment as two defenses from God. Satan has a supporting cast and a legion of demon troops that help him get what he wants executed.

They are his principalities and powers and rulers of darkness that do his dirty work and evil bidding at his request. Look for all the darkness in this World, look for the spiritual wickedness in high places and you will find Satan amongst all of that, like a puppeteer pulling the strings in a nightmarish “Punch and Judy” show.


Satan has specific plans for both believers and non-believers. Let’s begin with how he deals with believers and this is nowhere near all that the old serpent schemes at doing. No, this is more like the tip of the iceberg. The devil will do the following to believers:

1. Create great doubt in the mind of the believer and make them believe they are not worthy of God’s Plan of Redemption.

Image result for SATAN wants you to think he doesn't exist

2. Make them doubt that not only the Devil doesn’t exist, but God doesn’t exist, or if he does exist, he certainly doesn’t care about you.

3. The Devil will plant fake teachers, false prophets, false messiahs,

Image result for church plants of Satan

Image result for false teachers of the word of God

All put in place by Satan to deceive you and discourage you and make you feel foolish for following them in the first place.

See the source image

Image result for false teachers of the word of God

Image result for false teachers of the word of God

as well as false doctrines and doctrines of demons to confuse church goers and those who are biblically illiterate.

Image result for false doctrines and doctrines of demons


These individuals and satanic imposters will contradict one another and make the church look horribly hypocritical if not insane to a skeptical secular World.

The Creepy, Drunk and Weird "Encounter Gospel" GIF Gallery! — Pirate Christian MediaStacey Campbell — Messed Up Church — Pirate Christian MediaMessed Up Church — Pirate Christian MediaStacey Campbell — Messed Up Church — Pirate Christian MediaImage result for the encounter gospel gifImage result for the encounter gospel gifImage result for charsimatc church people gif

Image result for false doctrines and doctrines of demons

Image result for Satan will use seduction

4. Satan will seduce any and all that he can and lead them astray and from God. Satan will specifically target pastors and supposed men of God to be seduced by women and even the same sex

Image result for jezebel spirit in the church satan's plants

or even worse children

church and pedophiles

all by the possession through the Jezebel Spirit. Satan will split up husbands and wives and families by creating affairs

Image result for christian pastor having affairsJessa Hasbrook Bentley Confesses To Adultery With A Smile | Pickling In His PresenceCeleb pastor Carl Lentz's wife is also fired over her husband's affair | Daily Mail OnlineImage result for jezebel spirit in the church satan's plants

Image result for jezebel spirit in the church satan's plants

and seduce men and women into addictions and bondages like drugs,

Image result for people who go to church with pornography addictions, drug addictions, gambling addictions


pornography and more.

Image result for people who go to church with pornography addictions, drug addictions, gambling addictions

Satan will turn families upon each other like never before in these very last days.

In Luke 12:53 and Matthew 10:21, the Bible makes it clear the Father will be divided by the son,

the mother against the daughter

Image result for Mother Daughter Fighting FeudImage result for mothers and daughters fighting with each other

and children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death or even kill them. We are seeing these occurrences nowadays like never before.

Parents are killing their children

and the children in turn are killing their parents and it seems like it is happening every week in the news in numerous locations, mostly in the Western hemisphere and the U.S in particular.

This has been going on for quite some time throughout history but never to this degree of frequency. The pure savagery and brutality of the killings seem to be right out of a horror novel and somehow it all seems to be getting more diabolical indicating Satan is possessing and influencing more and more people of all ages (all the time) with his diabolical plans to take over the entire planet with his demonic New World Order.

New World Order | The Evil Wiki | Fandom

We are well into the beginnings of sorrows the birth pains leading us into the Great Tribulation and the 7 years of Jacob’s Trouble. Image result for the beginnings of sorrows

Satan will turn evil upside down and try to make it look good to the point many will kill Christians thinking they are doing good when in fact they are merely pawns of Satan, doing his bidding. This is what has happened with ISIS beheading all the Christians including children calling them infidels.

When did killing any children on this Planet become something anyone could call, good? Satan will create a demonic army of scoffers and mockers and just as in the days when Christ walked the Earth, so too will many mock the creationists and fundamentalists today vilifying them, calling them crazy religious nuts. You can always tell it is Satan behind it the message is always condescending with a hint of superiority and always filled with contempt, just like Satan is for God.

Image result for Crazy Religious

Satan creates apathy, he will give some a false sense of security that their works will get them into Heaven. The Lord says on that day many will say (at the Great White Throne of Judgment) “Lord, Lord I did all these things in your name, I know you.” They will find the doorway to Heaven is not open to them as the Lord will respond, “Be gone worker of iniquity I never knew you!’ So we know it’s not works that get you into Heaven for then any man would boast of his own success and not of what the Lord has done for them. The Lord will spit them out of his mouth and will say he did not know them at all! Satan will make many who are lukewarm for the Lord stay lukewarm and never get right with God and the Lord will have no choice but to reject them for they never truly were redeemed by the Lord.

Image result for lukewarm christians

They never let him into their hearts to transform their lives or to even sup with him. Satan works hard to propagate what is known as easy believism as another one of his tactics and this results in one not bearing any fruit in a believer’s life.

Image result for easy believism

In the Book of James we are told that faith without works is dead. We are not talking about works unto salvation but more so if we are changed by God, we surely should bear some fruit as evidence of our conversion. Satan wants to make sure there is no fruit in a believer’s life; he wants no impact whatsoever to come from one’s conversion to a believer. If he cannot steal one’s salvation (and he can’t never mind one’s soul – you either belong to God or Satan –one or the other) then he will make sure the believer is not faithful and successful for the Glory of God’s Kingdom, He will make sure your distracted by TV, movies, sports, entertainment and superficial activities that amount to nothing that can glorify God’s Kingdom.

Related image

One is not saying you cannot partake in such activities, but one must be aware of the need for balance, in order to make sure we are not making something an Idol and worshipping it over God. Satan loves a lazy Christian who thinks going to church once a week is doing a favor to God. Satan loves someone who has a false sense of eternal security thinking that because they don’t murder, steal or cuss that they are good enough to get to Heaven. Hell will be filled with such people.

Image result for the types of christians satan loves

Image result for the rapture doesn't happen people will be mad at God

Satan also wants man to experience a type of counterfeit spirituality with false cults and a false sense of religiosity that lead a person a stray whether, the religion is any of the ism’s such as Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Kabbalism which all include religious activities which have nothing to do with worshipping God in Spirit and in truth and are works based whether they admit to this or not. For some reading this, this may come across as shocking as this may sound, it is nevertheless the truth. There are some fringe religions like Kabbalism and Free Masonry for instance which incorporates many aspects of the occult the higher one goes up in their degree (the more secretive the ritual becomes).

Image result for illuminati gif

In fact it will be a combination of the eclectic One World Church that will include the Free Masons, the eclectic Church which is a mix of the apostate and satanic doctrines of the watered down gospel churches of the last days that will form Mystery Babylon essentially. They will all come together to form the Beast System of the New World Order. Satan isn’t done yet, he has been instrumental in building the cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Mormons, the 7th day Adventists and all the Sabbatarians. There are the extreme Charismatics who get into things such as snake handling and weird manifestations clearly not of the Holy Ghost (like out of control demonic twitching –the Kundalini spirit).

Image result for kundalini WARNING

They put experience over doctrine (which in itself is a doctrine of demons). Think of what has come forth from such things as these so called movements including “holy laughter” which is supposedly laughing in the spirit and is anything but holy and is nothing more then absurd chaos.

Image result for holy laughter demonic

As well included is what is called The Toronto Blessing where people are supposedly so “drunk’ with the Holy Spirit they look and act just plain drunk.

Related image

One way to find out if something is of God is whether it would be of good testimony or not. Simply put if an unbeliever were to walk into a church while people were rolling on the floor hysterical with laughter they would have sworn they were entering an insane asylum and they would be sure to never enter those doorways ever again. God never leaves anyone with a poor testimony about him or his work and certainly not through the Holy Spirit. Instead we get a shameful testimony that is in the spirit of mockery and clearly of the Devil.

Image result for SATAN LOVES TO MOCK GOD

It is such a shame that those calling themselves Christians have no discernment whatsoever they go on experience and feelings. But we are to try the spirits to see if they are of God or not, not go along with every single self-edifying experience known to man and call it of the Holy Spirit. Could this be the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit that the Bible talks about? In any case all this flies in the face of the true workings of the Holy Spirit which are based on Biblical truths and not experience which is very dangerous waters to tread (for the Devil loves to dwell with experience) and anything that appears spiritual but is actually demonic in it’s roots.

Image result for experience based christianity the dangers

Yes Satan loves to use spirituality and is in fact stationed nice and comfortably right in the Church. He can even give a pastor demonic affliction if that pastor’s heart is not right with God and is not contrite and his steps not ordered of God, he can fall as well. Satan loves to make men of God fall. If Satan can make a man of God turn to his fleshly desires and sin, then he is not going to be walking in the Spirit and he is not going to be fulfilling all the plans that God has made to use him for his Glory. This affects the man, his family, the congregation he attends or if he is the Pastor, all the ones (the congregation) he preaches too. It’s all going to be a shambles and potentially “up for grabs.”

Image result for satan loves to make a man fall

Satan loves the Church and all those Hollywood Horror Movies depicting Satan hating to go into a Church are lies just as the whole holy water façade. Satan loves to bring the World and the flesh into the Worship services and into the sermons as well and this is the type of Worldliness that scripture talks about that tickles the ears of many that want to hear what they want to hear but not necessarily what they need to hear from God.

Image result for satan loves to work inside the church
Image result for satan loves to work inside the church
Image result for satan loves to work inside the church

These are the doctrines of demons.

Image result for satan loves to work inside the church

There are many more of these fringe groups including the Dominionists (a works based type salvation belief) where they want to make the Earth, the New Heaven and they have to usher in the Kingdom of God themselves right here on Earth. They can’t wait for the Lord it would seem or they believe the Lord has told them to go do it, when scripture is clear it is the Lords battle and he and only he can right the wrongs of the mystery of iniquity that has fallen upon the Earth and corrupted God’s Creation.

Image result for dominionists

Still another plan high on Satan’s agenda is to create an apostate church. He already has many ‘pew warmers” who go to church only because it makes them look good on the outside while their insides are as filthy as can be. God only cares what is in the inside in someone‘s heart anyways. Satan is also counting on a great delusion to take place, a falling away and part of it will be doctrines of demons which the ecumenical church is doing right now in uniting with the Catholic Church and others. However, if there is to be a great falling away, a great delusion has to come upon the Earth and a significant portion of the church will depart from the faith. What type of catastrophic event could cause such a thing? It has to be something huge and universal enough that almost everyone would have to know about for it to be effective. Once again Satan is not far away from what’s going on when and if the rapture comes and goes and the Great Tribulation begins and so many who call themselves Christians find themselves persecuted even unto death. That would be one possibility. Think about it.

Image result for the rapture doesn't happen people will be mad at GodImage result for the rapture doesn't happen people will be mad at God

Who do you think they will be angry against? The answer is obviously God. These angry and disillusioned individuals will be so mad they will take it out on the remaining Church and will spitefully turn to Satan in the process by their blinding hate of God. All the people who were not ready to be raptured and who attended Churches that preached the pre –tribulation doctrines and were expected to be taken out of harm’s way will still be standing and will become targets for the malcontents who once called themselves Christians. Image result for the rapture doesn't happen people will be mad at God Satan will be laughing when he sees Christians battling others once identified also as Christians. If one only looks at the history of the Church it is very evident through the course of History that God never takes his Church out of anything but rather he protects them. In fact this goes all the way back to the Old Testament. God will protect his people but many will also be slain during the Great Tribulation. They are the Tribulation Saints.

Image result for tribulation saintsGod wants his children to have faith that he will protect them not that they get an easy out that requires no faith building. Think of the fiery furnace with Daniel and his friends never mind Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Think of the Apostle Paul with the ship wrecks, the snake bites, and the stoning’s and beatings he had to endure. In many instances Paul was near death and of course the one we all remember the Red Sea parting in two for Moses and the Israelites. So many stories with the same results can lead one to only one conclusion, God does not take his children out of the fire, he protects them from it’s flames. Many might not be happy to learn this having been taught by their preacher this or perhaps their favorite prophecy teacher on TV and yet it is unbiblical beloved.

