Mystery # 1: Like a Thief in the Night : The Great Falling Away

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Today’s MOB is quite sobering indeed. We state that from the start because today we deal with something that even if we sound the alarm, few will “wake up” and realize they are part of a much larger group of Apostates. No one is judging here, nor should anyone judge except the Lord himself. So it is, the Lord will judge our hearts, our motives and no matter how many are told ahead of time that the Lord is going to return soon and they need to get their house in order, they will refuse to heed the warning for an assortment of reasons or let’s call them what they are, excuses. Many will be indifferent to this and will shake their shoulders and say “so what” as if God is irrelevant to their very life’s. Nothing absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. God is life, life is God. To know God is to have life for Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly. We are all created by God, in his image in fact and God takes an active interest in all of his creation, never mind each and every one of us on this Earth no matter what anyone says!

So we read today from 1 Thessalonians 5:2 For yourselves know perfectly that the Day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. This passage was also popularized by the plethora of Pre-Trib Rapture 70’s & 80’s Christian movies especially the film entitled ‘Thief in the Night’.

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This film as well as the popularity of Hal Lindsay’s writings

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(at a time when there were not very many prophecy books out there as Prophecy writers were not writing at the prolific pace of today and what seems to be close to a book a month these days.) So the idea of a Pre –Tribulation Rapture became popular and no wonder, how attractive is it to the believer  because of the idea of escape (that despite what Jesus said that all who live holy in Christ) would face persecution and tribulation but not the evil doings of the Antichrist during the Great Tribulation.  It is God’s Wrath that should be everyone’s concern however not the Antichrist, for God pours his wrath out during The Great Tribulation as we will see when we cover The Book of Revelation next. You certainly can’t blame anyone for wanting the assurance that they can fully escape the horrifying things soon to take place on this planet. The only problem is that the concept of the “Secret Rapture” simply is not Biblical.

The Secret Rapture doctrine was introduced to the Church by John Darby who “invented” it in 1830 AD. Before this false doctrine ” literally entered into John Darby’s head” no one had ever heard of a secret rapture doctrine and that is because it is not in the Bible and was not taught by any of the great Bible Teachers prior to John Darby’s addition.

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How clever would Satan be if he helped John Darby come up with an idea that made Christians have a false sense of security and take the “pedal off the gas” in their sense of urgency if they knew they were not even going to be present during the time of Jacob’s trouble? One would have to agree it would have a major impact. What would happen though if Christians are not raptured, what then? Think how despondent Christians who are not spirit filled or walking in victory might react if they are not raptured at least when they want to be. The most likely time most of the Church would want to be raptured would probably before the Antichrist arrives on the scene in order to wage war on the Saints of God as well as lure Israel into a fake peace treaty as well as other nations.

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Now we are not saying here that Satan helped create the Theory of the Secret Rapture but the results are the same, many have been led astray just the same.  Many apostate and backslidden Christians think they will have a second chance, come the Great Tribulation and that means they can live it up right now and repent later. Does the Bible preach this? Of course not!  It will be far too late by that time, far too late. This is another ploy of Satan’s to get luke warm Christians to condemn themselves to their own fate of damnation.

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A good number of these form the apostate church because they are feeling way too relaxed and indifferent to the concerns of a lost World in times of great strife and suffering in the World. Never mind the fact some of these apostate churches have given into the devil’s agenda. Some apostate and backslidden people congregate to these churches where they feel welcome as they are never confronted to repent and sin is never preached. This is the slippery slope or slippery steps if you will, when we look at the next illustration to paving the way for first Apostacy and then none other then the Antichrist.

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If one were to indeed take off the “pre-trib secret rapture glasses” and see the World for what it is, they would see a World of hurt and suffering and pain all around them.

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The fields are white with harvest but the laborers are few. The World is sick and Yeshua is the only cure for a sick, depraved World. So let’s make it clear we are not taking a stand on whether the Bible states the Church will go through the Time of Jacob’s Trouble or not. We do declare that this 7 year period is reserved for God’s Dealing with Israel and the unbelievers of this World (and this has more to do with the Tribulation Saints) and not the true Church, the Bride of Christ. If the Lord raptures the Church before the Tribulation, so be it. We are saying there is no such thing as a Secret Rapture, as God has made his intentions known through his Word and through Prophecy. We are saying no believer should take their foot off the gas regardless whether the rapture happens on one of the Feast of Trumpet days that so many believe will happen, one of these coming years or if it’s at a later time or any given day, hour or minute. We need to be spiritually prepared for anything and everything even martyrdom if it is God’s Will. Do not forget beloved GOD IS IN CONTROL

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In this passage we are looking at in this MOB we are not really dealing with the rapture or even the Secret Rapture of the Church, we are dealing with the 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. The key to this passage is not the phrase the thief in the night, it’s the phrase the Day of the Lord. God makes it clear that this event, will happen when Christ finally returns (not in the clouds and air but on the ground) on the Day of the Lord which has been covered many times in the Book of Amos as well as Joel, Ezekiel, Zephaniah and ever Zechariah (most of the Prophets of the Old Testament).

Image result for the return of christ to earthGod makes it clear as to when this event should be positioned as V.3 indicates, it will be when they shall say, Peace and safety then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child and they shall not escape. So from what we can understand, the Great Tribulation comes at a time when there is a signed 7 year peace treaty, which is false peace since it is a false peace treaty the Antichrist makes with Israel.

