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Join us now for Bible Secrets Revealed! A Mysteries of the Bible Special Addition.


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Bible Secrets # 1: The Power of Virtue

A very curious bit of scripture is addressed in Luke 6:19. The King James Version reads as follows,

And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all. Virtue…what is it exactly, is it some type of “super hero like” power that God has?

If we take literally what Luke 6:19 is saying it seems to be implying that virtue was coming out of the Lord and that in turn was what was healing the people who were coming in contact with the Lord. Now this verse alone does not cause one to ponder too much unless of course that very same person was to run into this concept again and even in a much more explicit way as we see in this next scriptural passage where the idea that virtue is something that does emit from the Lord and the Lord can sense when it is leaving him. How else can one explain the following verse? And Jesus said, Somebody hath touched me: for I perceive that VIRTUE is gone out of me. Luke 8:46. The word virtue has been translated from the Greek Word dunamin.

Virtue may indeed be a type of power that the Lord has an unlimited supply of but the difference between a power and virtue is a power can be used for both good and bad while virtue is always about taking the high road and choosing good over evil. How powerful is virtue? Well if your God it is powerful enough to heal anyone, anywhere at anytime. In the Book of Revelation 19:11, the Lord is described as follows (as he comes back to Earth from Heaven riding on a white horse),

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. Does this not describe the exact same Lord of Virtue to you as was described in Luke 6:19? Of course it does, because it is the same Lord, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the only one with True Virtue.


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Bible Secrets # 2: The Tower of Siloam: The Ruins of Sin

In Luke 13:4 Yeshua refers to a Tower called the Tower of Siloam.

The context of this passage surrounds a message that Messiah Jesus was putting forth regarding the need for all to come to the place of repentance of sin in their life’s and to have a sense of urgency about it. So what is this Tower of Siloam and what does it have to do with Yeshua’s message you ask? It is a Tower that not many ever mention in discussion of scripture certainly. So very little is known about it and lots of speculation surrounds it, so it is a bit of a mystery. As best as we can know and understand, this ancient tower was located in South Jerusalem, supposedly the Tower suddenly collapsed one day killing 18 people who were in very close proximity. No one knows why it collapsed at least nothing has been mentioned in any writings from a historical stand point. The 18 killed were considered innocent by standers, simply at the wrong place a the wrong time. They perished, no fault of their own under the massive weight of this Tower crumbling downward. Yeshua is reminding and warning the people that the Galileans killed by Pontius Pilate were also not guilty or deserving the horrible deaths that they experienced.

In that way those that died were just like the 18 victims of the Tower disaster, they didn’t deserve to die either, but they still did. What Jesus is trying to do here is tell the people that since they do not know when their time is up,(one moment your alive the next you can be dead) and if your not right with God when or if death springs up on you suddenly, dire eternal consequences might be the result. The bottom line is, accidents happen, even fatal ones, because life happens. Death can come from anywhere at anytime. If your not spiritually prepared at any given moment and do not have your house in order with God, your at risk. So unless someone is right with God (through repentance and redemption) they best be aware of getting right with God immediately and not postpone this. That is what Yeshua is trying to communicate here and that is why he refers to the Tower of Siloam here.

As a side note, despite some archeological attempts in finding the ruins of the Tower, no one has been able to positively identify the location of the ruins. Our sins on the other hand are known to God and are made manifest by him, so there are no secrets as God knows our hearts. It’s not hard for God to discover the “ruins of our sins” beloved. Scripture says in Luke 8:17, For Nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. So God will find all are sins out, nothing can be hid from God, including the ruins of our sins.


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Bible Secrets # 3: The Unpardonable Sin: Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

In Acts 5:3 we read of the plight of Anansias and Sapphira a husband and wife team with more then marriage in common, they also shared greed and something much worse, contempt for the Holy Spirit of God.

It is none other then Peter who God reveals that Satan has sifted Anansias and filled his heart with such treachery. By holding back a significant percentage of the property’s value that was to go to the Kingdom of God and God’s Work, they lied directly to God’s Holy Spirit and consequently were exposed for the liars they were. They subsequently both died within moments of their being exposed of these sins. It is not about the amount of money at stake for God doesn’t need any of money from anyone, for he is God after all and everything is his anyways. God wants true dedication, he desires heart felt dedication and even more then that, he detests treachery and deception more then anything.  God indeed hates deception and the unpardonable sin (the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit) appears to be the only sin that God is not willing to ever forgive. Many have speculated what it is, no one knows for sure of it’s origins. Still let’s look at it for a moment as it is intriguing to examine to say the least.

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So what is there about this particular sin that makes it unforgivable to the point that even God’s Grace cannot be extended towards. One potential answer is that the reason God’s Grace can not be imputed upon man for redemption sake is that the Blasphemy of the Spirit is equal to the second death that is, it transcends judgement to the point that it is an automatic judgement by God for the sin has been committed unto God, like no other sin is.

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The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is in an offense taken personally by God. It involves a total rejection of all that God stands for in righteousness and holiness and because of that the stiffest of penalties is the sentence. The penalty of such a sin is a combination of an immediate death (the first death) and the second death as well (the judgement of sin) which is a sentencing and a verdict of condemnation for that sin. How many people today are committing such a sin and are not even aware of it? They will be aware soon enough but by then, it will be too late for them to do anything about it, as they will be standing in front of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords as in the Lord God Almighty.


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Bible Secrets # 4: Extraordinary Acts: God Delivers Peter

At a time when King Herod was persecuting the apostles of Jesus (having just slain James the Brother of John by the sword), King Herod came after Peter and put him in jail to await a most certain fate. God had other plans however and sent an angel of the LORD to free him from prison by having his shackles fall off of his wrists.