In fact, it is a demonic doctrine Satan will use to his advantage soon enough. In fact there is some speculation, and I repeat only speculation some will say that the rapture was an UFO invasion or Project Blue Beam with a fake projected image of Jesus in the Sky.

Image result for project blue beam

The results will be the same no matter what caused this pseudo fake and staged rapture, many will lose their faith and turn from God. This will cause a massive turning away and apostasy and the devil will be right there to encourage and enjoy it. NASA has always had strong Satanic overtones with the Occult never mind great deception. Satan is everywhere and by that we mean his legion of demons are everywhere reporting, watching and terrorizing people as well as possessing souls. That is why one must get ready for the Lord right now, for no one knows when he comes or the real rapture of the church takes place. Satan also loves to do another trick, he loves to mess with doctrine by twisting it, purposely making sure it is misinterpreted, perverted and things that should be emphasized deemphasized and vice versa.

See the source image

Where do you think this so called Mandela effect is coming from?, if it is confusion which it is, it comes from the author of confusion plain and simple. Satan is especially tackling the biblical illiterate or the casual bible reader who treats their Bible with the same importance as their Reader’s Digest. As we have seen (and we really only did touch the very tip of the iceberg), Satan has so many, many tricks and he has plans to use some of them, most of them or all of them on you if he can.

Image result for satan our adversary

He has plans for you, plans of destruction, misery and suffering. His biggest plan though is to get you off God’s Plan for you. God of course has plans to prosper you, to nurture you and never cause you harm. Pretty much the opposite of Satan as you would imagine the case. God’s Ways are greater and God will provide those that ask liberally of him the necessary strength to resist the devil. God has better plans for you as the Book of Jeremiah says in Jeremiah 29:11; For I know the plans I have for you and not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope. Doesn’t that sound wonderful beloved? Is it too good to be true? Satan would tell you it is, but then again he is the Father of all lies.

However, God the Father, we can count on.
Matthew 6:8 states, Your Father knows what you need before you ask him. Matthew 18:14 states, Your Father in heaven is not willing that anyone of those little ones should be lost. His children are his little ones. And finally Ephesians 3:20 -21, Now to the Father who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
And Amen.


Image result for The spirits in prisonImage result for Yeshua visits the spirits in prisonImage result for ghosts in dark prison gif

Spirits In Prison | Hell Truth

Mystery # 4 Spirits in Prisons? : Yeshua’s trip to the Unseen World

1 Peter 3:19 By which also he (Yeshua) went and preached unto the spirits in prison; which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.
Here is another MOB that we cannot overlook. There have been a few interpretations given about the scriptural passage above. In one interpretation, it is believed by some that after Christ’s Death on the cross, just prior to his resurrection, Yeshua’s Disembodied Spirit went to the unseen world where he preached to the disobedient dead.

This is supported by the reference to the dead during, the days of Noah. The only reason this interpretation is questionable has to do with the number of spirits Christ potentially had preached to. In other words unless the spirits in prison (the disembodied ones) were so vast in number did it take into account all the other people who had lived on the planet prior to and at the time of the flood that passed away? Would they not be present as well in their spirit form and how large a number of spirits would that have encompassed?  While we can never put limits on God’s Grace and we here at MOB do not think the Lord went to the underworld just to “rub it in ” that their fate was sealed, the bottom line really is that the idea that the dead have a second chance is not at all biblical and more likely is a form of paganism almost a type of reincarnation or karma, a do it over again until you get it right philosophy.

See the source image

Those who die unrepentant have no second chance otherwise The Great White Throne of Judgment would become somewhat meaningless, if everyone can just die and repent later.

Image result for satan's lie you can repent later
All we truly know is that Yeshua preached sometime between his physical death and his spiritual resurrection. The spirits in prison could be the actual disembodied spirits or those in bondage to their sin. However since Christ was technically dead at the time, whatever he did, he did 100% in the spirit and not in the flesh and this took place before he had had his glorified body (which brought together the flesh and the spirit).

Image result for Jesus preached in the spirit to those in prison

While we really don’t know what Yeshua actually was preaching to the spirits in prison, we can only speculate that perhaps he was not preaching the gospel so much as he was preaching about God’s Victory over Satan in the spiritual realm as a type of testimony for the Glory of God.

Image result for Jesus preached in the spirit to those in prisonThe Eight souls saved by water are of course a reference to Noah and his family who were able to pass safely through the waters of God’s Wrath, during the flood. This is an analogy to baptism, which when a person accepts the Lord they are saved and then baptized which is a public declaration that they now identify themselves as being a follower of Yeshua, the one who has delivered them. Water then becomes an analogy of deliverance, much like how God delivered Noah and his family safe despite the raging waters around the Arc. So did Christ really go down to Sheol (Hell in Hebrew) and preach to the spirits and demons?

Perhaps we still have another clue about what goes on behind the scenes in the unseen World. This illustration can be found in the Gospel of Luke and is just one of many parables Yeshua shared with his disciples. In this parable of the rich man and the beggar known as Lazarus (we are not 100% sure that this is the same Lazarus that Jesus wept over at the announcement of his death and whom the Lord resurrected shortly after) we find out that Lazarus was starving at the table of the rich man having only the rich man’s crumbs to live off of.

Image result for the rich man and lazarus

The beggar Lazarus was dying of sores and no doubt infection as dogs were apparently licking his sores as he lay at the bottom of the rich man’s table.

The beggar Lazarus was merely trying to survive by existing on the crumbs of the rich man’s food. So Lazarus died and he was taken by the angels of the Lord to a place called Abraham’s Bosom (a place in the hereafter, a type of spiritual crossing of dimensions of Heaven and Hell apparently).

Image result for abraham's bosom lazarus goes to pradiseBy coincidence, the rich man also died about the same time as poor Lazarus. However instead of being carried to Abraham’s bosom as was the case with Lazarus, the rich man became consciously aware he was in Hell and he was in torment. He could see Abraham, the Patriarch of the Israelites and he was holding Lazarus close to his chest in what was most likely a loving embrace.

Image result for the rich man and lazarus

The rich man cried out to Abraham to have mercy on him and ironically commanded Lazarus to do his bidding and dip his finger in water in order to cool his tongue, as he was being tormented by the never ending eternal flames of hell and damnation (the burning worm that will never die).

Image result for Lazarus in Hell

Abraham quickly reminded the rich man that in his lifetime, he received many good things and Lazarus only received evil things and now at the end of it all, it’s the rich man who is tormented and Lazarus who is now receiving comfort. The only difference is this is the way it is going to be for all eternity for both the rich man and Lazarus.

Image result for abraham's bosom lazarus goes to pradiseNow here in Luke 16:26 is a strong clue and indicator to the spiritual origin of this place as we read Abraham stating, And besides all this between us and you there is a great gulf fixed so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence. So we know from this passage that there is indeed a type of gulf like barrier dividing the spiritual realms of Heaven and Hell.

Image result for the rich man and lazarus

Abraham (now in his spirit being) was there to comfort Lazarus (who was also now in his spirit being having passed unto glory). The rich man even requested that for the sake of his five brothers that Abraham or some delegate from his spiritual dwelling would go to them and testify and warn them of Hell being all too real. Abraham said that the five brothers have Moses and the Prophets to hear from. It is interesting choice of words here since the word hear is used and not a word that connotes the reading of scripture in other words, Moses and the Prophets had long been dead and they would also have to be in the spirit as well because Abraham and Moses and even the Prophets were all alive at different time periods. The only thing bringing them together would be if they were all available in their spirit form.

Image result for Lazarus in Hell
We know Moses and Elijah show up at the transfiguration of Yeshua and we also know that almost all who study scripture and end times prophecy are in agreeance that the two witnesses are either a combination of Moses and Elijah, Moses and Enoch or perhaps even Enoch and Elijah. One of these three choices is what makes sense as all three have a unique history of being used by God long after their initial Earthly mission had been completed. So the rich man said if one who was dead would rise and come before his brothers they would repent, to which Abraham once again repeated Moses and the Prophets should be heard from. Now this simply could be alluding to the writings of the Pentateuch (the Laws of Moses) or the prophetic writings of the Prophets or is Abraham referring to an actual spiritual visitation from the hereafter, the unseen World? We don’t know for sure but we do know that the unseen World is full of mystery and we of course have no idea of what really happens in Heaven or Hell since according to the Bible none of us have gone there (despite what some people are saying that they have visited Heaven and Hell).

Scripture is clear about this that it is appointed for all mankind to live, die once and then comes the judgement. After the judgement, one’s eternal destination is made manifest, whether it be Heaven or Hell. So whether Yeshua did preach to the spirits in the unseen World and whether there was an actual prison, the Book of Enoch makes it clear that the fallen angels rebelled against God and had gathered themselves together at Mount Hermon and were indeed punished by God for their tyranny in marrying the women of Earth and having sexual relations with them.

Image result for the fallen angels mixed with earth women

These fallen angels were originally known as the Watchers (see our MOB about this) and they were appointed to watch man as a way for God to make sure Earth and Heaven were in symmetry with one another.

Image result for all nephilim killed during the biblical flood

These fallen angels helped spawn the Nephilim, the offspring giant “children” of the fallen angels. These same giants were eventually destroyed during the time of the Flood. So it was perhaps these spirit demons of the Nephilim that were in a spiritual prison, which Yeshua was preaching to.

Image result for the dead nephilim became spirits and demons

Some of the most powerful fallen angels were chained up as well and the Book of Enoch tells us all about it.

Image result for Book of enoch

In Chapter 11 we read in the Book of Enoch, “And the Lord said unto Michael (the Archangel), Go bind Semjazan

and his associates who have united themselves with women so as to have defiled themselves.’ In V.13- V.14 we read that their judgment (the fallen angels) is to be “led off to the abyss of fire forever and to the torment and the prison in which they shall be confined forever.” Once again we see that the word prison is used in reference to judgment and ultimately Hell but it is especially in reference to these fallen angels who have been put in chains by Michael the Archangel at the command of the Lord God Almighty. There is some speculation even that the fallen angels are actually kept chained and bound under the Antarctic. Of course there is no Biblical Merit for such a consideration, as interesting as it is, it is just speculation. More recently some interesting finds have supposedly come up in Antarctica but the information cannot be validated  at the time of this writing that secret underground chambers have been found with black sun symbols (Satanism symbols that date back to Nazi Germany and Ancient Samaria).

Image result for underground chambers with black sun symbols

Finally as we see have alluded to a number of times, in the Book of Revelation, it is mentioned that someday during the end of times just before Yeshua makes his triumphant return to Earth, the abyss will be opened and it will be unlocked by non-other than the star that fell from Heaven, once known as Lucifer now known as Satan. He is given the key to the bottomless pit and he will unlock the ungodly hellish demonic monster locusts that will kill and run rampant on Earth and torment mankind for 5 months’ time.

Image result for the monster locusts from hell

Their stings will be so bad and cause so much misery men will want to seek death and yet will not find it. There are fallen angels as well as these monsters locust like creatures that are also locked in the abyss and these demonic entities and beings that are locked up in the bottomless pit, will also come free from their spiritual prison in the unseen World for a short time prior to their judgment by Yeshua.

Image result for the monster locusts from hell

Can you even imagine giant cannibalistic Nephilim running around looking to kill and eat humans? That is just a made up crazy fabricated fictional horror story you might say. Not such a far fetched and crazy a story if it happened once before in History as both many native American Indians and many other aboriginals have stated,

Image result for nephilimImage result for nephilimImage result for nephilim and indians

that there ancestral stories passed from generation to generation with accounts of bloodthirsty gigantic giants hunting, killing and eating humans. The remains of these giants have been found all over the World.

Image result for nephilim and indians

Now back to the topic at hand.
Thankfully Yeshua could preach his victory over death and hell to these spirits in prison. Revelation 1:18 states, I died and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades proclaims the Lord God Almighty. For it will be death and Hades itself who will give up the dead come the Great White Throne of Judgment beloved. The second death is the Lake of Fire and it is forever. Anyone’s name not in the Book of Life also called the Lamb’s Book of Remembrance will be thrown into that very Lake of Fire.