The Antichrist then proceeds to break the peace treaty 3 ½ years into it and then turns on Israel and declares war on Israel. This is of course ties in with the woman and child analogy found in the Book of Revelation when we get a description of the woman fleeing the dragon (the Antichrist Beast System). The thief in the night part is not a message to believers so much as some have mistaken, it’s more for those who are unbelievers, for once the Lord comes back, there will be no more 2nd choices if one has rejected the Lord‘s Grace and has not repented prior to this occasion they will not have any more opportunities for redemption.

Hebrews 6: 4-6 says it like this, For it is impossible for those who have been once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and have been made partakers of the Holy Ghost, and have tasted the good Word of God, and the powers of the world to come, and have fallen away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame. Now we want it made clear we are not preaching easy believism nor are we preaching a works based believism, it all has to do with Christ and what God did for us. Our part is submission and repentance unto the Lord of Hosts and having a broken contrite heart that God promises he will no wise cast out because he can be glorified when we are weak, then he is strong. Further, God’s People are looking to Christ’s 2nd coming for their redemption draws nigh and they will be ready when Christ returns so they will not be the ones who Christ will come upon as a thief in the night.

It’s the ones who were unprepared as we see with parables over and over again about getting ready for the wedding banquet and the 10 virgins who were to ready themselves for the bridegroom with their oil lamps. Those that believe in a mid or Post Tribulation believe that the Church will go through the Tribulation as a type of refiner’s fire and not because they will experience God’s Wrath, for that has already been taken place upon the Cross of Calvary and the remissions of sins forgiven by God in the acceptance of Christ’s finished work. The Church has always been in the furnace but just like Daniel’s friends in the fiery furnace, they were unscathed and God protected them. God will do the same as he always has done, since there is no shadow of turning with God and he is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. However do not forget that all of Yeshua’s disciples were martyred and Yeshua himself said all those that lose their life’s will find them. Was he talking only in spiritual terms or was he talking about physically being prepared to give up your life for Christ?  Is there a greater way to prove the Lordship of God in your life then complete submission and surrender to the point of death? We are not advocating martyrdom here as let’s face it none of us would choose that if we had a choice. WILL WE HAVE THAT CHOICE IS THE REAL QUESTION. Jesus said all who endure until the end will be saved. The end is not the rapture by the way, it is when Jesus comes for us.

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Should it turn out that we do go through the Tribulation, God will protect his children even in the midst of Great Tribulation the likes the Earth has never seen or will see ever again.

While the Pre-Trib Rapture is at most a secondary doctrine and not a foundational doctrine of the Bible and should in no wise cast dispersions in the Body of Christ for those to agree to disagree, the reality is The Pre-Trib Rapture viewpoint, still has some dangerous overtones to it in the sense that it gives the illusions that there are second chances at redemption and plenty of time to do so. The reality is when one has used up the appointed time on God’s Schedule, when God’s Time is up, it’s up. God has made it clear in scripture that those who continue in sin, that death awaits them.

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For there is a way that seems right unto man that leads ultimately to death and in this case it is the 2nd death which is complete eternal absence from God. The dangers of the Post -Trib viewpoint however can equally be as dangerous in that, one begins to sound like they are thinking we need to do works (go through the Great Tribulation and not just tribulation-which the Lord promised all believers would have in this life). In other words it takes away from the finished work of the Lord and dilutes the salvation message.

So if the Pre -Trib Rapture has some potential dangers and the Post -Trib viewpoint has it’s challenges as well, what are we to do? The Lord said it best, we are to watch. He said for us to be watching for his return for we know not when he comes for he comes as a thief in the night. He will catch all those in a spiritual slumber and not watching for his coming. It can be anytime and not just on the Feast of Trumpets or when the stars are all lined up right (the much discussed Revelation 12 sign). The Lord can come at anytime, the Rapture can happen at anytime, after all he is God. However he has given us signs and has told us what to watch for. When God finally comes for us it won’t be a secret. If it was, how could you then watch and be ready?

So back again to the context of 1 Thessalonians 5: 2, in V.4 , we are reminded that we are not in darkness, we are not asleep either, because we are children of the light. Those children of darkness are the lost ones who are in fact asleep spiritually. They are going through the motions and literally sleeping away their life. The follower of Christ is to be sober and not drunk with the ways of this World. We are to be sober and vigilant and we are to wear the full amour of God to protect us against any demonic attack.

Image result for the full armor of God2 Thessalonians 2:3, We see in the second epistle that Paul wrote to the congregation in Thessalonians concerning the Day of the Lord and specifically the 2nd coming of Yeshua. V.1 mentions that during the coming of Yeshua Ha Mashiach, we will be gathered unto him. This indeed is the true Rapture of the Church beloved in it’s proper context and time.

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What Paul cannot stress enough is the following in V.3, that no man should deceive any of us for that day (the Day of the Lord & the true rapture of the church will not happen until the Son of Perdition (the Antichrist) is revealed and along with that comes a falling way. This is not just an insignificant falling away either, this is a large part of the population of the church that currently consider and identify themselves as Christians (a name that means less nowadays than perhaps any other time in the history of mankind).