Not even the other disciples believed at first that Peter was miraculously freed from prison. In fact they thought that it was an angel and not actually Peter standing at the gate and knocking on the door of the house of Mary. Herod was incensed of course about Peter’s rescue and blamed two guards for it and put them to death. A short time after this took place, Herod was sitting on his throne when an angel of the LORD struck him down because he would not give God the Glory he was due.

Scripture indicated that Herod died a gruesome death and was eaten by worms (on the inside). King Herod was no doubt someone who encouraged the wrath of a Holy and Just God, but it was God who demonstrated his extraordinary acts by freeing Peter and dealing with King Herod who had also condemned the Lord himself at one time. Scripture says the Word of God grew and multiplied and God as is always the case, was glorified once more in an appropriate fashion.


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Daniel and the Writing on the Wall | Bible Story

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Bible Secrets # 5: The Hand of the Lord (is upon you)

During one of their many missions, Paul and Barnabus came to a place called Paphos. This portion of scripture can be found in Acts 13:6-11.They came across a sorcerer, also described as a false prophet and a Jew by the name of Barjesus. This Barjesus was with a Deputy of the Country by the name of Sergius Paulus and Sergius wanted to hear Paul and Barnabus share the Word of God with him. Barjesus who also was known as Elymas the Sorcerer (like a stage name) and he stood against Paul and Barnabus with the intentions of steering Sergius from the faith in the Lord.

Paul turned to Elymas and being filled with the Holy Spirit, Paul stated that Elymas was full of mischief and no good and was in fact a child of the devil. In fact Paul called him an enemy of righteousness and one who relishes in attempting to pervert the right ways of the Lord. To which Paul then added, that the Hand of the Lord was upon Barjesus and that as punishment for his wickedness,

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Elymas would become blind for a season (which one can interpret as being a year in duration). Elymas/ Barjesus was indeed blinded in an instant. Sergius was astonished by this and in fact believed in the Word of God and the Lord as well. When one attempts to impede God’s Plans in place of wickedness and their own agenda we see time and time again from scripture, that God punishes those who attempt this. They fail 100% of the time. We must never lose sight (no pun intended) that God is Holy and Righteous and if we tamper with the plans of God, we will certainly pay the price as Barjesus (Elymas) the Sorcerer found out the hard way that when the Hand of the Lord is upon you (in a bad way) your going to lose every time.


Bible Secrets # 5: God Breaks the Prison Doors Wide Open

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Watch: An angel breaks the apostles out of prison in a new clip from next week's episode of <i>A.D. The Bible Continues</i> | Peter T. Chattaway

In Acts 16:16 we read about Paul and his companion, Silas who were at Macedonia and Paul had just driven an evil spirit of divination out of a woman when an angry group (which had been taking advantage of the woman’s “possessed gifts of divination” and no longer had their soothsaying profits available to them) approached them. This group grabbed both Paul and Silas and forced them into the marketplace.

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The magistrates who basically ruled the land of Macedonia were told by the group that Paul and Silas were trouble makers and were being unlawful in teaching non Roman customs, they declared. The magistrates became enraged, tore their clothes and told the group to beat them.

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Paul and Silas after being beaten quite severely, were thrown into prison. Paul and Silas were thrown into the inner prison and were put in the stockades. At midnight, Paul and Silas prayed and then began to sing praises to God,

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of which the other prisoners heard as well. Shortly after the praises began, a very powerful Earthquake took place and the entire prison was shaken

and consequently the prison doors opened up and all the prisoners shackles came loose and fell off.

The Earthquake woke the keeper of the prison from his slumber and the moment he saw all the prison doors opened, he withdrew his sword in order to kill himself because he feared he would be blamed for the prisoners escape. Paul cried out at that precise moment for him to not harm himself and that all the Prisoners were still in fact in their prison cells and accounted for

and had not in fact escaped even though they could have done so quite easily. The keeper got a light and walked into the cell where Paul and Silas were. He was trembling in fear and he then fell down before the both of them.

The keeper led them out of the jail and he inquired immediately of them of what he must do to be saved. They presented the Word of God and the Gospel of Yeshua to him and his household and that night, the keeper washed the wounds of Paul and Silas. The keeper and his household as well, professed a faith in the Lord and were all baptized that very night.

The magistrates decided the next day that Paul and Silas should be set free and they were happy to get rid of them especially when they found out that both Paul and Silas were Roman citizens and they had unlawfully beaten and imprisoned them without due process of Roman law.

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The bottom line is that when one honors God (as Paul and Silas did by praising him even when things looked bleak and hopeless,

Image result for paul and silas in the marketplace in the bible

even though they were beaten severely and were put in prison in stockades no less) God blesses those in their moment of strive and tribulation by setting them free spiritually and even physically free as evident here in this story. That is not to say that there are not many facing great injustice in the World and are in prison unjustly because clearly there are many facing this type of injustice daily.

Many around the World continue to be martyred for the faith, please don’t forget them in prayer.

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Beloved, guess who gets to deal with that injustice these martyrs face? It’s the followers of Christ who have been given the task to attempt to set things right when the scales of justice have become unbalanced and are tilted in the wrong direction. The Lord commanded that our neighbor is among many other things, all those facing injustice in the World. We may ask what can I do, I am but an average person, a nobody and powerless. Are you really powerless when you have the Holy Spirit of God living inside you? Perhaps you forgot this or doubt what that really means.