Image result for jesus is the way
For even as the Book of Jude attests to in Jude 1:6, And the angels who did not stay within their own position of authority, but left their proper dwelling, he has kept in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day. Only Christ can set the captive free from their spiritual bondage and their spiritual prison. Don’t be as the spirits in prison simply waiting for God’s Judgement to come. Ask yourself are you set free today from the prison of sin and condemnation beloved? Those shackles of sin and death will come off when you accept and believe upon the Lord as your only hope and savior.


Image result for natural brute beasts in the bibleImage result for brute beasts gif6 People Who Turned Themselves Into Animals Through Body Modifications | Tattoodo8 People Who Changed Their Appearance To Look Like Animals

Mystery # 5 : Natural Brute Beasts

2 Peter 2: 12 But these as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things, that they understand not, and shall utterly perish in their own corruption.

Jude 1:10 has a very similar scripture stating, But these speak evil of those things which they know not; but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.
In both Peter and Jude we read about the natural brute beasts. Who and what are they? Let’s take a look at that in this edition of our MOB. We know this much from looking at these 2 scriptures. They are those that speak evil out of ignorance because they choose to not know that they use their own limited reasoning which ultimately destroys them. It is the corrupted degenerative mindset of man, corrupted by sin. The Book of Jude goes on to mention that these brute beasts have gone the way of Cain and are in error much like Balaam was in error. In 2nd Peter, Peter was addressing the concern of false teachers and that they walk after their own lusts. These are the ones that speak evil of others for they are indeed the natural brute beasts. The World is full of such “beasts” as well shall soon see, this is a prophetic sign of the very last days.

Image result for senseless acts of violence in the last days
2nd Peter 2:13 indicates they will “receive” a reward of unrighteousness. The word reward here is not the typical reward one thinks about, it means that in their natural corrupt and perverted minds they will think they are getting what they want; it’s the mindset of “he who gets the most toys in the end wins out.” At the time they will think their rewarded when in truth they will get the consequences of sin and corruption come the Day of Judgment (the prophetic Day of the Lord) and that in reality is their condemnation before the Lord God Almighty.

See the source image

V.14 of 2nd Peter mentions that their eyes are full of adultery and they cannot stop sinning because they love to sin. They really do. Sin has taken over their entire being and now they are like cursed and disobedient children. They’ve gone astray as did Balaam, the Son of Bosor. Remember the story of the talking donkey that we did some time ago in our MOB in Numbers 22:28? We are going to go back into that once again in the very next MOB after this one as well. These disobedient “children” are the servants of corruption and are in bondage to sin.

They had the choice to escape the pollutions of the World through the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha ‘Mashiach but they choose willfully not to. They choose instead to forsake Yeshua’s Ways for their own and they became entangled once again in their sin, just as a dog returns to it’s vomit, or a sow wallows in the mire and now scripture indicates it’s worse than before for them.

2 Peter 2: 21 states it would have been better for these natural brute beasts to have only known the way of God’s Righteousness after their initial fall into sin and bondage, rather then turning from God and turning back to their sinful ways.So, what of these natural brute beasts, what role do they play in Prophecy and the End Days scenario? Without saying it explicitly, we get a last day’s picture of these whose consciousness is seared with an iron. These are those that have heard the gospel and have forsaken God’s Truth for their own ways. They feel more comfortable in what they believe comes natural to them, such as sin and decadence. They love their sin and so consequently remove God from the equation so that they can sin as they please with no moral consequences to answer to.

See the source image

This is the definition of Satanism, the love of self to do what you feel like with no consequences (Aleister Crowley the Satanist’s credo of Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law).

While this has always been a condition of the fallen degenerative man, at no time in the History of our planet, can we recall, a time where man has reverted to the ways of unrighteousness as in the case, in the times we are living in now. Satanism is being displayed out in the public eye like never before and why not, it’s just another religion that needs to be protected (according to the authorities of this World).

Image result for satanists making fun of God

However if a Christian person or group “gets out of line”, it’s handcuffs and jail. no questions asked. Complete hypocrisy courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Satan. In some parts of the World Christians are beaten within an inch of their life’s and their churches burned down and vandalized.

Image result for christians in the US and Canada being persecuted and jailed
See the source image

Image result for christians in the US and Canada being persecuted

And if you don’t think it can happen here, guess again. It has already began here. Christians no longer have the right to hold unto their beliefs and attend a Christian University if they want to have a career in law. Man has never been as barbaric, savage, sadistic or just plain evil in his thoughts and actions, as he is now at this current time. It would be easy to say that those who choose to murder are obvious choices as natural brute beasts but it in no way includes all those who are natural brute beasts. What about those who support abortions

See the source image

, or the Dr. practicing euthanasia

See the source image

or the evolutionists and Darwinists and let’s not forget atheists,

shouldn’t they be considered natural brute beasts? In fact it is these very same Darwinist Global Elitists who are trying to form the New World Order and just see man as another species of useless eaters whose numbers need to be culled to keep the World population in check.

Image result for useless eaters

It doesn’t matter if they come across as educated intellects, inside their hearts they are savages. They have been corrupted and are now servants of corruption and they have not escaped the pollution and the evils of this World when in fact they have forsaken Yeshua’s Ways for their own low (and natural minded ways). This could apply to even some of those in certain Governments, World Leaders and Big Businesses around the World. Some of the most influential people in the World do not consult, trust or even believe in God and consequently choose their own ways over God’s Ways.

Image result for the united nations It will be the natural brute beasts of Gog and Magog that will usher in the 3rd World War, the final war before Yeshua comes back. These soldiers of this army all will have failed to have the ministry of reconciliation that comes only from the Prince of Peace and King of Kings and Lord of Lords and his Holy Spirit. So instead because of the lack of the presence of the Holy Spirit, wars and rumors of wars begin in the heart of man and will continue on until Yeshua returns finally. As scripture indicates the place where wars truly begins is in the wicked hearts of men and more specifically man in his natural state, the natural brute beast. Those who have scorched and seared consciousness are blind to the workings of God and only respond to that of the empirical physical World they see around them.

The Book of James ch.4 V.1-V.2 tells us where the lust of war comes from within one, From whence comes wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: Ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Those that do not seek God because they are given over to their reprobate minds and ways, do not have the ability to be renewed and their consequently is no transformation of their mind and body and spirit taking place. The savage beast of the unregenerate person is thoroughly corrupt and polluted with sin. It dominates their total being, mind, body and soul. They fight and war with God so it goes without saying, they definitely will fight and war with one another.

Image result for where do wars begin? the bible
In these last days, the Earth will be filled with these natural brute beasts like never before. Satan will mass an entire army, that will take the Mark of the Beast and will join the Antichrists army of Satanists gladly and we’ll do whatever he tells them to do.

Image result for antichrist's army

These are the ones who are blinded to the ways of God and walk in darkness, they are knows as children of darkness. Brute beasts are people who live physically but never attempt to quench themselves with God’s Spirit, their God shaped vacuum remains void of anything of God and they remain in their natural brute state. In the Book of Ephesians 2:2 we read that it is none other than Satan, the prince of the power of the air that these children of disobedience walk in accordance with. In V.3 we are told that those that walk in the lusts of their flesh and seek to fulfill the desires of the flesh and of the mind are by nature, the children of wrath. Jude 1:19 says these “natural people” are sensual based not spirit based. In fact the things of God seem foolish to the natural mind, they cannot comprehend the things of God nor the things of the Spirit according to 1 Corinthians 2:14. Unless there is a spiritual transformation, or a new birth, man will not be able to understand what God’s Intentions are for them. They just won’t be able to grasp the Ways of God.

Image result for the natural mind cannot comprehend the things of God
So many people in these last days believe they are just fine without God saying that it’s weak minded people who need religion, people that need faith just to get by (like faith in God is some sort of crutch that weak minded) or in some cases the secular world believes caters to the mentally ill types. Some treat God like it’s a type of recreation, a hobby or triviality of some sort you can take or leave. How foolish they believe Christians are in presuming that God is their creator and as such has the right to his creation having some form of accountability for living their life in a certain way. If one rejects God as the creator, then they will have a lot to answer for come the Day of Judgement. All the reasoning they will attempt using their natural minds will not help them. The natural brute beasts living on this Earth will have to give an account for why they thought they could live their life without God. Then will come eternity and that time will include spending an eternity without God. They will get what they thought they wanted and that was to be rid of God forever, only to find a lifetime apart from God in the utter darkness for all of eternity with all those gnashing of teeth and relentless pain and suffering is indeed a literal hell that no one will want.

Image result for hell is a place where people who don't want God get what they want
What some fail to realize is that all the beauty there is on this Planet is created by God in the first place and when you take God out of the equation, you don’t have nature anymore and that includes the removal of the blue sky, the Clouds, the Sun, the Oceans and Mountains and the green grass never mind all the birds chirping in the very trees that God created. In fact all you have is emptiness and darkness along with evil, hate and suffering that never ends. The price of being a natural brute beast is to pay the stiffest price of them all and that is life eternal without God in eternal hell and torment. Who in their right mind would ever want that?

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Romans 1:28, And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. We leave you with this benediction that is based on what God promised in Ezekiel 36:26 that God will give you a new heart and a new spirit. He will also remove the heart of a stone from your flesh.

Romans 12: 2 states that we are not to be conformed to things to this World but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. God will give us the discernment that we need to know and do his will in our lives beloved,

Image result for God will give you a new heart and a new spirit

We will also finally begin to know some of God’s Will for our lives and that which is good and acceptable and perfect unto the day of salvation in Yeshua Ha’ Maschiach.


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Biblical Truths – The Word Revealed

balaam the charlatan - Bible Walking


Doctrine of Balaam | Revelation, Scripture, Revelation 2

Jude 1:11 Woe unto them! For they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.

When Cain murdered his brother Abel he not only murdered his brother, but he lied to God about it.

Not only was Cain cursed but so to was the very Earth that Abel’s blood spilled unto.

Consequently we read in Genesis 4: 11-12, And now art thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand. When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. There is a 2 part sentencing from God being played out here for what Cain did. God knows everything and in fact, God knew Cain would kill Abel before it actually happened as God knows everything that will happen in advance, in fact there is not one thing that God is not aware about in all of his creation, he knows all. So when God was asking Cain where Abel was, God was really checking Cain’ s heart to see how much deceit and contempt he had for God’s Ways.

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Cain’s remark was full of spite and sarcasm saying that he didn’t know where Abel was and he said, Am I my brother’s keeper? So God told Cain he was cursed from the Earth and that when he tries to cultivate the ground below him, he will have no success. He will never find a home; he will always be on the run, always with a target on his back like a fugitive, like a vagabond.

So then the curse of Cain came into full affect. In fact God even put a mark on Cain as a form of protection so that no one could kill him.

Perhaps that was just too easy a way out, almost like serving a life sentence behind bars versus capital punishment and being put to death and not having to do the life sentence. The much harsher penalty is of course the one where someone has to spend their whole entire life as a fugitive, a vagabond. Cain said to God it was much more than he could bear. We know for sure Cain’s cure is linked to his punishment, he will no longer be able to cultivate or work the soil, so that he can benefit from it. This was what Cain’s main skill or talent was and God took it away from him, to punish him.

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Cain’s offspring would be no more cursed then everyone else for it was the fall of original sin that corrupted both man and nature in one fell swoop and not what Cain did in murdering his brother Abel. Indeed the first curse and the one that was universal was the one who would inherit it and that is all descendants of Adam and Eve. We all are part of the curse of the original sin. We now turn to the second part of this MOB. If you recall, way back when we did a MOB about Balaam and the talking donkey there was a more sinister implication that we never touched on. It is called the Doctrine of Balaam or as Jude 1:11 calls the error of Balaam and that is the Doctrine of Balaam which is mentioned in the Book of Revelation 2:14. It was the Church of Pergamum who was scolded by Paul for teaching the ways of Balaam. In 2nd Peter 2:15 and in Jude 1:11, our key scriptures for this MOB, we have warnings concerning the conduct of the false teachers of that time.