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These same people will also form a larger group or reveal their true identity as the apostate church. Most of these apostates will ultimately join the New World Order Church (Mystery Babylon) of the Beast and will succumb to the death threats placed on them to renounce their faith in order to spare their life and not face extermination by a blood thirsty demonically inspired Antichrist. They will now take the Mark of the Beast and worship Satan. This is the fall of Christianity which is the Worldly or religious side of the visible “Church”, not the true Body of Christ which is faith based and relationship based as Children of God adopted into the Kingdom and ingrafted into the Tree of Life.

Some will even turn to the Devil and be filled with his evil while others will fool themselves (like the frog in the pot bathing in nice warm comfortable water, along not realizing the temperature is being turned higher and higher so it stays in the pot until too late, it’s been boiled to death). Before they get to that place these apostates will have either become lukewarm or completely cold towards being obedient to the Lord and they will ultimately be spewed out of the Lord’s Mouth because they bore no spiritual fruit for the Glory of the Kingdom of God. Now when this Son of Perdition is revealed to the World, he will call himself God, demand to be worshiped as God and he will sit in the Temple of God. When God raptures his Church he also at the same time pulls the Holy Spirit’s restraining power away, Satan and the Antichrist will finally have, for a limited time free reign on the Earth to wage war against the Tribulation Saints and prevail against them, wearing them out in the process.

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Of course the time that the Antichrist wars against the saints is cut short, or else no flesh would be spared from his tyranny. If God in his mercy did not for the elect’s sake cut the time short, who would possibly survive? Probably no one would survive.

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We see in 2 Peter 3:10, the idea once again that the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night and once again the event is centered around a time when the Heavens shall pass away, the elements will melt and the Earth will burn up as well. All this of course parallels other descriptions of the Day of the Lord that some of the Prophets had mentioned in some of the MOB’s that we have covered on the subject of the Day of the Lord in the past. The most important and again most sobering thought is that someone right now may be reading this MOB saying to themselves, how ridiculous all this sounds, making light of this and not letting the seriousness of this soak into their conscience. It’s well known that Bible believing followers of Christ have been “demonized and radicalized fanatics” and painted with a wide brush stroke that some wish to perpetrate unto Bible believing people the image that they are dangerous to the rest of society. The Lord told us all that the day would come in these last days, when people thought they were doing good by killing Christians and the Bible says woe to those who call evil good and good evil. We have reached that time already.

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There is some truth to having a fear, not of man but of God, after all it’s the beginning of wisdom isn’t it? The Gospel is dangerous and evil people hate hearing from it, just as the demons cringe from hearing it when it is preached with the authority given by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God is a two edged sword and Christ will use it as a tool of war against all manner of evil when he returns triumphantly as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Lord God will proclaim the Gospel and will use the power of the Word of God to sentence the unjust and those who had refused to repent when there was time to do so. The Lord will come after all those that forsook the Gospel saying it was nonsense and it is only for those that need it or the mentally ill as some of us have heard some secularists declare. 

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People need to know they don’t have forever as time will run out on them, and so it will be then that the Lord will come at the appointed time that only the Father knows and that’s when the Lord will come as a thief in the night. For many will have fallen away from the faith by that time. Churches have been teaching doctrines of demons for a long time now and many mega churches which have thousands and thousands of people crowded into the arena like a rock concert and get what their itching ears came to hear, gospel light, that is a gospel that doesn’t address the Holiness of God and the need for true repentance of sin.

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These are the soon to be Churches of the Antichrist; the people attending just haven’t realized it yet. They soon will but it will be too late.

The gospel has been compromised, lies spoken and the scripture has been taken out of context and poorly interpreted by some unqualified to even be preaching the Word of God.

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Image result for poor false teachings in the church

Some have used scripture for selfish gain in preaching such as the twisted prosperity movement or even worse perhaps, cults that use the words of God for perverse and sick reasons to psychologically manipulate those that are vulnerable as part of a brainwashing practice.

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Repentance has become a forbidden word in some churches that have become apostate and they never teach about the consequences of sin and the devil is having a heyday in those churches sifting everyone and anyone he can because of it. While Fire and Brimstone may not be the most appropriate approach nowadays to reach out to one’s congregation, perhaps the occasional fire and brimstone sermon might be a good wake up call for these churches who are “fast asleep at the wheel”, but who is going to deliver the message and who is going to receive it? The answer of course painfully is no one. Repentance is an absolutely essential part of God’s Plan of redemption. Without repentance, man has no hope of being redeemed and Christ’s Death on the Cross was meaningless and all is of no consequence.

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Think back to John the Baptists preaching, it too would be of no consequence as well since he spoke of the need for repentance often and so did the apostles and on and on it goes.  The Gospel in a nutshell is God’s provision of redemption of man’s sinful condition through the remissions of sins, an unwarranted and unmerited Gift of God through repentance of sin.

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So it will be when Christ returns, will he indeed find believers on the Planet? Of course the Lord will find some.Image result for the return of christ to earth

Luke 18:8 reads, I tell you that he will avenge them speedily Nevertheless when the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the Earth? Let’s make that more personal shall we, in saying it like this. When the Son of Man, Yeshua Ha Mashiach comes back, will he find you with faith?
No one can answer that but you.


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Mystery # 2: The Coming Strong Delusion-Are You Awake?

Let’s begin with our scriptural passage for this edition’s MOB. 2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12, And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. In the last MOB we covered, how before the Lord comes again, there will be a great falling away. We also have looked at spiritual blindness in the past as well. Today we look at the cause for the falling away and the spiritual blindness which are the results of loving unrighteousness and seeking darkness over the light of God’s Truth.