Put your convictions to work with actions and see what one person can do in a mostly apathetic World. With the Power of the Holy Spirit behind you, even you can make a difference. Here is a good prayer to meditate on, in case you feel lost or powerless at times in your walk of faith. Pray:

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Bible Secrets # 6: Who Are You? (Does the Devil know your name?)

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In Acts 19:13 -18 contains some of the most amazing if not revealing scripture in the Word of God having to do with the reality of the demonic realm. We read that Paul while at Ephesus was driving out evil spirits from many of the sick and demon possessed. A number of what the Bible refers to as vagabond Jews and so called exorcists took note of what Paul was doing and decided they were going to get in on “the action” themselves and attempt to drive out some demons as well.  They entered a house and approached a man who was possessed by an evil spirit and began to command the demon to be cast out of the man in Jesus name.  This group numbered seven in total, they were the sons of a Jew by the name of Sceva who was a Chief of the Priests. Perhaps this is one of the reasons they were so eager to attempt this exorcism (they may have wanted to impress their Dad). This is where it also gets very interesting. One of the evil spirits answered the group,

stating that they of course knew who Jesus was (and very well indeed for we know the demons believe and tremble) and they even also knew who Paul was (they should know him when one considers how many demons were exorcised by him over time). The demon then asked “who are you?” to the sons of Sceva. At that very moment, the man who was possessed with the evil spirit who asked them who they were, leaped on the group and began to beat them all. The sons of Sceva ran out of the house naked from having their clothes torn off and beaten as well by the demon possessed man. This story spread through all of Ephesus and was shared between Jews and Greeks alike and a great fear and reverence for God came from it and God was greatly glorified.

Image result for Seven Sons of Sceva Acts 19

So as strange as it sounds, if a demon knows Yeshua and a demon knows Paul, should not demons also know you?


Perhaps they know you as their victim, someone they sift at will, how far better for them to know you as their adversary, their enemy? All who stand for God’s Righteousness are the devil’s enemies. So who are you? The Lord says your a Child of God if you have been redeemed by the Lord, if you have repented of sin and if you are now controlled by the Holy Spirit and living a fruitful life that gives God the Glory. The other take away here, is that we cannot do anything apart from God’s Power. If we do things for our own gain and not God’s Glory such as the sons of Sceva did, we will pay for that as scripture has revealed with Simon the Zealot and many others. God is not a magic act or a side show, or a gimmick, God is God. An interesting bumper sticker on a car perhaps said it best, it read

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“God is still God without Man. Man however is nothing without God.” How true, our true identity and true purpose can only be found in God, so who are you beloved? What and Who defines you?

Next…Bible Secrets # 7: The Image which fell down from Jupiter

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The image which fell down from Jupiter that is mentioned in Acts 19:35 is an interesting read. Addressing a crowd, a city clerk in the City of Ephesus sought to quiet down a riotous crowd stirred up by the preaching of Paul and other disciples. The city clerk stated that everyone in the city should already know that the City of Ephesus is considered the temple guardian for the (false) goddess Diana who is in fact the image which supposedly fell down from Zeus on Jupiter.

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The temple of Diana, the fertility goddess sometimes also known as the temple of Artemis was believed to have fallen from Jupiter itself. The image itself is an image of Diana which can often be seen on ancient coins that originated in Ephesus and Smyrna. Paul had built a church in Ephesus that stood against the idolatry in the City of Ephesus. We see Paul’s concerns in his letters he wrote to the Church in Ephesus in Ephesians in the Book of Revelation. There he commends the church to continue to stand against idolatry among other sins of the day.

Image result for the riot in Ephesus started by Paul in the Bible

So one might want to ask is there any type of life form on this “planet” Jupiter that we should know about?

Is there anything that might indeed come from Jupiter to Earth, and perhaps not by accident? There certainly are some out there that believe there are aliens and all kinds of reptilian winged monsters living on Jupiter while others think it’s a home and satanic haven for fallen angels and demonic hordes

Image result for entities from Jupiter

and the UFO’s are coming from there and the Moon and other locations. No one really knows for certain since none of us have been to Jupiter, nor is there a known way to get there either. One thing is certain, we cannot live in fear as perfect love casts out all fear. God’s Love does something else as well, it exposes the lies of idolatry and false gods like Zeus and false goddesses like Diana. While it’s actually entirely possible that some of these “planets” as well, may play an end time role when it comes to demonic deception and the lies that space beings are out there, are benign and care for us

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and they come from distant so called “planets” such as Jupiter, Saturn and Venus when in reality they are nothing more then inter -dimensional beings cast down from Heaven and live here in Earth’s atmosphere with us.

Image result for entities from Jupiter

Soon all these deceptions will be made manifest when Adonai returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Whether it be myth or reality there is nothing that can or will fall from Jupiter or anywhere else without God knowing about in advance. So don’t lose any sleep over it, remember God doesn’t ever sleep so that you can.

Next…Bible secrets # 8: God Restores: What God does.

Image result for the Lord restoresImage result for the Lord restoresImage result for the Lord restoresImage result for the Lord restoresImage result for the Lord restoresImage result for the Lord restores

The scripture passage in the Book of Acts 20: 9 -12 is where we go next.

During a journey to Greece, Paul was at a place called Troas. It was there he met with the disciples and they decided to break bread and have time of blessed fellowship in the upper chamber of a House. During a lengthy preaching session, there was a boy by the name of Eutychus who was falling asleep right by the window.

The boy fell into a deep slumber and he accidentally fell through the window and fell hard unto the floor below, instantly dying from the impact. Paul ran down to where the lifeless body of the boy was.

He fell on top of him and embraced him. He told those around him not to be upset because the boy was actually alive again.