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Jude 1:4 goes a bit further saying it is a sin for anyone to pervert the Grace of God to the point, it gives license to immorality. There was a high degree of false teachers in these days and there were those taking advantage of the heretical teachings and introducing naïve Christians to promiscuity. The doctrine of Balaam is a doctrine of compromise, that one can live a worldly existence and do as their flesh desires and suffer no consequences from a holy and righteous God. This of course as we know is a lie from the pit of Hell and from Satan, the father of lies and liars. The doctrine of Balaam seeks to make a Christian undistinguishable between a worldly person and a so called Christian or follower of Christ.

The Lord said, one who is a friend of the World, is no friend of God. He in fact is at enmity with God which means an enemy of God. One cannot have 2 masters, Yeshua made that clear. You either love the World and the things in the World, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes or you love God. Not both. You will love the one and hate the other. So which one do you really love and which one do you really hate? Come clean about this now.

Image result for yuo cannot love the world and follow JesusThe doctrine of Balaam wants to teach that a little sin doesn’t hurt and that God will understand, he’s your buddy after all. Balaam was willing to compensate God’s Ways for the benefit of financial gain. Those following this hellish doctrine sadly enough are of a good number of people who are currently attending a church of some type each and every week. Now of course, no one is implying going to church saves anyone or even makes you holier but it certainly can give one a false sense of security that things are right with God even when one’s house may not be in order at all. Many go to church every week not reconciled with God and remain unrepentant and trapped in the bondages of their sin.

The attendance of a Laodicean Church of today instead of convicting one of Sin helps support their sinful lifestyle especially when one attends an apostate church which there are a multitude of in these very last days. This is why we spend so much time on as many MOBs as possible with a message and a wakeup call to the church, the body of Christ to get your house in order for the hour is late , the Great Tribulation is at hand and Yeshua is even now at the door. It may be a prophetic message but it certainly is an urgent message TO WAKE UP before it’s too late!

Image result for yuo cannot love the world and follow JesusAll of today’s apostate mindset can be traced in part back to Balaam and his character or lack of character might be more defining of him, depending on your perspective. If you recall Balaam tried unsuccessfully to prophesize against the people of Israel, but God had other plans for him. Balaam did eventually advise King Balak of Moab to plan a type of campaign of seduction against the people of Israel, as depicted in Numbers 25:1. The doctrine of Balaam is a doctrine of deception. Balaam despite having the gift of prophecy forsook the ways of God. He was fully aware that Balak was an enemy of God and yet choose to use his prophetic gifts God gave him for his own selfish gain. When Balaam failed initially he told Balak to use the Moabite and Midianite women to tempt the Israelites into illicit sexual relationships and pagan rituals. There were quite a few Israelites who ended up falling for this physical fornication which led to spiritual fornication and they brought God’s Judgement upon them as described in Numbers 25:9.

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Balaam’s ways are the ways of falsehood and lies and deception (which is right in Satan’s wheelhouse). Balaam’s error was his blindness and willingness to accommodate pagan beliefs, out of greed. Today we have the same thing, many who call themselves Christians and followers of Christ are in for a rude surprise. Many attend churches these days with watered down gospels and they are being force fed the doctrine of Balaam (which is also a doctrine of demons). No one is putting a gun to their head and forcing them to accept these doctrines, they don’t mind them whatsoever. In fact, the more worldly some of the churches have become, the more comfortable it is for some of their numbers to stay in sin as we have discussed already. Church has become a feel good “drug” and will be the driving force for the great falling away and mass apostacy still yet to come.

However what does Yeshua say to those who are neither hot or cold, but lukewarm? He says he will spit them out of his mouth and the reason he will do this, is that they have born no fruit since they proclaimed Christ as their savior. They professed Christ with their mouth but have not lived their lives for Christ (their hearts betray them and God knows what is in everyone’s heart). They have becomes of no use to God, his Kingdom or his glory, they are like a branch that is lifeless, dead, dry and brittle without the living sap of the Holy Spirit flowing through them (the very supernatural life force of God that transforms us and revitalizes us. These branches break easily off from the tree, which is the Olive Tree of Life that God says all his children are engrafted into. Indeed a fruitless life lived without the Holy Spirit, makes one just like the branch that begins to decay and die. The signs are all there that there is no fruit, the leaves fall off, the branch becomes brittle and breaks off.

Image result for Dead TreeBeloved, when you accept the Lord as your savior, you do become engrafted into God’s Olive Tree and you will bear much fruit for God’s Kingdom and that is why he chose you, that is why you were predestined in the first place. He knew you would have a Heart for God ultimately, even if you were once more like the prodigal child that ran from your Holy Abba (Father) God constantly for most of your life. He knew you would return home someday and you would forever be with the Lord. Apart from the Lord we are of no good and of no use to God, all our righteousness is like filthy rags and only the Lord God is good.

When the Lord comes to dwell in us through his Holy Spirit, he makes all things new and we are now for the first exposed to God’s Righteousness imputed upon us and we are now fully empowered to bear good fruit for God’s Glory in our lives if we choose to walk daily in the spirit and not in the flesh and we die to self (crucified in Christ). Indeed it is the power of the Holy Spirit unto salvation we are talking about here.

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Beloved, beware of the doctrine of Balaam, stay away from churches that compromise God and his Holy Word, they are a dime a dozen in these last days. We must seek God with our whole heart, repent of sin, get right with God and get our house in order before much more happens prophetically. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble (The Great Tribulation appears to be at hand), the rise of the Antichrist and his appearance is adamant as the antichrist spirit and demonic activity with demonic entities coming through newly opened portals (no thanks to CERN) are happening with far greater activity.

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Now is the time to seek out truth and keep our eyes on the prize which is the Lord God Almighty. We close with Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Press on Brothers and Sisters, Press on. Reach for the Prize of Christ and Hold On!

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Mystery # 7 : Delivered unto Satan : The Price of a Life of Blasphemy

Timothy 1:20, Of whom is Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme.

Hymenaeus and Alexander and another individual by the name of Philetus had so much doubt and immoral character it led them to blaspheme and contradict the doctrines of grace. Paul says these men have been delivered unto Satan and have been given over to their own reprobate minds and cut off from being in fellowship with other believers.

Paul would in fact exclude them from being in fellowship with other believers until such time that they would either repent of their wicked deeds or for as long as it would take for Satan to sift them. So let’s take a look at our MOB on this occasion, as we take a closer look at Hymenaeus and Alexander and Philetus. What can we know of them and more importantly learn from their mistakes? Hymenaeus, Alexander and Philetus were all considered early Christians, all dwelling in a place called Ephesus, where the Apostle Paul would write the letters to the Ephesians at some point and time.

Image result for Hymenaeus, Alexander and PhiletusHymenaeus was apparently at odds with the Apostle Paul on some doctrinal issues which also are considered to this day as some of the “tenants of the faith”. It was said of Hymenaeus and Philetus that their teachings were of a profane nature and their babblings were full of vanity and were deemed ungodly by the Apostle Paul.

Image result for The Life of Paul the Apostle

In fact Paul goes as far as saying that the teachings of Hymenaeus and Philetus were likened to a cancer or a type of gangrene that was spreading through the rankings of believers and non-believers alike.

The complications with both Hymenaeus and Alexander was the fact that they both professed a faith in Christ and yet never turned away from sin when it presented itself to them. In Paul’s estimation Hymenaeus and Alexander and Philetus for that matter had abandoned their faith. One of the most blasphemous teachings of this trio was the denial of the resurrection.

This was a type of Gnosticism which by definition is a blending of a number of ancient religions with the common denominator being that they all rejected the material World and embraced the spiritual World. Embracing the spiritual World in itself is not a bad thing, however Gnosticism almost always results in the major tenants of the Christian faith being dismissed or glossed over in favor of other esoteric belief systems. In this case the tenants of Christianity that concerned the apostle Paul and were getting ignored or challenged by the three teachers was Christ’s resurrection and Christ being the Son of God. Alexander was an early Christian as we already mentioned and he came from Ephesus. The apostle Paul said that these three all supported something called antinomianism that is the belief that one did not have to have Christian morality to be an actual Christian. Sounds like something a backslidden Christian would come up with, is it not?

Hymenaeus was often associated with not only Alexander but Philetus and taught what the apostle Paul called vain babblings. The teachings of these three, was indeed the beginnings of Gnosticism at least as it pertains to the impact it had on the early Church. The gnostic belief system taught that all matter was actually evil in its origin and that the future resurrection that Yeshua promised was going to take place for all believers had already happened already. They in fact believed in incarnation and that of course stems from ancient belief systems.

Image result for gnosticismImage result for gnosticism

Paul called these three as being those caught in deadly error and just like the immoral person he had to deal with at Corinth (and mentioned in 1 Corinthians 5: 1-6), Paul delivered Hymenaeus and Alexander (and Philetus as well) to Satan, to be taught a lesson about the consequences of blasphemy against God.

Image result for Delivered unto Satan

So what of today? What is happening to those who have heard the gospel of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach and yet for whatever reason have come to believe in other belief systems that include such non-christian principles as reincarnation and other non-Christian perspectives. Through the course of time there have been many pseudo – Christian groups and movements with many of them if not all of them ultimately being listed as a type of cult due to their fringe beliefs.


This group would include Jehovah’s Witnesses,

Image result for Jehovah's Witnesses

the Mormons,

Image result for the mormons cult exposed

the Seventh Day Adventists,


the Scientologists and the Worldwide Church of God as well as the Branch Davidians

Image result for branch davidians cult

and literally tens of thousands of other cults worldwide. The one common denominator with all of them is that they all shy away (in some magnitude) from traditional Christian belief systems. Perhaps two of the largest religious organizations in the World that some would find controversy in them being labeled a cult and have some of the largest memberships and yet they would not be defined by the traditional standards of Christianity either are the Masons

Image result for the masons are a cult

and the Roman Catholics.

Image result for the Roman Catholic Church is a cult

Now obviously no one can rightfully say that just because someone is or has been in a cult that they cannot or will not be saved. It would be ludicrous to suggest such a thing as to put God’s Grace and Mercy in a box never mind judging someone’s salvation because they are guilty by association and there are many Catholics who are born again believers in the Lord. That doesn’t change the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is nothing less then a cult and the major catalyst for the Antichrist Beast system NO LESS!  The Lord God Almighty  demands that Christians come out of the false antichrist  churches.

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Some would argue that the church did not start until Jesus told Peter that he was going to build the church through him (which is a poor interpretation of scripture, it is the rock of salvation the Lord himself that the church would be built upon) for only through him the gates of Hell would not prevail not Peter who had already been sifted by Satan a number of times recently.

Many of these cult like organizations have adapted different types of gnostic beliefs as well. Gnosticism is the driving force behind all of these cults.
Biblically based Christians should have no concern or fear of being seduced by the lies and deceptions of all these cults and gnostic factions if they are truly grounded in the Word of God, they know enough to daily put on the spiritual armor of God, and have discernment as well as granted through the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is of course a two edged sword which we know is a common theme of this website and so when we rightfully divide the Word of God we gain the truth of God and error becomes less of a possibility in our understanding of God through his God breathed words found in the Bible. Furthermore biblically based Christians should have been discipled at some point and time in order to contend for the faith and they should be introduced at some point to the basics of apologetics to give a reason for the hope in them and for what they believe to be “The gospel truth”. However new believers in the Lord are sometimes not discipled in the faith immediately and they are quite impressionable (like a new born in some ways) in taking everything in and running to and fro with so much zeal but no true direction or focus.

Also non-believers who have not given their heart to the Lord but are drawn to a need for spirituality due to their recognition that they have a God –Shaped Vacuum and are looking for some form of spirituality but lack discernment are drawn to these cult groups and false teachers  and those with gnostic belief systems because there is something “Christian like to them”. It is here that they feel accepted for who they are, wanted and often when someone is vulnerable emotionally and isolated as being detached from social groups, a family or community, they fall prey to these organizations. In fact they are the most susceptible of all people most likely to end up in a cult in any culture worldwide.

This is a universal dilemma and that is why you see so many cults in places like Russia,

Image result for worldwide church of God cult exposed

and Europe and even in Africa,

Image result for Illuminati Pastors in Ghana

everywhere people are hungry and starving for the Word of God. These groups as in the apostle Paul’s days and as is today, very much are a cancer, a gangrene that once spreads like a deadly disease ravaging the spiritual Body of Christ (which is those that comprise the church) and not God’s Elect which will not be deceived as scripture tells us. Still there is a very high degree of deception out there today in these very last of days before Christ’s Gathering of his flock in the air.