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The apostle Paul in his second epistle (or letter) to the Church in Thessalonica addresses the seriousness of the Day of the Lord. One of the things Paul emphasizes is that we should let no man deceive us because the Antichrist must be revealed before the falling away. Again this was all covered in our last MOB. This is all part of the Mystery of Iniquity and God has a timetable set for everything to take place in its proper linear framework, nothing happens by chance or at random. Chaos comes from the enemy and in fact, the whole New World Order agenda is to create order from chaos.

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Ironically God uses chaos to cancel itself out to restore true peace from the Prince of Peace, Yeshua, whereas the new World Order regime is to control the chaos by allowing evil to reign supreme. They think evil is good and they worship Lucifer (Satan) who the Masonic followers think is the light bearer when he is nothing but the Father of Lies.

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In V.7 the one who will be taken away is the Holy Spirit who has brought restraint to the World, but once that restraint has been lifted as we have discussed, the Antichrist will have a short lease, but will be able to cause some havoc on the Earth. He is described in V.8 as that wicked one that shall be revealed. His coming is after the working of Satan himself with all powers and signs and lying wonders. His purpose is to deceive and he shall fool all those who are either weak in their faith, or have little to no faith or lack total discernment, because they refused to try the spirits to see if they were of God or not.

In V.10 we find out that those who are deceived into unrighteousness, will perish because they have not received a love for the truth of the Gospel, which would have redeemed them, never mind saved them had they succumbed to the lies of the devil and for this reason as we read in V.11, God has given them over to their lies and has given them a strong delusion that they would believe the lies they are told. The results are damnation because they took pleasure in unrighteousness and sin and refused to believe the truth of God.

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So what are some of these lies that people have been accepting for some time? Some of them you still hear today in fact! Starting with the essential question – the Darwinian Theories of Evolution that God doesn’t exist

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or that Aliens are our true Creators

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(and not what they really are….Demonic Fallen Angels)

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or God does exist but he really didn’t create the Earth, he needed evolution to help him (that was what the Pope said).

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Some believe the lie that Jesus wasn’t really the Son of God, he was an ascended master and nothing more (New Age Garbage).

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Or that there are many Gods not just one

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Another lie is that he didn’t rise from the dead or that God is dead.


Image result for jESUS DIDN'T RISE FROM THE DEADImage result for God is dead

and some blasphemous lies that we cannot even mention in passing here. So by no means are these lies the only ones. How about one great lie that the devil loves especially, and that is that he doesn’t exist, or he’s a cartoon character that comes complete with a pitchfork and a tail and horns and is bright red.


How about angels and cherubim’s as being chubby little babies with wings (like what you see at Valentine’s Day with Cupid)


.How about Heaven being some place where you sit on a cloud all day playing a harp?

Where did this lie come from or any for that matter any of these lies?  How about Transhumanism, that we can be Gods ourselves? now  this is a lie straight from the pit of Hell!

Image result for satan chips away at you little by little
Image result for transhumanism is satanic gif

Now these lies may appear to be harmless, but in a way they really are not so harmless for they take away from God’s Holiness and God’s Reverence. The devil loves to chip away at the reverence of God little by little, knowing fully well that he can’t get the results he’s looking for in one fell swoop. So it begins with not praying much too not praying at all, from attending church less and less to not attending church at all from reading the Bible just here and there and not consistently, to less and less to not at all. All of these things in of themselves may not weaken the walk of a Christian to the point that they will be given over to the deception of the enemy, but when compiled together, now you have a potent formula for spiritual devastation. The Devil don’t forget has a legion of helpers so it really is not one by one he is taking down to hell with him, it’s massive amounts of souls that should have been won for the Kingdom of God.

Related image

So why does God give those who he loves and cares about over to their deception? It’s because they are reprobate and God knows they will never truly repent and follow him, for they are lovers of sin and lovers of themselves and children of darkness. God sends a strong delusion because they have all but have 100% embraced the lives they live, now this seals the deal and as well seals their fate, once and for all. These were all called at one time by God, but they all ignored the calling. These were the ones who were invited through the gate but on the way to the gate they strayed away and unlike the prodigal child they never found their way back to the flock and the Good Shepherd of the flock, Yeshua. They ventured down a path of darkness or a rabbit hole that they can’t seem to find the exit out of and most have given up looking for the exit. The lines have blurred between the demonically possessed hosts and those that possess them, their demons. Look at what years of demon possession have done to Pop Star Beyoncé. She looks like the very demons that plague her, does she not?

Image result for satan's demons seducing people with sin

How sad and how unfortunate for the Kingdom of God being at hand and yet there are those who have turned away from it and God had no choice but to turn them over to their own lies and sins and ultimately the Great Delusion. Pray for God’s Help and God’s Discernment to help you know what is of God and what is of the enemy and to put you and keep you on the path of righteousness. You need to be awake to sense the delusion, so out of love, we ask.. are you awake?


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Mystery # 3: Seducing Spirits & Doctrines of Demons

1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils;

Image result for paul's letter to the ephesians

Paul the Apostle wrote 2 epistles (or letters) to Timothy of particular concern to Paul at the time, was the growing problem of false teachers and in particular those in the Church of Ephesus. It seems many a false teacher had infiltrated the church, and Paul wrote the words we read above as both prophetic eschatology and as an admonishment to those who had to struggle against these false teachers.