Just like that, like nothing happened, Paul went back upstairs and broke bread and continued his talk with the disciples. God had once again performed an amazing miracle of resurrection. We have seen this time and again as we review the Mysteries of the Bible, with both Elijah and Elisha raising up 2 boys who had died and of course, the Lord himself raising up Lazarus, lest we forget the greatest resurrection of them all and the one that matters most. That is of course being the Resurrection of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, our Messiah, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

Image result for christ's resurrection

So resurrection is just one thing that God does and really only God does (although the devil will try his own false resurrection with the Antichrist) in the End Times.

God not only resurrects as God see’s fit, God restores. God restores lives, broken and incomplete. He came for those who are hurting and he will not turn away a broken and contrite heart!

Image result for God restores

So come to him today if you need to be restored, God will heal your wounds whether they be physical, emotional whatever is the case, God is hear to mend your wounds and bring healing to you, today! Come and rest under the Shadow of Yahweh’s Wings.

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Bible Secrets # 9: Why Do You Persecute Me?

In Acts 22:6-13 Paul gives his testimony after being arrested in Jerusalem for the “crime” of preaching the Gospel. So Paul has his moment where he can speak and so he tells of how he was born in Tarsus, when he was still named Saul, into a home of zealots upholding the ways of the Pharisees. Saul persecuted the Jewish believers who followed Jesus, with great zeal.

He would throw men and women in jail, torture them and kill them as well (he even had Stephen, the first martyr of the Lord, stoned to death).

Image result for stephen gets stoned to death by saul in the bible

He was on his way to Damascus to get some more of the followers of Christ to bring back to Jerusalem to be punished for their “crimes”. Around noon on one of the days of travel to Damascus, an extremely bright light came out of nowhere and shined upon him.

Image result for saul on the road to damascus

Saul fell to the ground and that is when he heard a voice like none other say to him,” Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?” Saul had a very good idea this was God talking to him, given the strange and supernatural consequences of what was happening to him so he asked, “who are you, Lord?” The voice replied back that he was the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua, of Nazareth who Saul was persecuting. The others that were with Saul also saw this very bright light and they were very afraid even though they could not hear the voice of the Lord that Saul was hearing.

Image result for saul on the road to damascus

So Saul asked the Lord what he should do and the Lord told him to go into Damascus and he would find out all the things that the Lord had intended for him to experience. For all intent and purposes Saul was blind and could not see anything but darkness. So Saul was led to Damascus and there he met a devout man of God by the name of Ananias and he helped Saul restore his sight within the hour. Saul was told that he would be God’s Witness unto all men of what he has seen and heard. Saul was then baptized and his sins were washed away as he called upon the name of the Lord in repentance and redemption.

Soon after, Saul’s name was changed to Paul and the Lord told him to get out of Jerusalem because his testimony would not be welcomed or accepted there. When Saul was attacking God’s Children and persecuting them, God said that Saul was in fact persecuting him. When we take the Lord’s Name in vain, we are sinning which will ultimately form the basis for our punishment unless of course we repent of such a sin as blasphemy and have been redeemed by the Lord God. However, does not one not think that the Lord somehow “is grieved” by the very children he loves when he hears his name being taken in vain and for that matter when any sin is committed by those created in his image?  Despite this the Lord is willing to forgive again and again and again. 

See the source image

Would it make a difference if we heard God’s Voice or a light from Heaven was shined in our eyes and we became blind in the process? The irony being now that we could see as Saul/ Paul now could finally see ( Just like Amazing Grace’s lyrics -I was blind but now can see) and we came to the realization that we were persecuting God with our sins. Would that stop us from willfully committing sins anymore?

Maybe it would to some degree, then again, maybe not. The Lord said Saul was persecuting him, that we know. Are you persecuting the Lord and are not aware of it? Something to ponder about beloved and maybe take to the Lord in prayer is this question of are we persecuting God when we willfully choose to sin? We know we grieve him. Something to think about before the next time one is tempted to sin against God.

Next…Bible Secrets # 10: Shake it (the Snake) off : Will the “Viper” bite You?

Image result for Flaming Snake

See the source image

See the source image

Paul the Apostle was on a boat when disaster struck.

Image result for paul praises the Lord in the bible

In Acts 28: 3-6 after a horrendous shipwreck,

Image result for Paul and the Barbarians on the island of Mellta in the Bible

Image result for Paul and the Barbarians on the island of Mellta in the Bible

Paul and the rest of the people on the boat managed to make it to an Island called Malta.

See the source image

There were barbarians on the Island that showed them their form of hospitality as only they knew how, being barbarians.

They drew up a fire that helped Paul and the others deal with the cold and the rain. Paul was gathering up some kindling for the fire and was just about to place the branches on the fire. Amazingly enough, just then, a viper a very deadly poisonous snake latched out unto his hand out of nowhere.

Image result for Paul and the Barbarians on the island of Mellta in the Bible

The snakes mouth was instantly attached to Paul’s hand and the Barbarians who lived on the Island who knew quite well of this lethal snake, saw the viper hanging from Paul’s hand and they said to themselves that Paul must be a murderer who even though he had escaped the storm at sea, he was now going to die. They were sure Paul was a dead man.

Still Paul somehow managed to shake the snake off into the fire and had no bite, no mark, nothing, and this was despite the snake’s mouth clamped into his hand, with his fangs seemingly imbedded into his flesh. Yet, there was no bite, there wasn’t even any swelling. Paul was alive and not dead, it was like it never happened. They watched Paul to see if he would fall over and eventually succumb to the life threatening venom. Nothing happened to their bewilderment.