See the source imageWe mention these false belief systems in this MOB and this website for the very reason that this is a true indicator of the last days, this falling away, the lack of discernment, the wolves in sheep’s clothing pretending to be what they are not, the great deception are all signs of the times. More and more so called “believers” or those that pronounce and identify themselves as “believers” will be the ones falling from the faith. They are not the elect, they think they know the Lord but the Lord doesn’t know them. They will be knocking at his door saying they did everything in his name but he will remind them he knew them not. Inside their hearts they had not given all to the Lord, they held back, whether it be continuing in their sin and not truly repenting or a lack of faith and commitment to be obedient to God’s Words, the results are the same. The easiest way for this falling away to happen is if a very slight cosmetic alteration of the tenants of the gospel are slowly eroded away and like the house while recently renovated on the outside (looks pretty to observers) is nevertheless not built on the foundation of the Rock of the Lord will be destroyed when the storms of life come at it. This erosion of the spirit takes time to build up it’s damage just like physical erosion takes it’s toll over time. Those not grounded in the Lord will begin to start to embrace these lies and omissions of God’s Truth. Will it end up costing someone’s salvation? It most likely can and will.

Image result for Delivered unto Satan

However it all depends on whether someone has not allowed the Lord’s Holy Spirit to work in them and grant them discernment and if they are not being as the Bereans did, which is rightfully dividing the Word of God and searching the scriptures on a daily basis to see and know the truth of God. If the things that God told us we must do to keep ourselves renewed of mind, body and spirit are ignored then there could be problems of deception looming on the horizon for such an individual. At this very time, there is a great spiritual deception upon the whole Planet in these very last days just prior to the Great Tribulation, the time of Jacob’s Trouble and rise of Antichrist.

The Word of God is being watered down and being diluted as much as man can possibly attempt to do in the deceptive teachings by the worldly ecumenical Church which will soon enough become the Global New World Order Church of the Antichrist and False Prophet (Mystery Babylon) all to Satan’s delight. Many of the major cults will unify together, including The Papacy and those that support it in it’s belief systems. True believers (the elect) will come out of her and flee the apostasy and seek to worship God in Spirit and in Truth with other true believers. Some have referred this group as the Tribulation Saints.

Image result for the tribulation saints

We can never underestimate the power of God’s Words to transform our lives and as well we cannot emphasize the need to pay heed to God’s Warnings of the consequences of taking for granted God’s Words. In 2 Corinthians 4:2 we read, but we have renounced the things hidden because of shame, not walking in craftiness or adulterating the Word of God by the manifestation of truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. So we now are to uphold the Word of God and not let it become slandered by the Hymenaeus’s, the Alexander’s and the Philetus’s of the World. They would desire to see God’s Word become a watered down customized gospel that met their needs first and foremost. This is nothing more then spiritual adultery and spiritual fornication to take God’s Word and pervert it for one’s own use and needs.

See the source image
The Book of Revelation warns those who will indulge in spiritual fornication to ultimately come to worship the Whore of Babylon who rides the Beast and becomes drunk with the wine of her perversion but as well in 2nd Timothy 2:15 we read, Be diligent to present yourself approved of God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed accurately handling the word of truth. So there you have it beloved, God’s Truth is revealed in full by his Living Word which became flesh and dwelt among us and has since died, been resurrected and now sits at the right hand of the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua.

Mystery # 8 : Enoch : The Walk of Faith

Hebrew 11:5 reads, By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death and was not found, because God had taken him, for before he was taken he had this testimony, that he pleased God.
Imagine having a testimony so powerful that one pleases God to the point that God, the Supreme Almighty Creator of all things, chooses to walk with that person into eternity. It is incomprehensible and yet if one believes scripture literally and at face value, that is what has happened here. A mortal man by the name of Enoch escaped death because God was so well pleased with the degree of faith he had displayed, so God decided to take Enoch to be with him forever in Heaven.

There are places one can read about Enoch in the Bible, such as Genesis 5, of course Hebrew 11 and even in the Book of Jude, Enoch is quoted. One would think the Book of Enoch has to have some clues as to the events that led to up to Enoch’s translation. Long before Noah would appear on the Earth, his Great Grandfather, Enoch was hearing from God, talking with God and was doing God’s Work. In the Book of Enoch, there were a number of supernatural encounters that Enoch experienced with both God and his angels.

Image result for Enoch and the Angels of God

Apparently the following incidents took place and were witnessed and recorded by none other than Enoch. Enoch encountered two angels of God one night. They were standing at the head of Enoch’s bed. The angels told Enoch that he would ascend with them into Heaven and told Enoch to prepare his sons on what to do in his absence, until he finally would return home to them once more. Then Enoch is taken by the Angels into the First Heaven.

Image result for Enoch is taken by the angels into the first heaven
Image result for Enoch and the Angels of God

Enoch was placed on the clouds by the two Angels and it was there that Enoch did see a Great Sea that was bigger than any on Earth. This lines up with the scriptural creation account found in the Book of Genesis that states in Genesis 1:6-7, And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and it was so. So we can be sure there are waters in the Heavenlies for scripture tells us this and the Book of Enoch reaffirms it.

Image result for the firmanent of water in HeavenImage result for the firmanent of water in HeavenImage result for the firmanent of water in Heaven
Next, Enoch was introduced to 200 angels who ruled over all the stars as well as those who gave service to the works and operations found in the Heavenlies.

Image result for angels control the stars in heavenImage result for Angels in Stars

Soon after, Enoch was taken to the Second Heaven where there was great darkness and this is where the fallen angels were kept while they waited for their final judgment.

Image result for th fallen angels trapped in the second heaven

The angels told Enoch that they were at one time God’s angels and they became God’s apostates who disobeyed God’s Commands. For those that don’t know the fallen ones were originally called the Watchers and they were to be just that, a protective witness to report to God what they were seeing happen on the Earth.

Image result for the watchers in the bible

What took place next was the watchers choosing to sin against God of their own free will by sexually and genetically engaging both Earth women and as well animals of the Earth to create monstrous offspring, partly demonic in their DNA. This in fact gave birth to hybrid monstrosities as well as giving birth to the Nephilim off spring which we know as the giants.

Image result for Race Giants in the Bible

The fallen angels told Enoch that their prince none other than Satan himself was in the fifth Heaven. He would be waiting to possess his counterfeit Satanic Son, the Antichrist and the start of Jacob’s Trouble (The Great Tribulation) where he gets to do what he does best, lie, deceive, seduce and destroy for a limited time of course.

Image result for Satan in the fifth heaven

The fallen angels even requested Enoch to pray for them. Enoch would not and did not.

Image result for Enoch and 360

Enoch is then taken to the third Heaven and that is the place of goodness and of abundant fruit, a true paradise with a sweet perfume like aroma and gold was everywhere to be seen.

Image result for the third heaven

Enoch took note of 300 angels who were singing a type of angelic song of praise to God in the garden paradise. Enoch was also shown the place of the righteous and the compassionate as it was called

Image result for the place of the righteous and compassionate in heavenImage result for the place of the righteous and compassionate in heaven

as well as the terrible place of torture and pain. Here there was nothing but darkness as well as fire and never ending pain, agony, suffering and screaming. Is this the place we call Hell or merely a preview of it?

Image result for darkness fire painAfter this terrifying spectacle, Enoch was taken to the Fourth Heaven where the Sun and the Moon reside.

Image result for the sun and the Moon reside in the fourth Heaven

Many angels were there making sure that the Sun and the Stars were functioning properly as God had intended them to function.

The angels took Enoch to the Sun’s very gates of entry

Image result for God's angels in outer space

after seeing some amazing creations of God (that is creatures that defied description and contained elements of the Sun as well as characteristics of a lion, a crocodile’s head and the wings of an angel). Enoch saw 6 gates open in the East and another six gates in the West.

Image result for GOD ON THE SUN

Enoch is taken to the Moon as well and there he sees more gates.


All this time, the angels were singing. Enoch is then taken to the fifth Heaven and here were the Grigori (who were known originally as the Watchers and who we spoke about in a previous MOB concerning the Nephilim and their origins) as well as those trapped in darkness in the Second Heaven and have already been judged by God.

Image result for Grigori Watchers

Satan apparently has access to this level but can go no higher then the fifth level as the Heavenly estates of God are at the higher levels.
The 6th Heaven was a wonderful and glorious place with angels as well as archangels (that is angels with much higher authority before God than mere angels) as well as glistening crystal rivers of blue as well as seas and vivid green grass and angelic singing.

Image result for Heaven

Image result for Heaven

The 7th Heaven featured even more Archangels and here was the place where the governments of angels resided. It was here that Gabriel the archangel dwelt.

Image result for Heaven

Image result for Heaven

Unto the Eighth Heaven was Enoch taken and here the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament was contained right above the Seventh Heaven like a ceiling.

Image result for 12 constellations under the firmanenet

The 9th Heaven is the heavenly homes of the twelve constellations of the circle of the firmament.

Image result for 12 constellations under the firmanenet Finally the Tenth Heaven had arrived for Enoch; Michael the Archangel personally brought Enoch to the Throne of the Father God who resides at this 10th level of Heaven.

Image result for The lord Jesus is at the right hand of the father

There Enoch saw the Lord at the right hand of the Father. Enoch looked into the Face of the Lord God Almighty. The Lord’s Face was a glow like fire, marvelous and yet commanding at the same time.

Image result for The lord Jesus is at the right hand of the father

The Lord told Michael the Archangel to anoint Enoch and have him change from earthly garments to garments fitting of God’s Holy Presence and Glory.

The Lord in fact made sure that Enoch wrote of all that he had seen and experienced in his trip through the Ten Heavenly abodes, including all their works, of the Earth, the elements, the Sun , the Moon, the stars, the Constellations, the Firmament, the angels, both good and the bad (the fallen ones). He had seen them all, he had seen it all. It took up to 360 books for Enoch to write down all that he had seen. 

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Part of those 360 books was dedicated to what God had told Enoch concerning the manner of how God created all things including the Earth and the Heavens. God never intended for it to be a mystery or a secret apparently. We are told in the Book of Enoch that Enoch lived 360 years and that he was taken to Heaven for what was the equivalent of 60 days on Earth. And just as the Lord had told him to do, Enoch did indeed write 360 books as he was instructed. When Enoch returned to Earth, he gave the books to his sons. On the very day and hour that Enoch was born, he was once again taken up to Heaven for once and for all.

Image result for Enoch in the BibleIndeed Enoch had found favor with God, God was obviously well pleased with him because he was a man of great faith, a man who constantly sought God who constantly spoke of God, constantly taught about God, constantly preached about God and constantly praised God non-stop. He was far from perfect and he had flaws as we all do, but he more than made up for it, with his undying faith. It was through Enoch’s faith that Enoch truly walked with God. God wanted Enoch’s faith to be a living testimony for all generations and that is why he wanted it written down. God wanted to encourage many and all to have the faith that Enoch had, so that they too may be able to walk with him someday just as Enoch did. God also wanted us to know of the 10 levels of Heaven and this does not contradict an earlier MOB we wrote, in fact it was the very first MOB we wrote. The Book of Genesis tells us of 3 levels of Heaven,

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the Book of Enoch tells of 10. We know only of one thing, we follow what the Word of God says in his Holy Scripture. We do not take the position that The Book of Enoch is the final authority; we are only detailing it here because it is interesting and it may shed some light on a few matters at hand, like the fallen ones, the Nephilim and other matters. I guess what we are saying is we know for certain that there is three levels of Heaven (minimum)

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but there is reason to believe that there may be more than this. We won’t know until we get there, and does it really matter how many levels or Heavens there are? Heaven after all is just that, Heaven. There are some who think the Book of Enoch is garbage and too full of the Occult.  Is it? Pray to God for the answer.

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We say it is interesting  and provocative material and that is it, nothing more. While we do not agree with the banning of the Book of Enoch at the same time, it should never take the place  or be considered on the same level of God’s Holy Scriptures and the same applies to the Book of Jasher and all other non-Canonized books. We present this information with a grain of salt, and always stress never straying from the Bible.Image result for Enoch in the Bible

We definitely did learn of some interesting perspectives from the Book of Enoch none of which alter or affect major doctrine  and the tenants of the faith.
For indeed, God showed Enoch the Government he has installed for the celestial body as well as the destiny for the good and the bad creations of God and the inner workings of God’s Creations. We cannot comprehend these mysteries of the Universe just yet so God will reveal them to us all in time, in God’s perfect time.