Image result for the apostle paul's concerns about false teachers

We have already discussed the departure of the faith with the great falling away, the apostasy of the church in the End times, the spiritual blindness and the Great Delusion that God would give all lovers of unrighteousness. Now we find out that not only are there many departing from the faith, they are in fact letting seducing spirits influence them as well as doctrines of devils. Today we will look at both of these, seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

We read in V.2 what the results are, we speak lies as complete hypocrites and our very conscience is likened to being seared with a hot iron. These are those who are making up their own rules, living how they want to live and believing in what they want to believe and doing it under the impression that there are no consequences for as Frank Sinatra used to sing “ I did it my way.”

Or are there in fact, consequences for doing things your own way? In V.3 we see a couple of examples of laws that forbid one to marry, or one to eat certain meats. Nowadays, seducing spirits do a great deal of more damage than that. Seducing spirits lure individuals into the world of drugs, into Illicit sexual encounters of all types of perversity,


Image result for DRAG QUEENSinto destroying traditional values of the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman 

Image result for sexual abominations

into Satanism & the occult and even can lure individuals into committing murder if the right buttons are pressed. It seems more and more people are going crazy these days.

Image result for person going crazy gif

It seems that more and more parents are killing their children for inexplicable reasons

Image result for parents who have killed their children

and often involving sadistic torture along with murder.

Image result for parentsguilty of sadistic torture of their children

What about the insane growth of child pornography and child sexual abuse and child trafficking?

Image result for stop child traffickingImage result for stop child traffickingImage result for stop child traffickingImage result for stop child traffickingImage result for Stop ExploitationImage result for child abuse gif

What about the almost weekly school shootings and the killings of young people,

which sometime ago would have been unthinkable and now is becoming so very common in it’s reoccurrence? While these are examples taken to the absolute extreme and demonstrates pure evil at work, there is no doubt of it’s true origin. It’s obvious Satan is behind all of this for this is evil in its purest sense being revealed. Those living life through fleshly desires and carnality are subject to the whims of the flesh and it’s in the soul, where sin is most manifest. This is where sin dwells, in your mind, your will, your emotions which include your intellect. We are dealing with not only demonic manifestations on display here, but full blown demonic infestations in these very last of days.

Image result for demon possessed peopleDemons love to enter into these areas and make you commit sins that they want you to take full blame for. Of course accountability is good and sin must be named, confessed and repented of, but Satan loves to take it one step further. He wants to convince you that while you were born a sinner, you will die the same wretched sinner and he will include a huge helping of guilt and regret along the way to make you suffer and struggle with your Christian walk.

Image result for How Christians Satan Tricks

That in part is true to a degree, we will die a sinner, however wretched? Hardly, as we have hope that is the blessed hope. Yes we will remain sinners until the day of redemption, but the part Satan does not like to deal with is, the fact that our sins are washed away and our sins are forgiven and remembered no more as far as the East is from the West; those sins will not be counted against us. This is indeed God’s Mercy and Grace we are dealing with here, again two characteristics of God that Satan detests. Come to know the devil’s antics and tricks and pray for God to protect you from them.

Here is an interesting thought. Since God knows all, do you not think it possible that if God knows that Satan was capable of repenting of his evil rebellion he would give him that opportunity to do so? It turns out Satan’s act of rebellion against God is so insidious and so full of malice it is an unforgivable sin only in the sense that Satan refuses to repent and would never have done so. Just like any sin that is not repented of, they all become a source of damnation ultimately. So we have covered a bit of the seducing spirits, the demons that will taunt and tempt an individual into acts of sin and rebellion against God but what of the doctrines of devils and how do they fit into the big picture of all those departing from the faith?

Image result for How Christians Satan TricksWell we know that the gospel stands for God and his Goodness, Righteousness, Holiness, Purity and Light. The doctrines of demons are the opposite and reverse of this, as they stand for evil and darkness. However the devil is no fool, he knows he cannot use his doctrines of evil if they are so obvious and explicit in their evil intentions. So to counter this, Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and puts little white lies wrapped around his dark doctrines. We know he knows the Bible inside and out for he quoted scripture to Jesus during his hour of Temptation. Satan purposely twisted scripture to meet his own needs and this is reflected as well by all the false teachers nowadays, who teach these doctrines of demons, such as the “name it and claim it prosperity movement”

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as well as the “easy believism movement” which minimize any true discernment in being like a Berean and rightfully dividing the Word of God. Today there truly are more teachings of doctrines of demons then those actually teaching biblically sound doctrine. This is a true indication of the lateness of the “hour” we find ourselves in.

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For 1 Timothy 4:1 states that in these last days, some will fall from the faith. So they were in the faith at one time, they were going to church, they were praying to God at one time, but now they spend their time paying attention to spirits of seduction and lies that emanate from hell (doctrines of demons).

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For their very conscience has now been seared like a branding iron would sear flesh. For to some the comfort of their own sin in the here and now and that is more important to them than the security of eternity, and for some they rather maintain their lusts and keep listening to the lies of the false teachers who love to be heard by those with itching ears.