Those that thought Paul at first was someone who deserved death now thought he was a god. Paul straightened them out about that pretty quick one can be sure. The bottom line, is Paul’s faith was what this “miracle” was all about. Whether the snake was hiding by the fire to stay warm and felt threatened when Paul’s hand moved to close to it, so it lunged at him or the snake came literally out of the fire like a flying fiery serpent (which we did a MOB about some time ago) is of little importance. Paul shook off the snake, just as one would shake off the stresses if you will of life and he did not stress the situation any.

Image result for paul praises the Lord in the bible

Paul trusted God and showed no fear whatsoever. One could say God was doing this miracle to be a testimony to the Barbarians, the other prisoners, and the ships crew, but most importantly we can take great peace in knowing when the “vipers” of this life come along we do not need to fear that the worst will happen every time and that we will get bitten and injected with the viper’s bite. Paul appeared to be bitten but the evidence indicated that was not the case, as there was no bite or fang imprint, no swelling and no poison injected into him. The bite was almost a state of mind that Paul just never accepted for himself and he shook it off. How about you beloved? Can you too have the faith that Paul had so that when life causes you to need to shake off the “vipers” of this World you too, can have the confidence in not getting bitten?


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Image result for the wonders of God gifImage result for the wonders of God gif

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Bible Secrets

# 11: No Eye has seen…The Things of God and the Mind of Christ

Image result for no eye has seen no ear has heard

Writing to the Church in Corinth, Paul wanted to relay a specific message to his audience that he must decrease and Christ increase through the Power of the Holy Spirit of God.

Image result for paul writing to the church in corinth

Paul wanted the Church to know that despite what some thought of him (that there was something special about him), that in reality he was really nothing without God. Paul let those he was writing to know that the Wisdom of God is a great Mystery, a hidden wisdom only revealed through God’s Holy Spirit. Paul stated that even the highest rulers in the World could not understand the Wisdom of God.

For, as he states, if those in power and authority that had condemned Yeshua in the first place, had known that he was indeed the only begotten Son of God, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory. Instead they were spiritually blind to the truth as many of the World’s rulers remain to this very day.

Paul in 1 Corinthians 2:9 refers to a scripture from the Prophet Isaiah 64:4

Image result for no eye has seen

and Paul mentions that since the beginning of time, even in ancient times, no man has ever been able to comprehend by sight, nor by hearing the things of God or the very things that God has prepared for his creation, man. Paul adds, the things that God has prepared for those that love him (God). Paul writes that man knows only about himself and the only way man can learn about God is through the Spirit of God that needs to dwell in him in order to make sense to him the Things of God. For it is the Spirit of God that reveals the Wisdom of God. It sound so simple a concept, but to be put into practice…that is the hard part, isn’t it?

It involves submission, complete and utter submission of your will, your body, mind, spirit and soul as well as strength to succumb to God through the Power of his Holy Spirit. Do we allow God to dictate our life’s? How much do we allow God to reveal himself to us through his Holy Spirit on a daily basis? Paul puts it all in perspective, as scripture says the cross is foolish to those who are perishing and isn’t that the Way the Worldly types think of Christians as the foolish ones? But who really is the fool here? The natural man who thinks he has all the answers, cannot even comprehend the Things of God as they seem foolish to him so the natural man will never know the Things of God, unless of course, they are redeemed by the Lord. They aren’t even aware they are slowly perishing, now that’s true foolishness.

Paul ends this scriptural passage by saying, that we have the Mind of Christ through the Power of God’s Holy Spirit. The MIND of CHRIST…it’s available if we indeed submit completely to God’s Holy Spirit….Amazing.


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Bible Secrets # 12: The How’s and Why’s of when your handed over to Satan

Scripture is clear that it is better to enter Heaven with one less eye if that eye is indeed causing one to not enter into Heaven. We mention that because when it comes to eternal matters, one thing is clear from the Word of God that the flesh and the temporal are so insignificant compared to the things of God and eternity. In what some may mistake as an incredibly harsh statement, the Apostle Paul mentioned in 1 Corinthians 5:5

that for those whom are so entrenched in their sin and refuse to repent and have claimed to at one time followed the Lord (while judgment is up to the Lord ) we can still display God’s Righteous Judgment in such matters. Case in point, a man from the community of Corinth was committing immorality by having relations with his Father’s wife. Paul made it clear that every effort had been made to hold this individual accountable for their sins and yet this individual refused to repent and turn from their sins. It is then that Paul states that it’s better this man is handed over to Satan and his flesh destroyed then at least God will deal with his spiritual eternal destination once the Lord returns. Paul wanted the man to not do any more harm to himself eternally by heaping even more judgment upon himself, since he refused to repent.

Perhaps you know someone who has been handed over to Satan. We have seen God use Satan in the Bible to sometimes sift someone (as in the cases of Peter and of course Job) under limited restrictions of course.

God after all created Lucifer (Satan) and God has ultimate control over him no matter how insane this World seems to be, make no mistake about it beloved, God is always in control. In as much compassion as he could show, Paul states that the man in question and the others that were also engaged in willful sin to be handed over to Satan

and would die the first death (the death of the flesh) but their spirit would be saved when Yeshua returns again. One must never take for granted God’s Love or God’s Pursuit of each and everyone of us. Hell was never intended for anyone but Satan and his rebellious fallen angels and it’s God’s Will that none should perish. However we must never forget, and always remember God is Holy and Righteous and we are his creation, he expects us to live that way as well through the power of his Holy Spirit.