As Genesis 5:22 states, Enoch walked with God. Enoch lived in accordance with the will of God, the one and true God. Enoch was translated, that is transformed physically, spiritually, but long before it happened on the outside the transformation took place in the inside. Way before Enoch had a new spiritual body (perhaps just like Yeshua’s after his resurrection), he had given his mind, body and spirit to the Lord God as a living sacrifice.
God simply completed the transformation of Enoch. The servant of God made his way home to forever be with the Lord. By faith Enoch was translated and did not experience death, for his testimony pleased God. What of our testimony beloved, will it be found to be pleasing to God as well? Do you desire to walk with God for all of eternity as Enoch did?


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Mystery # 9: The Controversy of the Apocrypha : Are these Missing Books of the Bible or are they works of heretical gnosticism?

In this edition of our MOB, we will take a very brief glimpse of a few narratives that have to do with the Apocrypha and in particular what is referred to as Biblical Apocrypha, that is biblical extensions of non-canonized (non-authorized scripture).We will take a look at a few of the books with compelling storylines and that is all we can say they are, storylines. We are not conducting a debate on whether the Apocrypha is part of the Bible or not, despite the headline. It was not trying to be deceiving as much as it was attempting to be compelling. We will take a look at a few of the books with an overview that will address the spiritual significance (if any) and we will leave it to you to decide whether the content should have been part of the Bible or not. We are not going to tell you what to decide, we will leave that to you.

As a starting place the Apocrypha is a Greek word which connotes the idea of something hidden and it is generally accepted that the Apocrypha is literature that is somewhere between the Canon (authorized books of the Bible) and accepted scriptures by Jewish scribes. There are 14 or so books of the Apocrypha and some are extended versions of the Bible in the case of Esther and Daniel and the Wisdom writings of Solomon, naming just a few. We will state one thing emphatically here, we are not supporting the credibility of the Apocrypha here as canon and authorized scripture, on the contrary we believe there is no one that can claim with any certainty that the Apocrypha is God breathed as scripture nor can anyone conclude that the Apocrypha is the inherent Word of God, nor can one even claim with any evidence or proof that the Books of the Apocrypha can claim that they even deserve to be in the Bible. What we can say is that some of the Books of the Apocrypha are interesting and may (or may not) compliment and shed some light on our understanding of scripture (just like the Book of Enoch helps us understand about the Fallen Ones and the Nephilim which is alluded to in Genesis 6).

See the source imageSome of the language of these 14 or so books of the Apocrypha are written in Hebrew, but most are in the Greek language which came from the Greek speaking Jews in Egypt that we know as the Septuagint. Ever since the first century the Apocrypha has been disputed about whether it should be considered as biblical Canon. As we have already addressed, we are not focused so much on the controversial nature of this dispute as to the question, is there anything that we can learn from these 14 books, or are they really just a waste of our time? Let’s discover the answer together.

The first Book we will look at in this brief overview is the Book of Esdras, which is a Greek tradition of a Hebrew –Aramaic text. 1 Esdras is where we will begin which is said to be the entire Book of the Prophet Ezra. So the story of Ezra unfolds beginning with Cyrus’s plan to rebuild the temple

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and then flashes forward to the time of Artaxerxes reign. The bulk of 1 Esdras however features the reign of Darius and the exiles who returned back to Jerusalem. The first 2 years of Darius’s reign are covered along with Artaxerxes reign.

2 Esdras was preserved in Latin. In the first 2 chapters of this book the subject matter is God’s Rejection of the Jews and a type of vision of the Son of God. Chapters 3-14 are often called the Jewish Apocalypso of Ezra which was written during the Babylonian Captivity.

There are 7 visions in total that the Prophet Ezra had. The first vision takes place when Ezra was still in Babylon as part of the captivity. Ezra asks God how he can be just let Israel suffer the way it does.  


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The archangel Uriel answers the question that Ezra posed to God during this first vision. Uriel tells Ezra that God’s Ways cannot be understand by the limitations of the human mind. Uriel does tell Ezra that the end will soon come and then God’s Justice will be made manifest and made known to all man.

In Ezra’s second vision, Ezra asks why Israel was delivered up to the Babylonians. Once again Ezra is told that man cannot understand God’s Ways and that the end is drawing near. In the third vision, Ezra asks a third question of why Israel does not possess the World and Uriel tells Ezra that the World is in a transition stage. What follows is a description of the fates of those who love evil and those who love righteousness. Ezra asked Uriel if the righteous can intercede on behalf of the unrighteous on judgment day and Uriel said that on Judgment Day all sentences of judgement are final for all those facing judgement.
The next 3 visions to follow are more symbolic. In the fourth vision, a woman mourns for her son Uriel tells Ezra that the woman is a symbol for Zion (The Heavenly Jerusalem). The woman as incredible as it sounds (it is a vision after all) transforms into a city when the mother hears of the desolation of Zion. In the fifth vision, an eagle with 3 heads and twenty wings in total is rebuked by a lion and buried. The eagle we are told by Uriel is the 4th Kingdom from the Vision of Daniel (with the wings and heads as rulers). The lion, symbolizing the Lion of Judah is a prophetic vision for the triumph of the Messiah over the evil empire of Satan, on a day forth coming.

Image result for the Prophet Ezra's visions In the 6th vision, a man who represents the Messiah breathes fire on a crowd that is attacking him (which perhaps is a type of foreshadowing of when the Lord returns and he shoots out the Sword of the Spirit from his mouth). This very same man then turns to a peaceful multitude, who accepts him. The final vision, the 7th one is a vision of the restoration of scripture. In this vision God appears to Ezra in a bush (much like God did to Moses as he appeared to him as a burning bush – See our MOB from long ago on God’s Shekinah Glory) and God commands the Prophet Ezra to restore the law.

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Ezra gathers five scribes and begins to dictate scripture and ends producing 94 books. 24 books are of the Tanakh alone. The remaining 70 books that were written were to be given to the wisest of the people. The angel of the Lord, Uriel invited Ezra to go and visit the heavenly Jerusalem, “the true city of Zion” in a vision.

Image result for book of TobitNext we look at another Book in the Apocrypha, the Book of Tobit, which in Hebrew means “my goal” or to put it in proper context “Yah is good.” Tobit was a righteous Israelite from the tribe of Naphtali, he lived in Nineveh –yes that same Nineveh that Jonah did not want to go to, even though he was ordered of God to do so. Tobit was very loyal to God and worshiped God at the temple in Jerusalem. At this time Jeroboam was the King of Northern Israel. Jeroboam like so many rulers of his time was seduced into the worship of idols and in his case, he was emphatic about the idolatrous worship of golden calves (Baal worship no less) as well as other idolatrous depictions.

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Tobit was known for his dialogue in making sure dead Israelites had proper burials. The King out of anger of Tobit’s zeal to serve and honor the one true God, seized his property and exiled him. Tobit was eventually allowed to return to Nineveh. As he got older, Tobit eventually became blind and to make matters worse, his marriage falls apart. Seeing no hope Tobit prays for death. While this is going on, in a place far away in Media (what we know as Persia today), a young woman named Sarah much like Tobit so many miles apart, has also prayed for death in her despair as well. It would seem that the demon of lust, Asmodeus has afflicted her by apparently abducting and killing every single man Sarah chooses to marry on her wedding night.

So to counter this God sends one of his angels Raphael (who is disguised as a human) in order to heal Tobit from his misery and to free Sarah from the demon Asmodeus.

Most of the Book of Tobit surprisingly is about Tobit’s son, Tobias and not Tobit. Tobit sends his son , Tobias to collect some money that he had left behind in faraway Media. Raphael, the angel of God then made his appearance, in the disguise as Azariah and he offers to help Tobias and protect him during his journey to Media. So Tobias goes with Raphael (in disguise as Azariah) along with his dog. While on their journey, Tobias washes his feet in the river Tigris and lo and behold a fish comes along and bites the toes of his feet. The angel of the Lord, Raphael orders Tobias to catch the fish and remove it’s heart, liver and gall bladder.

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Once they arrived in Media, Raphael tells Tobias about the beautiful but mournful Sarah and tells Tobias he has a right to marry her since she is a closely related cousin to him. Raphael explains to Tobias how Asmodeus, the demon has killed off every one of Sarah’s newlywed husbands thus far. Raphael tells Tobias in advance to burn the fish’s liver and heart in order to drive away Asmodeus, the demon whom will approach him on his wedding night in order to try and kill him. Sarah indeed marries Tobias and the burning organs did indeed end up driving Asmodeus out of Media and all the way to Upper Egypt.Raphael then followed Asmodeus and bound him there (most likely in Spiritual Chains).

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Sarah’s father thought Tobias was dead and had been digging a grave for him and was surprised to find him alive. He made sure there was a wedding feast for his daughter Sarah and Tobias and he filled in the grave. Tobias could not return to his father to give him the money that he had retrieved in Media, because of his wedding event obligations. Tobias sent Raphael to recover the money to give back to Tobit. After the feast was over, Tobias and Sarah returned to Nineveh where Tobit lived. Raphael told Tobias to use the remainder of the fish’s liver to cure Tobit of his blindness.

Raphael finally revealed his true identity to all of them and he returned back to the Heavenlies from whence he came.

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Tobit now could see once again, (having taken Raphael’s advice) thanks to the miracle of God in healing him. Tobit recalled a prophecy that God would destroy Nineveh (again much like what was told Jonah), so Tobit tells Tobias and Sarah to leave before God pours his wrath on the wicked and rebellious Nineveh.

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Tobit prays to God one last time and then dies of old age. Tobias buried his father and also his Mother (who also passed away around the same time as Tobit) and then Tobias kept his word to his father and he and Sarah left Nineveh and head back to Media to live out their lives. That is the end of the Book of Tobit.
Next we take a look at another Book of the Apocrypha called the Book of Judith. Judith was a widow and was quite a strong determined single independent woman. Judith was upset with her fellow male Israelites in the community, for their lack of trust in God in delivering them from their foreign persecutors. Judith takes her maid and goes to the Assyrian enemy camp of General Holofernes. She gains his trust and tells him she will share information with him about the Israelites in order to gain leverage in being able to conqueror them.

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She continues to gain his general trust to the point that one night she is allowed to enter his tent as he lies there drunk.

She decapitates him while he is unconscious and then takes the head of the General back to the fear driven Israelite men (who were very fearful of the Assyrian General’s army).

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The Assyrians once they learned, that their General was dead, dispersed and Israel was saved. Judith remained unmarried for the rest of her life. It turned out that General Holofernes worked for King Nebuchadnezzar. Judith was portrayed as a hero in the Book of Judith, for she was the only one to come up with a plan to send the Assyrians scattering away from Israel.
Still another curious if not fascinating piece is the narrative of Bel and the Dragon

which is said to be an extended part of the Book of Daniel and in particular, Ch.14 of Daniel. This text can only be found in Greek in the original Septuagint text. This narrative centers on Daniel while at the court of Cyrus, King of the Persians. Daniel was considered a companion to the King at the time. There are 3 parts to the narrative, the first being Bel, the 2nd being the Dragon and the last one being devoted to the miracle Daniel experienced in the Lion’s Den (which we have covered in a MOB quite some time ago). In the first narrative entitled Bel, which we of course know to be the name used for a number of false gods all coming from a Babylonian and Assyrian origin.

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Bel is also the Aramaic form or the name of Baal, the lord god (the small g) of the Babylonians which of course is ultimately tied to Molech and Satan.