Remember Paul’s admonition to Timothy in 1 Timothy 6:3, Paul tells us to reject and avoid false doctrines (doctrines of demons) that do not line up or agree with the words spoken of in scripture and by Yeshua himself. We are to have nothing to with these false and demonic doctrines. Beloved, stay clear of them and pursue the Light of the Lord and the purity of his Living Word. You will fare far better by doing so and be far less likely to fall for the deceptions of the false teachers and the doctrines of demons that they teach.

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Mystery # 4 : Perilous Times Shall Come: The Last Days Lament

2 Timothy 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
Paul in his second letter to Timothy has just been warning fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord and especially Timothy, that it is essential that they restore their broken relationships with the Lord. By that Paul means avoiding the pratfalls of becoming a snare of the devil. He reminds all that will listen how easy it is to be sifted by the devil (at will he states) and how the devil can ensnare someone who is in a vulnerable spot (someone who is not right with God) into sin and bondage putting them on to the pathway of destruction. For we know Satan has plans of destruction in store for all God’s Children. Just as God has plans of redemption in store for anyone who will hearken to his Spirit he will in no wise cast out. Satan always has been God’s Counterfeit and really his polar opposite and indeed has plans of destruction waiting for all believers whether we choose to believe it or not.

So in this MOB we get more of a description of these last days (which of course is nowadays and is evident of biblical prophecy and eschatology coming true and being fulfilled right before our eyes) and the types of people living in these last days. So what is the mindset of one heading down the road of destruction with seemingly no brakes (as in reservations) to stop sinning? Remember from our most previous MOB, their conscience (that of the reprobate) has been seared like a hot iron. They have given into the delusion and have accepted the lie and now they are so deluded they are now too far gone.

This is not a limitation on God’s Grace as this is a point and a place where some have chosen of their own free will to abandon God and live in the darkness of rebellion instead of God’s Magnificent Light. What they fail to realize is their decision is eternal and forever and cannot be reversed.
In V.2 and in the next 5 verses, we get a detailed description of just who are these last day types who have indeed become ensnared by Satan. In V.2 we find, they are people who love themselves more than they love God and certainly more than their neighbor. Call this the selfie generation as in selfish generation or vain generation. People can’t get enough of themselves. Think of previous generations, even if the technology was available then, selfies would never have been so popular. Now we are not saying everyone who takes a selfie is deluded or reprobate that would be ridiculous but the fact it is so popular that some people have become so obsessed with taking a selfie they have died in the process is no doubt a symptom of the World we live in, the World of the End of Times.

They are covetous with a zeal.

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They brag about their achievements to anyone they think will listen to them.

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They also will go out of their way to curse God.

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They also have no respect for God,

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nor respect any parental authorities. They are lacking any gratitude and do not appreciate what God has blessed them with in their life’s.

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They prefer the profane over the holy, the darkness over the light. They lack love, in showing love, in showing compassion to others in need.

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They lie and never keep their word about anything at anytime.

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They have a “me first” mentality and feel entitled to be # 1 and at the front of the line, every time. They bare false witness and accuse others falsely (just like what Satan the accuser does). They are not just wicked, they have a zeal for destruction and a sadistic outlook in life.

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They detest all those that wish to do good and have their own form of justice and vindication apart from God’s.

They are prideful and full of contempt for others, believing they are better then everyone else.

Now no one is saying that all these traits must be present for one to be truly ensnared by the devil when in truth any of these traits or even one of these traits taken to the extreme and unrepented of, can lead one down the path of destruction. At one time or another we all have displayed some of these characteristics to a degree, but it is hoped that we all have since repented of these sins before the Lord and the Lord has since forgiven us and cleansed us of our iniquity and guilt and restored us unto him, new and redeemed by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Perfect Sacrifice.
V.4 continues the description of the types of people who cannot be trusted as they will literally stab you in the back when you are least expecting it. Image result for people who will stab you in the back

They go to the extreme in their thoughts especially when it comes to their hedonistic ways. They love to seek out pleasure (the pleasure principle as it is sometimes referred to) which is nothing more than Satanism (do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law) which means taking care of #1 again instead of looking to please God. One of the most selfish monstrous individuals who coined that phrase was one Aleister Crowley who was called “The Beast” and it was rumored that many a child he had slaughtered. He did exactly what he wanted in life no matter how depraved and sickening and evil it was and it doesn’t take much imagination that he has taken his rightful place in Hell in pretty close proximity to other monsters like Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson.

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Despite the fact that many of these ensnared individuals know of God and some may even attempt to profess that they know the Lord or the pro athlete who thanks God for helping them win the big game or the movie star who wins an academy award and wants to thank their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the true reality check can be found in the scriptures.

The Lord tells them that they are workers of iniquity and tells them that he doesn’t know them and will sentence them to the Lake of Fire despite their crying out to him, “Lord, Lord didn’t I cast out demons, in your name and didn’t I do this and that for you?” For they have refused to acknowledge who God truly is and what he truly means to them as God, the Father of all creation and they have turned away from letting him into their lives. They lived for their own glory and not God’s Glory.

V.6 Describes some of these types as people who are thieves, rapists, murderers who break into people’s houses and are very bad role models,

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seducing women into sin and making them become lustful and degrading them into a role of perversity.

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The knowledge they have gained is all worldly knowledge is of no use to the Kingdom of God, for they never obtain nor walk in the truth, that is Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (the way, the truth and the life). In V.8 we find that these “deluded types” are compared to James and Jambres who resisted against Moses and rebelled against him.