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Bible Secrets # 13: Judge Righteously: We shall Judge angels

Another fascinating scripture is found in 1 Corinthians 6:3 when Paul is reminding all those who read his words that the saints will inherit the priesthood along with Yeshua after he returns and sets up his kingdom for the millennial reign which is 1000 years in length if you recall. At that time all the saints of God will be helping the Lord rule and reign over the people of the World in all types of matters as well as we find out, the angels themselves.

Now it’s interesting to note that Paul states that we will not only help judge the World but we will in fact judge angels and all the things that pertain to this life. We know God will judge the fallen angels but perhaps as we now have the Spirit of God dwelling in us, we will give testimony as witnesses of God’s Holy Judgement.

When your body is glorified so to is your mind and we mentioned already in an earlier segment that once redeemed completely, we will have the Mind of Christ, sinless and perfect. It is then and only then that we will be able to judge righteously as God judges. The Greek word for judge is krino which means “to rule or to govern.” So as High Priests with Christ, we will be able to help God judge those he needs judgement over and that would be the fallen ones, the fallen angels.


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Bible Secrets # 14: The Last Trump of GOD : We shall all be changed

If you find yourself needing “a pick me up” ever so often from the Word of God (and don’t we all pretty much everyday it seems in these End Times), try 1 Corinthians 15:51. You know it’s going to be good when the Apostle Paul starts off, Behold I show you a mystery. The mystery he is addressing here is that while some will be asleep in Jesus (they have yet to be resurrected) and some will be alive when the Lord comes, the Lord will descend from Heaven with a shout and a voice of that of an archangel blowing the Trump of God. The result of this is that the dead in Christ will rise up and that is followed by those who are alive and remain from the Hour of Tribulation (the Tribulation Saints).

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So both the resurrected saints who passed on and the tribulation saints will be gathered in the air with Yeshua in the clouds to meet their Lord face to face and they shall ever be with him. Indeed something marvelous is going to happen so fast (how fast is a twinkling of an eye?) and when we are told of the time, we are told it is at the last trump. So naturally the next question of course would be, “okay when is the last trump?” Remember Enoch? We have discussed him many a time on this website, he was translated (changed) and perhaps even raptured before anyone else. Then there was the Old Testament Saints that were resurrected when Yeshua rose from the dead if you recall.

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Then there will be the rapture of the Church which some say will happen QUITE SOON at the Feast of Trumpets (albeit no man knows the time or hour save the Father) and then finally we have the Post Tribulation Rapture of the Tribulation Saints which is what we are covering today.

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That would make it 4 Raptures in the Bible. Not just 1 or 2, but 4. 1 Thessalonians 4: 14 -18 uses similar language to the passage in 1 Corinthians 15:51 in talking about those who have fallen asleep as the ones who will be translated or raptured at the Lord’s Coming. We find that that the word trump in Greek is the word Salpinx and it means simply a “natural musical instrument” which makes sense in the terms it is being used here. So to make sure it is crystal clear the last trump refers to Christ’s return, nothing else. There were 7 trumps in the Book of Revelation if you recall

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and each one had to do with God trying to get the attention of an unbelieving World, in order they repent and come to the Lord before he returns because by then it will be too late to repent. This is still the time of both the Tribulation and the Tribulation Saints who much like Israel must endure to the end to be saved.

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When the 7th Trump is fulfilled, the Wrath of God is accumulated and poured out with the spilling of the seven vials and bowls of wrath. This is not for anyone but the unrepentant and those who have had their consciences seared with an iron and now refuse to believe or accept the Lord God under any circumstances. They are reprobates by definition. God’s wrath has been stored up for those refusing to repent and had been given many chances in their lives to do so.

The last trump cannot be the 7th Trump as this Trump has nothing to do with God’s Resurrection of the saints or for that matter the fourth and final rapture event. This 7th Trump has to do with God’s Wrath and only God’s Wrath. So we can know for certain that the Trump of God is not the angelic 7th Trump of the Book of Revelation.

Don’t forget that there is a great crowd of witnesses and heavenly observers in the depiction from the Book of Revelation, but this is not the same as the time of the Lord’s Church to be raptured. God’s Trump has been confused quite often for the last Trump of the Book of Revelation but listen to what is said in Matthew 24:29-31. Here we see that after the Great Tribulation, after the Sun has gone dim and it becomes dark and the stars fell from Heaven and the Heavens themselves were shaken, then and only then, the Son of Man will appear in the clouds.

Then in conjunction with his angels he will gather his elect, from one end of Heaven to the other. All this happens at the Last Trump, after the Great Tribulation has ended.

The elect (those who are engrafted into the Olive Tree) are both those of Israel who were saved and of course the Tribulation Saints who endured until the end.

They survived the Antichrist who wore many of them down and killed many of them. The depiction in scripture is that the Harvest of the Earth is now ready to be reaped.

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The Lord wearing his golden crown and carrying his sickle is ready to reap the harvest as the Earth has been purged of sin and is ripe for harvest.

The Lord will take his sharp sickle and with it being harvest time the Lord will take the last of his Children with him to be with him forever.

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Bible Secrets # 15: Weapons of our Warfare: Pulling Down Strongholds of the Mind

We have dealt with Spiritual Warfare in the past, but a topic this important and vital to a triumphant and victorious spirit filled life must be addressed with some frequency.

Paul mentions in 2 Corinthians 10: 3-5 that despite the fact we live in a physical World we are in reality dealing with supernatural and spirit filled occurrences all around us and at all times. Just because we cannot see the spiritual realm with out eyes does not mean it is not full of non stop activity.

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In fact, Paul is quick to pick out that our battles are not of flesh and blood but the weapons we use to fight these battles are mighty through God (not ourselves).