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So the King was challenging Daniel to believe that Bel was a real living god to which Daniel reminded him, Bel was merely a statue made out of clay and covered by bronze and was not alive. The king then ordered his 70 priests of Bel to show him who was consuming the offerings made to the idol, Bel. So the priests put all the offerings before the statue and closed the entrances. The condition was that Bel must consume the offerings or the 70 priests would be put to death. However if they are right that the offering is being consumed by Bel, then it is Daniel who will be put to death and not the priests. Daniel is able to expose the priests by scattering ashes on the temple floor after the priests have left their footprints in the ashes on the floor, leading right to a secret door that they accessed when the temple’s doors are sealed. The next morning, Daniel saw the footprints on the temple floor. The priests of Bel were than arrested. They confessed their wrongful deeds and the use of a secret passage. The priests and their wives confessed this wrong doing (as the wives were also sneaking into the temple to eat the offerings as well as their children) were all put to death. Daniel is given permission to destroy the idols of Bel and the temple as well. In the next narrative called The Dragon there was supposedly an actual creature that was called a dragon back in the days of Daniel.

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The most important note about this dragon was that is what worshipped by the Babylonians quite extensively. Now to put this in proper biblical context, the word dragon is used to translate two original words of the Scriptures; the Hebrew word (pronounced) tan-neem, meaning “monstrous (i.e. large)”, in referring to two different creatures, one that lived on land and another that lived in the water (see verses below), and the Greek word (pronounced) drak-own (which obviously is the origin of the English word dragon), meaning a “serpent-like creature.”

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Daniel had a very unique way in slaying this dragon in particular. He feeds the dragon a cake that is a combination of baking powder and fat and there is also a lot of prayer and spiritual warfare no doubt going on as well. The dragon consumes the cakes which cause the dragon to burst wide open The Babylonians knew that Daniel was the cause of the dragon’s demise and the dragon represented their god (the Bel statue idol). Daniel had just killed a dragon (that they also worshipped –which makes sense since they were worshipping Satan, the true dragon and serpent). Daniel’s dissenters also blamed him for the slaughter of the priests, their wives and their children. So the Babylonians demanded that Daniel be found guilty and killed for his “crimes.” So Daniel ends up finally in the Lion’s Den in the third and final narrative. There were seven ferocious Lions in the den, but Daniel remains unharmed.

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An angel of the Lord most high takes the Prophet Habakkuk to the den and feeds them. So they are no longer hungry. Daniel remained in the Den for 7 days and King Cyrus went to see if Daniel had been killed by the Lions yet. He came to the den, he looked in and Daniel was sitting down. The King then declared how Great the Lord God of Daniel was and that there was none like him in all the Earth. Daniel was taken out of the lion’s Den and the Babylonians who wanted Daniel dead were thrown into the Den in his place and they unlike Daniel, who had been protected by God, were devoured instantly.
Our final addition taken from the Book of Apocrypha that would plead it’s case to having some measure of biblical accuracy and authenticity if not some credibility is the Book of Maccabees.

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The Book of Maccabees is a Book written in Hebrew, sometime in the latter part of the 2nd Century BC. The Book of Maccabees centers around the conquest of Judea by the Greeks initially under Alexander the Great. Judea became part of the Greek Empire and the Greek Ruler who succeeded Alexander the Great was Antiochus IV Epiphanes which is a name you might recognize, since we have featured him in a MOB in the past concerning would be Antichrists found through the course of History.

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If you recall Antiochus was a type of Antichrist, he portrayed many of the characteristics that the Prophets and people like Daniel described long before Antiochus made his appearance. Antiochus was not just an evil man, he relished in hurting and tormenting and killing the Jews, plain and simple, he was highly possessed of Satan.

The Book of Maccabees is all about the Maccabean Revolt (which was a revolt against Greek rule).

The Book of Maccabees covers the entire revolt from 175 to 134 BC including the details of how God brought about the freedom from enslavement of the Jewish people ultimately. The Book centers on one family in particular, the Mattathias family (which was a Greek name and may have been a name changed by Greek order). Some of the main players involved in the revolt were Judas Maccabaeus and his brothers Jonathan and Simon and Simon’ son, John.

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After Invading Egypt, Antiochus IV Epiphanes turned his sites on Jerusalem, the Holy city as his next place of Conquest. Being the mighty power that they were, Antiochus has no problem overthrowing and defeating Jerusalem and his first order of the day was to remove all the sacred objects from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

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He slaughtered countless Jews and imposed ridiculously high tax burdens on those he had to reluctantly not kill and let survive (he had to have someone pay his taxes). He built a fortress around Jerusalem, to enforce his rule upon them and keep them enslaved to his tyranny. Most dictators would have been satisfied with their body of work at this point and would have stopped right there, however Antiochus was satanically driven to destroy and interrupt (as always) what God had intended to do with Israel.

So Antiochus didn’t stop there, he made every effort to suppress all Jewish observance of laws Antiochus’s goals were complete control over all Jews in every aspect of their life he sought to break them down and submit to his will.

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In 168 B.C, Antiochus desecrated the temple and performed the Abomination of Desolation (a foreshadow of what the true Antichrist has yet to perform in our present day and age). Antiochus established pagan observances in the temple and sacrifices an unclean animal (it may have been a swine that was slain on the altar of the Holy of Holies).

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Antiochus would not allow circumcision to take place with Jewish males and anyone in possession of Jewish scriptures was jailed and then put to death. No wonder that outside of Adolf Hitler who many were sure was the final prophetic fulfillment of the Antichrist in his time (many Jews consider that the case today), this man, Antiochus IV Epiphanies’ was indeed as close to being the Antichrist for his time period. Antiochus forbid observance of the Sabbath and did not allow anymore offerings of sacrifices at the Temple all prophetic fulfillments that the Antichrist would change the laws of the time as well as all ordinances. Antiochus made the Jewish leaders sacrifice to idols and truth be told, Antiochus killed Jews for no reason at all, other than to serve as an example and a warning to others, to not get out of line with him.

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The father of Judas Maccabees calls the people of Israel to rise up and oppose Antiochus’s tyranny and dictatorship. He begins to start to organize a military with his three sons against Antiochus which was known as the Maccabean Revolt.

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Over 1000 Jews alone were killed when they refused to defend themselves when they were attacked and persecuted for attempting to worship on the Sabbath.

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Other Jews began to accept the fact that they needed to fight back or surely die, even if it meant doing so on God’s holy day of rest, the Sabbath. In 165 BC, the Temple was freed up finally from the corruption and idolatry and Satanism that Antiochus had introduced and the Temple was consecrated once again in order that the Lord God of Israel’s Holy Spirit could once again dwell amidst the Holy of Holies. Ritual sacrifices began again.

The festival of Hanukkah was instituted by Judas Maccabees who had by now becomes the Prince of Israel. Judas and his brothers celebrated this event as the Festival of Lights served as an important reminder of God’s preservation of the Jewish people doing a very difficult time of persecution and mayhem. The brothers formed an alliance with the Roman Republic in order to rid themselves of the Greeks once and for all (they simply could not do it on their own).
Judas’s brother Jonathan became a High Priest eventually and he continued to seek an alliance with Rome after Jonathan took over from Judas’s rule of Israel. After Jonathan’s time, Simon followed in his brother Jonathan’s steps and served as both High Priest and Prince of Israel. Simon would eventually be replaced by his son, John and so on.2nd Maccabees filled in some areas that 1 Maccabees never really got into details about the Maccabean Revolt covered in more detail against Antiochus IV Epiphanies including the defeat of the Syria General Nicanor in 161 BC by Judas Maccabaeus.

2 Maccabeus is written in Greek unlike 1 Maccabeus which was written entirely in Hebrew. 2 Maccabeus covered the period from the High Priest Onias III and King Selecus IV in 180 BC. After Antiochus IV Epiphanies died, the Feast of Dedications of the Temple was instituted. However the newly dedicated Temple was threatened by Syrian General Nicanor and it was only after his death that the dedication of the Temple could take place without interruption.

Image result for the apocryphaWe looked at only a few books of the Apocrypha and we really presented it from more of a curiosity stand point then any type of proclamation that the Apocrypha is anything more then what it is made out to be by traditional theologians and studiers of scripture. Ultimately God promises he will make manifest all that will be manifest (and all that he wants known), including all the true Mysteries of the Bible in both the Old and New Testament. Even the Book of Daniel’s encrypted, vivid symbolism and secrets have been unsealed for these last days and now all is known to us finally in that book.

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Their truly are no secrets in Heaven or Earth other than the ones God doesn’t need to explicitly state an answer for us (such as whether the Earth is a globe or is flat like many are stating nowadays.) Recently we discussed how in the Book of Enoch God revealed to Enoch information on how he created the Heavens and Earth never mind a very descriptive tour that Enoch was taken on to all 10 levels of the Heavenlies. These are not details discussed in modern mainstream Churches these days, does that make the information in the Book of Enoch incorrect? A majority of Mainstream Churches avoid bible Prophecy for two reasons, they believe the narrative is too harsh for the common church goer to hear (it is not church friendly) and a majority of the Preachers are actually somewhat biblically illiterate when it comes to prophecy. They were exposed to a slight “dose” of it in seminary but cannot recount much if any of it. Prophecy is part of the Bible and needs to be preached with urgency just like every other part of the Bible especially in these very last days with the signs so strong of the Birth pains coming to an end just before the arrival of the Great Tribulation.

One of the reasons churches are becoming so apostate besides not preaching about sin is they are not preaching about the Righteousness of God as seen through the Book of Revelation.

Image result for churches are not poreaching the rightousness of God anymore
We here at MOB understand it takes faith and a lot of spiritual discernment to decide if the Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher as well as the Book of Jubilees are in fact inspired works or can be simply interesting supplemental studies that we can learn from and gain some perspective into getting to know God better. So as we began this MOB, we end it in similar fashion. Are the written works of the Apocrypha worthy to be considered as part of the Bible? We here at MOB, emphatically say no. There is no supporting evidence that they were ever inspired works nor is there any evidence that they are the inherent word of God’s Holy Spirit (God Breathed). In fact there are some parts of of the Apocrypha  that are gnostic in nature even considered heretical by some.

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The exact same can be said of the Dead Sea Scrolls as well as other books of contention, so one must be careful and have great discernment when reading any of these materials. We will take a look at an assortment of some of these in coming MOB’s. With a lack of any scripture in this MOB, let’s finish with this verse of scripture from the Book of Psalms beloved, concerning trusting God and his Word.
So shall I have an answer for him who reproaches me, for I trust in your word. Psalm119:42

Next we take a look at…

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Image result for the dead sea scrollsImage result for the dead sea scrollsImage result for the dead sea scrollsImage result for the dead sea scrollsImage result for the dead sea scrolls

Mystery # 10: The Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls, just the mention of this subject causes immediate pause for reflection and as well polarization between the diversity of thoughts concerning the topic. The Dead Sea Scrolls perhaps even more so then the Apocrypha which we looked at recently are considered extremely controversial books. The range of diversity of the scrolls is gigantic, ranging from actual copied scripture all the way to narrative that seems to contradict scripture and is clearly not part of the Bible Canon (authorized Books of the Bible). Even controversial books have been written about the scrolls themselves and have taken extreme viewpoints such as Jesus never having existed

Image result for Books about Jesus never existing

and other types of thinking that fall into the whole zeitgeist movement (a movement whose goal is to try and discredit the Lord Jesus as the Son of God.)  One such way is the erroneous and heretical claim that Jesus Christ ‘s life exactly paralleled that of false gods listed below. Their Jesus as portrayed below is not even the true biblical Jesus of the Bible (as noted by the occultic hand gesture).

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There is still another extreme faction of Dead Sea Scrolls followers who state that the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by Jewish zealots that had more in common with Yeshua’s disciples more so then traditional Judaism. One thing no one can dispute however and that’s the fact that the Dead Sea Scrolls are a fascinating relic from history and that should stir the curiosity of the individual into looking what it’s all about. So today’s MOB is dedicated to a brief look at the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls are often known as the Qumran Caves Scrolls for there are roughly 981 different texts that were discovered between the years of 1946 to 1956 in eleven caves that are known as the Qumran Caves which are located in the Eastern Judean Desert, or better known as the modern West Bank. In fact the caves are just a couple of kilometers northwest of the Dead Sea (thus the fitting title of the Dead Sea Scrolls). One last comment before we start getting into a very brief overview of some of the content of the scrolls. Most of the texts are written in Hebrew, some in Aramaic and a few in Greek. It is believed that approximately 40% of the Dead Sea Scrolls are copies of text taken from Hebrew Scriptures, while 30% are from the Second Temple Period and were not considered Canonized (authorized Hebrew bible text). This includes the Book of Enoch (which we refer to often here at MOB and just dealt with our most recent MOB), the Book of Jubilees, the Book of Tobit (which we also just covered in our MOB on the Apocrypha).There also is a portion of the scrolls dedicated to what are considered to be sectarian manuscripts that shed some light on sects and groups found within Judaism and associated rules these groups followed at the time.