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Those two resisted the truth and Paul calls them men of corrupt minds and reprobates. All that awaits for those who have been described in the past 7 verses, is for them to meet their folly, their path of destruction leads to a forgone conclusion, destruction. So Paul wishes to admonish all who will hear him; for all to live a Godly life and to exhibit all the good that comes from God.

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It is believed that Jannes and Jambres were 2 chief magicians of Pharaoh’s that attempted to “copy” God’s Miracles with the staff becoming a snake.

This was covered in a MOB a ways back in the Book of Exodus Ch.7. The magicians could copy the staffs turning into snakes, until Aaron’s staff swallowed up their staffs. These 2 sorcerers also were able to change water into blood in Exodus 7:22 and also the plague of the frogs in Exodus 8:7. This is however where the copying and counterfeit acts of the devil came to an end for Pharaoh’s magicians. They were not able to copy anymore of the plagues. God never allows the devil to show him up.

Case in point, just look at the event in 1Kings we read about “the contest” between Elijah and the Baal prophets, it was God and only God that brought fire from Heaven. The prophets of Baal did everything they could and even cut themselves viciously in hopes of evoking their so called “god”. Nothing came of it of course. You can read about that in an earlier MOB that we did back in the Book of Kings. A day will come when people will be fooled that fire will come from Heaven when the false prophet and Antichrist try to fool the ignorant masses that the true Messiah has come when it is nothing but the Antichrist, Satan’s charlatan, (with the help of the False Prophet ) performing lying signs and wonders.

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It is interesting to note that in the Talmud, which is a book of commentaries and discussions on Jewish history, law, customs and culture consisting of the Gemara and Mishnah, the 2 magicians , Jennes and Jambres apparently left with the Israelites in their escape from Egypt and later apparently they helped encourage the abomination of the worship of the golden calf that weak-willed Aaron made out of compromise for all the pressure placed upon him at the time by the non-stop complaining of the Israelites.

If this is indeed the case, then the wicked influence of these 2 “magicians” didn’t stop in Egypt, it continued for as scripture says, they were reprobates, their minds were corrupt, they resisted the truth of God in every way imaginable.


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Mystery # 5 : Tickling Ears & the turning away from Sound Doctrine

2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: Paul as he always does in his epistles has been admonishing Timothy on the need to preach the word in season and out of season and to use the Word of God to rebuke, to exhort other brothers and sisters in the Lord, with long suffering (a characteristic of God) through doctrine. What type of doctrine are we referring to here? Sound doctrine of course. We just finished the last MOB speaking of how Paul was warning Timothy that in the last times, the very end of day’s perilous times would come. Now Paul’s message even becomes more urgent in warning the believer to live Godly life’s because one thing that will happen with certainty in the last days is that many will not endure sound doctrine and we have to be grounded in the Lord’s Word, so that we are not swayed by those false teachers around us. Out of the lusts of man will come their desire to teach what they want to teach and believe what they want to believe. Those that are not comfortable hearing about the consequences of sin will leave a church that preaches the Word of God with authority only to find an apostate church that has false preachers and teachers (wolves in sheep’s clothing) who like to preach to backslidden congregations with itching ears.

So what exactly are itching ears? They are ears that have been tickled with the lies of Satan the enemy of God. Their itching ears have turned away from the truth and as such, they now believe in fables and the fabricated lies of compromise when it comes to sin. So it is, we have people believing all kinds of things, doubting certain parts of the Bible, sometimes even the story of Creation found in Genesis & much more. We have covered a lot of this is in previous MOB’s that you can find on this website. At this time the Mysteries of the Bible Team wishes to challenge all our readers to join us on a regular basis to pursue sound doctrine and pray for those that may be in a church that compromises the Word of God. It begins with willful sin that is sin without moral objection and shame and guilt (evidence of the conscience at work). It begins with becoming Worldly to the point that if one looks and acts like the World, chances are it is of the World and not set apart for God’s Holiness.

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So many Churches have become more worldly overtime and consequently they have become attractive for worldly people to attend these types of services, since sin is never preached it is more of a feel good session than anything else. What does it say when a Pastor of a Mega Global Church is so fixated on “his look and style points”? Are there even Style Points in Heaven? There sure are on Earth in the Worldly Church.

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The Lord told his disciples before his crucifixion that many false prophets and teachers would arise and would deceive many. Speaking about the Great Tribulation, Yeshua told the disciples plainly in Matthew 24:24, For there shall arise false Christ’s and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. What part of this nonsense (below) properly portrays Christ’s Bride, the Church?

Image result for worldly people attending hillsong churchThe very elect would be deceived if they could be deceived, but they won’t be because God has granted the elect the gift of discernment through the gifting of the Holy Spirit. We are to conduct a litmus test on everything (including this very website you are reading right now) and make sure all that you take in, that it all lines up with the Word of God. We are sure at some point and time some of you have been offended by something on this website. All we can say is if it is backed up by the Word of God we have done our jobs (we refuse to water down the gospel message) and if it isn’t then we will stand before the Lord and have to be accountable ourselves.

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If you’re not sure pray to the All mighty Lord God and he will show it to you. If the doctrine is not sound or if it strays from the Word of God, then that is your answer to whether it’s there for God’s Glory or to simply please the ears of man.