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Image result for spiritual warefare

It is God who gives us the weapons we need to fight these battles and it is God who pulls down any stronghold we might have. God does it on our behalf.

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So what is a stronghold you might ask? A stronghold and in particular a demonic stronghold, is a weakness of the flesh that the enemy Satan takes advantage of. Whether it be sex indulgence, deviancy, gambling, drugs, pornography, alcohol, addictions of all sorts it is often some form of idolatry by definition. Really it is anything that we let the enemy have access to and not God becomes a demonic stronghold. The battle begins in the mind but is won in the soul.

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In fact there are demons of lust, anger and all sorts of sin like greed, envy and we know this from looking at some of these demons at work from past MOBS (like the demons Jezebel and Leviathan). So it is important to know when it comes to Spiritual Warfare, not only do we need to put on the full armor of God’s Righteousness,

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Image result for spiritual strongholds

we also need to let God pull down our strongholds and let him give us victory over them.

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How does a stronghold become demonic? V.5 tells us it began in our vial imaginations and became as a high place (a place we mentally worshiped and coveted for a time like sin for a season).

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So now we must cast down these imaginations, and all that we let exalt itself against what we knew was sin (the knowledge and discernment that God has given us through his Holy Spirit).

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This is where we let the Lord (through the Power of the Holy Spirit) take every thought captive and every thought is brought into obedience in Yeshua. We must be careful beloved for our hearts are deceitfully wicked by nature and unless we ask the Holy Spirit to daily renew us and transform our minds so that we are not conformed to this World, we will weaken the work of sanctification and growth that the Lord seeks for us as we become more and more like him with our attributes and character. This can only be done of course through submitting in obedience to the Holy Spirit daily and moment by moment.

How often do we get worked up by something a simple as a car cutting us off and how right after that happens do we not want to tell someone what we really think of them? That is a simple example, but it is where it begins. The war is in the trenches and if the enemy Satan senses your weakness in the flesh you can bet he will send out his workers of unrighteousness to make sure you remain enslaved to these bondages (strongholds).

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Yeshua wants you to break free from the shackles of your strongholds so that you can be free to be all that you were meant to be. Mind,Body,Soul and Spirit. Arm and protect yourself daily from the enemy’s attacks upon you with the full Armor of Yeshua’s Righteousness through prayer so that you can be like Yeshua, an Overcomer of the World.

Know your weapons that God has equipped you with beloved, begin to use them in these very Last Days. Much deceitfulness, apostacy and deception is among us and some of that which appears to be light are actually forces of darkness disguised as angels of light, which happens to be our next Mystery.


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Bible Secrets #16: Angels of False Light : The Devil’s Work

One problem perhaps an undiscipled Christian faces more then one who has been properly discipled, is the ability to discern truth from the false lies that are everywhere around us. The other reason for this would simply be that the non discerning Christian is not seeking the Holy Spirit’s Guidance when it comes to discernment. it has not been made into a habit yet and by habit we mean that in a very good way. In either case Paul was very concerned about this and he wrote to the Church in Corinth about it in 2 Corinthians 11: 13-15.

Paul calls false apostles, deceitful workers. It is here that we read about transformation and it is much more then a disguise, it is a supernatural transformation.

We know this from the next very well known verse, V.14 which tells us that Satan himself transforms (there is that word again) into an angel of light. So we now can understand why Paul says it is not a big deal that if Satan can be disguised as a minister of righteousness (actually in truth it is unrighteousness) then so to can his demonic “cronies” as well.

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Why do we make such a big deal about this on this website? We mention over and over again, for the Church, the Elect, those who call themselves true Bible Believing God Fearing Christians to keep their eyes open to the truth vs lies spread by false teachers, false prophets and angels of false light for even if it were possible the very elect would be deceived in these Last Days.

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There is not just a Great Falling Away and Great Apostacy there is a Great Deception taking place as well, so many Doctrines of Demons loom everywhere waiting to entrap a Christian into it’s lies and deceptions. There are so many lies out there that Christians are adopting their belief systems around as well as clinging to and now professing to be part of their life and their “walk”. Whether they know it or not, they are now worshiping the god of this World, Satan and not the Lord God Almighty. They are committing Idolatry in their imaginations and their hearts are far from God and they are deceived and they don’t even know it. The Rabbit Hole is deep and involves not only Great Deception, but a World led Last Religion which worships the Beast called Mystery Babylon.

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Deception is the devil’s work, and that is to lull the one who calls themselves a Christian into a false sense of salvation and security. Remember Jesus will say on “that day”, that there will be so many professing they know him and they did so many things on his behalf and what will he say? He will say be gone worker of iniquity I don’t even know you. This proves they were worshiping a false god, a god they created out of their own imagination, created out of the lies, the deceptions and the false angels of a false light.  God will give those who are reprobate strong delusion so that they will believe the lies before them.

They are on TV preaching prosperity and other teachings from Hell, they are on the radio and on video spreading misconceptions by not rightfully dividing the word and not being dispensationalists, they are Preaching in the Church telling you it’s okay to come to a church where you feel accepted and comfortable in your sin because the Church won’t preach about sin, they are everywhere. Compromise of the Word of God is everywhere, doctrines of demons are everywhere.

Image result for doctrines of demons

Image result for doctrines of demons

Return to your first love beloved as in the days of your youth, return prodigal one, to the Good Shepherd of the Flock. Remember the ones that the Father gave him, none of them shall be plucked from his hand.

Image result for none shall be plucked from my hand

Under the Shadow of God’s Wing, you are safe even from the Angels of False Light. Worship Yahweh in Spirit and in Truth.