See the source imageWe are going to spend most of our time in the Book of Enoch and as well sometime in the Book of Jubilees. These two Books seem to represent some form of consistency with scripture perhaps more so then other narratives that we could review. The Dead Seas Scrolls are a massive amount of text and narrative and could not be covered without an extended review, so we need to keep our study abbreviated. The Book of Enoch, an ancient Jewish narrative was written sometime around 300 B.C (the Book of the Watchers was written roughly at that time). We regard The Book of Enoch as having some theological interest rather than being part of what is known as Biblical Canon or accepted scripture fitting of being in the original Bible.

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The Book of the Watchers is always a fascinating read. It centers on the angels who were called the Watchers who were appointed by God to watch over mankind as part of their servitude to God. We know from many MOB’s of course that they crossed the line with God and decided on their own to do something very wrong and that was they decided to intermingle with Earth women, against God’s Wishes and they ended up fathering the Nephilim. Recently, we covered a MOB that was very interesting as Enoch traveled through 10 levels of the Heavenlies. This was written somewhere around the 4th or 3rd Century BC, it is believed. Enoch was an ordinary man, but an extremely blessed man. He had been granted spiritual vision, so that he could see what God sees, including the Holy One in the Heavenlies. It is interesting to note that Enoch is informed that what he was seeing was not for the current generation he lived in, it was for a generation that had yet to come. Could that be a reference to this generation, in these very last days? The Book of Enoch deals with the time that God will come down to Earth on Mount Sinai with his angelic hosts, to pass judgement on all mankind. This obviously has not happened yet. The Book of Enoch also deals with the luminaries (the Sun/ the Moon) that set a specific time, all of their own and we do not change. In the first section of 1 Enoch, we learn that an angel by the name of Semjaza encouraged 199 Angels to join him in taking wives for the purpose of breeding offspring.

He pleaded his case before the other angels that he shouldn’t have to pay the price alone for such a great sin that was about to befall him for rebelling against God. So Semjaza or also known as Semiazaz made all the angels swear an oath that they would bind together as one, and if they are penalized by God, they will do so together. So it was, 200 angels descended during the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon.

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As we have discussed when they impregnated Earth women, the Earth women gave birth to a type of hybrid offspring known as the Nephilim (Genesis 6) or also known as the Anakim (the Giants).

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The Book of Enoch reveals the horrific details of these Giants; they simply ran out of food that the men had provided them. When the food ran out, the giants turned against mankind and started devouring them as well. They were also perverse besides being cannibals; they sinned against all types of animals. Basically these Nephilim devoured everything in their path.

Image result for The Return of NephilimThe fallen angels taught many things; much of it was godlessness and anti-God such as war tools, enchantments, magic and the occult and astrology which were all things that God did not approve of. The influence of the fallen ones was very negative upon mankind, as they corrupted them into all forms of godlessness and unrighteousness including fornication and all types of sinful corruption.

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The 4 main archangels (there are some narratives that indicate there are as many as 12 archangels) of God,

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Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel all went before God to encourage him to begin to judge the inhabitants of the World, as well as the fallen angels and their hideous monstrosities of an offspring, the Nephilim.

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God agrees that the World should be destroyed and so God tells Uriel to inform Noah (who they have selected along with his family due to an uncorrupted DNA gene pool) to be the sole remnant of what will end up being a World Wide Epic Flood that will destroy everything and everyone. The DNA gene pool of Man who was created in God’s Image had been corrupted by the fallen angels having sexual relations with the Earth women and now the Earth was filled with this contaminated and demonic DNA infestation that God had to put an end to).

Image result for nephilimGod also had instructions for Raphael and that was to imprison Azazel, one of Semjaza’s chief fallen angels who played a pivotal role in influencing the humans.

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God told Raphael to bind Azazel hand to foot and to cast him into darkness. To be more specific Raphael is to take Azazel out to the desert and place him in between the jagged rocks and cover him in darkness, where he is to be bound forever until the Day of Judgement, where he is to be cast into the Lake of Fire. God’s Desire is to heal the Earth and the hearts of man from the corruption of the secret things that the watchers had revealed unto man. God then gave Gabriel instructions on how to deal with the Nephilim and the imprisonment of the remaining fallen angels. It was God’s Will that the children of the Watchers fight one another in order they destroy each other in battle.

Image result for nephilimThe Lord God tells Michael the Archangel to bind all of the remaining fallen angels including their leader Semjaza. God tells Michael that after the fallen angels bear witness to seeing their own offspring, the Nephilim destroy one another. Then the Lord God tells Michael to bind the fallen ones for 70 generations in the Valley until the Day of Judgement and then much like Azazel, Semjaza “and his accomplices.” will all be thrown in the Lake of Fire. There they will be led off to the abyss of fire to be tormented in prison and confined for all time.

Image result for azazel the fallen angel cast into darknessIn Enoch’s Book of Parables, Enoch continues with a look at the destiny of the fallen ones but also the Kings of the Earth. Many times the phrase, Son of Man is coined in reference to the righteous one, the chosen one and the Messiah who sits on the Throne of Glory in the final judgement. One word we are introduced to here is mattatron which is a very similar word for Metatron, which is a Hebrew word derived from the Latin word metator which by definition is one who marks off a place or a fixer of boundaries, a type of measurer. This was also the name that Enoch was given when he was transformed into an angel after God took him to be with him forever in Heaven (his eternal walk with God). We know from a MOB that we did recently that after God gave Enoch his dream like vision showing what would happen to Azazel and the fallen angels and their final judgment, Enoch journeyed to both the Earth and Sheol. There was some narrative to suggest that Enoch traveled in a portal / triangle shaped type of craft to Heaven. If you recall that many UFO sightings involve witnesses describing a triangle type of UFO. Could Enoch have been taken up in a similar type of UFO?

Image result for enoch in the bible taken up in a ufo gifImage result for enoch in the bible taken up in a ufo gifImage result for enoch in the bible taken up in a ufo gifImage result for ufo's in bible times gifAliens and UFOs In The Bible- Does The Bible Detail Gene Manipulation By An Alien Race? | Ancient aliens, Ancient astronaut theory, Fallen angelAliens & UFOs in the Bible? - Home | Facebookufo | Voice of ProphecyBiblical UFO Paintings (Page 1) - Line.17QQ.comSee the source image

It is interesting to note that we learn in the Book of Enoch that there are Seven Archangels in all. What role they all play in God’s Kingdom is not clear. other then we know Michael is God’s brave mighty warrior angel, Gabriel is the messenger angel and Raphael gets involved in certain areas of healing. The following list of categories is not based on scripture, so it can be taken with a grain of salt.

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Image result for Who Are the 7 ArchangelsNext we take a brief look at the Book of Jubilees. Some of the Book of Jubilees covers what the Book of Enoch dealt with including Enoch’s visions and refers to aspects of the Maccabean Revolt which we dealt with in the Book of Maccabees, in the Apocrypha in a recent MOB. Most of The Book of Jubilees however covers the familiar ground laid out in the Book of Genesis. This includes the story of Moses and the Exodus out of Egypt. One interesting aspect of The Book of Jubilees is the classification of 4 different types of Angels as it relates to their function, not their angelic ranking. These angels are angels of the presence (an angel of God), an angel of sanctifications, guardian angels and angels who preside over nature. Enoch for what it’s worth, was the first man instructed by the angels of God, to write and record many important details that God had wanted many to know about. One fascinating area that God wanted Enoch to tell as many as possible about was how he created the World and the different levels of Heaven. The Book of Jubilees starts at the very first day of Creation when God actually created the angels. Then we have some of the same material that was covered in the Book of Enoch and that is the story of the fallen ones and how they mated with Earth women. They gave birth to a race of giants known as the Nephilim and their decedents were known as the Elioud. They were a continuation of this part angel, part human hybrid and they were wicked and evil just like their Giant ancestors, the Nephilim. These giants just like their parents had six toes on each foot and six fingers on each hand. The Biblical Flood took care of them as well as the Nephilim, their parents. Their disembodied spirits however have now become legions and legions of demons and they have flooded the Earth with their evil ways.

Image result for demons are the dead nephilimThere is in fact a book that is part of the Apocryphal collection of the Dead Seas Scrolls called the Book of Giants. This book covers the giants in more detail and what happened to them (up to and including the flood that destroyed them). Most of the Book of Giants is covered already in the Book of Enoch. One interesting text was that apparently some of the sons of the fallen angels, the giants actually reported to having dreams where they could foresee the Biblical Flood taking place and their own demise.

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Some of those details can be found in what is called the Babylonian Talmud. This is pretty much the same Talmud that is more commonly known as the Jerusalem Talmud. It is written in Tannaitic Hebrew and Jewish Babylonian Aramaic and contains the teachings and opinions of thousands of Rabbis. The giants would dream about the Flood, but after the dream they still did not understand the ramifications of the dreams. The giants consulted Enoch in an effort to interpret their dreams and so they could learn about their fate. No one knows who wrote the original Book of Giants and how accurate it is, it’s also somewhat questionable, but it is an interesting read just the same. There are other Books that are equally fascinating and all pretty much to do with Enoch including the Book of Dreams. One must be very, very careful however as many new age and mystic focused individuals interpret many of these readings as indicators of a gnostic cosmic creation rather then that of the Lord God Almighty.

Image result for THE BOOK OF ENOCH MYSTISM GNOSTISMImage result for THE BOOK OF ENOCH MYSTISM GNOSTISMIn some reported texts (that originated from Ethiopia) the fallen angels were believed to be the disobedient offspring of Seth while the mortal families were daughters of Cain. We have already covered how this is most unlikely to be the origin of the Nephilim and it does not explain the monstrous gigantic Nephilim or give an account to the offspring of the fallen angels either. We have talked how after the flood, the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim became what we know today, the demons. They need a physical host body to dwell in. Some people have mistaken them to be ghosts (which do not exist).

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These are demons doing what they do best, masquerading around as either benign aliens (which they aren’t)

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or ghosts and familiar spirits. According to the Book of Jubilees, it is stated that 10% of the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim were left to remain to lead mankind astray after the flood.

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There are details in the Book of Jubilees that cannot be verified such as the sort that Cain (the son of Adam and Eve) took his sister Awan to be his wife. This story suggests that Cain and Awan gave birth to Enoch. As well Seth (another son of Adam and Eve) married his sister Azua. Did this all really happen? Some believe that this might have been the case, however this is just speculation as the Word of God does not elaborate on this. In the Book of Jubilees, it’s reported that Hebrew is the language of Heaven and everyone and everything speaks it. The Book of Jubilees hints that Abraham was taught Hebrew by the angels (since after the Tower of Babel –all people, tribes and tongues were scattered and Hebrew was forgotten). The Book of Jubilees also talks about the Messianic Kingdom to come, and the New Heavens and the New Earth. The Dead Sea Scrolls are indeed a fascinating body of work, and with 11 Caves worth of material and again some 981 different texts to review, this is a massive study. Did God provide these scrolls to be discovered or did Man once again get too curious for his own good by finding and searching these scrolls out? It’s like anything else, as long as we are not taking away from the reading of God’s Word and we stay focused on God, his still small voice will be faithful to guide us, grant us discernment and keep us from deception from the evil one. We must stay in the Spirit and stay in prayer with God’s Will and then and only then we will neither falter, not be led astray or be tossed to and through like a wayward person. So stay the course that God has given you beloved as it states in Psalm 119 V 1-2, You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. You’re blessed when you follow his directions, doing the best to find him.
…And God Bless!

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Thank you for spending time with us. Please come back again soon, be blessed and never forget how much God loves you. He has proven it with his sacrificial act on the cross. Lastly whatever you do, please don’t just don’t stand around doing nothing.” We are told now that we know what we know we must use this information to go forward in boldness and tell the rest of the World that is shrouded in darkness that God wants them to come to his magnificent light through true repentance and embracing the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua .

Acts 1: 11, Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

…Get your house in order…Now! Yeshua is coming back very soon. Be ready for his return….NOW.