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Bible Secrets #17: Third Heaven & Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

A very interesting passage of scripture can be found in 2 Corinthians 12: 2 -7.

Paul begins to tell a story that took place 14 years ago from the time of his writing to the Church in Corinth. The story is about a man who was caught up to the Third Heaven. Image result for a man caught up into paradise in the bible

Paul says in both V.3 and V.4 that he knows this man. This man was in a place called Paradise seeing things and hearing things that he could never share with anyone else on the Earth for they were too wonderful.

Image result for a man caught up into paradise in the bible

We find out in V.7 that Paul not only knows this man, but he reveals that he is that man. He reveals that God has granted him visions of the Heavenlies through a series of revelations (he calls them the abundance of revelations). So once again we have another instance where we are dealing with the Third Heaven being referred to as the Heavenly realm where resides God Almighty sitting on his Throne.

Paul didn’t even know if it was an actual vision at the time or if he was transported to the Third Heaven in his body. We do know with certainty that no flesh can dwell in the presence of God so most likely it was a vision since Paul’s body was not translated in anyway. This would be in line with John the Revelator’s visions in the Book of Revelation where he too was caught up into the Heavenlies.

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What makes this scriptural text even more interesting is the speculation of what the thorn in the flesh is that Paul says he has, that keeps him humble and level headed (that he doesn’t start getting overly puffed up with pride) from all these visions he has and in thinking he is more special than he should esteem himself to be.

Paul states that the thorn in the flesh has been given him by a messenger of Satan, not unlike what Job had to encounter when Satan made special request before God to torment Job. Scripture never makes it clear what the thorn in the flesh is that Paul has to endure. Perhaps that is a good thing for the rest of us.

Image result for paul's thorn in the flesh given to him by a messenger of satan

What does a thorn in the flesh remind you of ? Well for one thing it hurts, when you brush up against a thorn of a rose bush for example, it reminds us that we are human and we are vulnerable. it also reminds us of the crown of thorns that Yeshua had to painfully wear as he was experiencing excruciating pain in being crucified.

Image result for paul's thorn in the flesh given to him by a messenger of satan

Maybe we to, have a thorn in the flesh or will have one someday that God makes sure we are reminded about to keep us level headed and not too prideful as well, just like Paul. Many to this day claim to have visions from God, dreams from God and even some say they are seeing God face to face. In fact there are amazing stories of Muslims in Muslim countries having dreams of Jesus in these Last Days!  They are even coming to the Lord from these dreams. That is no doubt most likely an act of supernatural grace on God’s Part and yet If we stray from scripture we can be deceived in believing anything.

We need to use scripture as our guidelines, so that we are not deceived. If God does indeed bless you with a gift or some type of revelation make sure beloved that it always lines up with the Word of God, if it is extra revelation chances are it is not from God at all but the enemy. Why? God has already revealed everything we need to know in this lifetime through his Word and the Living Word Yeshua. Heed God’s Words about adding or subtracting to the Revelations found in his Holy Word. Obedience is always better than sacrifice and it is certainly better then experience.


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Bible Secrets # 18: Signs that we are living in the last times

If you have been in a coma the past 6 months you are excused. Otherwise all that Yeshua told us in Matthew 24:7 when the disciples asked what were the signs of his coming and what would be the signs of the end of the World, is coming true before our very eyes. In fact one can easily argue the beginnings of sorrows happened decades ago, this is just more of the same only intensified almost like a mother has contractions before birth. As those contractions get increasingly faster and increase in intensity and as the Mother gets closer to the actual birthing process, so too are we seeing a frequency in such things as Earthquakes, Hurricanes, famines and pestilences and the threat of World War 3 looming in what seems every week with Countries vowing to send nuclear warheads at each other.

Image result for THE END IS NEAR
Image result for THE END IS NEAR

In Luke 21: 11, we have fearful sights and great signs shall be seen coming from the Heavenlies. Even here we have seen strange things happening more recently with the Sun and significant solar flares for sometime as well. People are looking to the skies more and more as some are watching for Messiah Yeshua to appear and others for something much more ominous.

Image result for THE END IS NEAR

Despite all this doom and gloom that the end is indeed near it is the Lord who has promised us that this was not to be the End and that all these things must come to pass as tragic as famine and pestilence, war and natural disasters (and it’s debatable if in fact that they are in fact really natural as far as what created them -HARP/DARPA?) are and yet they are all part of this.

Image result for harp new world order CLEVER PLAN TO DESTROY THE EARTH

Image result for harp darpa part of the end times scenario

Man has sinned and we live in a fallen state of decline as does the natural surroundings around us. Many want to blame God for all of this when in reality even though God could decide to control everything and keep us all from harm, God is letting everything play itself out, just like evil in the World. Even Satan has a leash on his neck and can only have so much power (it certainly is limited).

Image result for jesus is coming soon

So take heed Beloved, that these are indeed signs that we are living in the very last of the last days before Yeshua finally comes to take his bride home with him and then after the Time of Jacob’s Trouble and the Day of the Lord is completed, Yeshua will right the wrongs on this planet once and for all as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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That’s it for us, thank you for joining us on this extended edition of Mysteries of the Bible, called Bible Secrets Revealed.
May God’s Shalom become your Shalom for all of eternity. May God’s Glorious Countenance shine upon you and give you grace.


He is Coming …sooner then you think. Be watching and waiting. Be ready for the Son of Man will appear soon.

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Are you Ready beloved? He’s Coming…at a time you think not. The Rapture can happen at anytime!


time is running out

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