Image result for sound doctrineThe seduction of one’s senses and in particular the tickling of the ears and the luring of the eyes is everywhere on TV, Film, on radio and even in some popular so called “Christian” music. Let no man lead you astray beloved with words that please your flesh. Ask God for discernment; try the spirits to see if they be of God. We are in the very last days when all of this is happening with great abundance. When God laid his plans for this website to be made manifest, he made it clear through his leading that he didn’t just want another eschatology website for they are abundant and everywhere. No, God wanted a combination of both a prophetic overview of scripture along with a message of urgency / a clarion call (a type of watchman on the wall ministry) that still would reveal eschatological truths in a way to warn and wake up those who need to be woken up from their spiritual slumber in these very last days.

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For in these last days there are many that are spiritually blind and deceived.

Image result for people acting crazy in the church drunk with the spirit charismatic extremes

Image result for people acting crazy in the church drunk with the spirit charismatic extremes

Yeshua is coming back at a time when the World is imploding and coming apart at the seams morally. Evil men are waxing worse and worse and their hearts are growing colder and drawing further away from compassion. The one world Satanic Empire is upon us and the Antichrist and False Prophet will use all those duped by the false teachers and bring them into their one world religion, Mystery Babylon. In the Book of Titus, the Apostle Paul once again is admonishing believers to use sound doctrine. Our speech needs to be sound and we need to be sober minded. Sober is the Greek word sophronizo which means “to voluntarily place limitations on one’s freedom” (in this instance bridling your own tongue).
In Titus 2:7, In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works in doctrine showing incorruptness, gravity, sincerity. Yeshua says to the Church of Pergamos in the Book of Revelation where Greek gods were worshipped including Zeus and where Satan’s Seat was originally established.

The Lord even refers to this place as Satan’s Seat and the Lord says their doctrine, is the doctrine of Balaam (Baal). What does the Lord warn those who have itching ears and have given into blasphemous doctrine? (that promotes false gods or man over God) The Lord tells them to repent or he will come quickly and fight against them with the sword of his mouth (which is the Word of God). Perhaps this is what was meant by the saying all who live by the sword will die by the sword (tampering with the Word of God leads to destruction). We know this for certain beloved because the Lord has mentioned it in the Book of Revelation. It’s no wonder that the Lord warns that if anyone takes away from the prophecies found in the Book of Revelation, God will take away from him (or her) their part out of the Book of life as well as out of the holy city and from the things which are written in this Book of Revelation ch.22 V.7, the Lord has a message for us all, Behold I come quickly; blessed is he that keepeth the saying of the prophecy of this book.

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Mystery # 6 : Even Now Many Antichrists Have Come

1 John 2:18 -19 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye had heard that antichrist shall come; even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time. They went out from us: for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.
Can you imagine when the Apostle John was writing his epistles or letters, somewhere approximately around A.D 90, what he was saying about there being many antichrists was very accurate. There were in fact many in those days at the time of his writing but how many more in the days we live in now? It’s hard to find much of the World that isn’t of the Antichrist spirit

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and that’s not to say all of popular culture, all of politics, all of everything is of the devil. We do know from scripture that anything that is not of God, is in fact antichrist by definition alone. The World has clearly never been in support of God and is against God, making the World antichrist by definition. We know that the World is on temporary loan to Satan. He couldn’t have offered the Lord the Kingdoms of this World in fact they weren’t his to offer in the first place during the time of Yeshua’s Temptation by Satan during his early Earthly ministry.

Image result for satan offers jesus the world

John explains who these antichrists are in the next verse. They originally came from the same places that we did, the same neighborhoods, towns, cities, maybe even attended the same church that you attended at one time. But here is the important thing, they were not of us, they were not children of God. John makes it clear, that if they were children of God, they would have not left him. We are not talking a backslidden Christian or a prodigal child, who sins, falls away, then repents and comes back to the Lord. We are talking about those willfully slipping off into darkness of their own choice. These are those who never come back, because they have no desire to do so. They love the darkness and their sin more than the Light of God. No these antichrists went out and they made themselves, known (manifest) in their acts that they were not of God (by their fruit they will be known). So indeed these antichrists were not Children of God, but for a time they may have been imposters, perhaps false teachers, false pastors, false Christians.

Image result for many antichristsImage result for false christian teachers gifImage result for false christian pastors gifSee the source imageImage result for nonsense in the church gifImage result for false christians in church gifImage result for false church gif

The Antichrist will take this to an unpredicated new level all together and will boast that he is God and will come in like a lamb but will speak like a dragon and will seek to change the laws to meet his needs and will speak blasphemy and perform abominations in God’s Holy Temple (the abomination of desolation) which we suspect may very well be a human sacrifice much like Baal and Molech worship, which still goes on today in certain occultic circles and secret sects.

Image result for the spirit of antichrist in the world today

Every once in awhile a news story comes out of a ritual sacrifice being performed on a baby or a parent on one of their children. It happens a lot more then we are hearing about, that’s for sure. Today the Antichrist Spirit is everywhere. You see it on the TV,

Image result for THE TV IS ANTICHRIST

on TV shows,

Image result for lucifer tv showwith the most Satanic impact directed towards Children, shockingly


with TV commercials they are pretending to be mocking the Illuminati when it is the Illuminati who actually owns and pays for these commercials,


Image result for Freemason Illuminati Movies

music and just about everywhere and that includes the worse places where kids are.

Image result for satanic commercials

You see all the Illuminati hand signals including the Cornuto (the devil horns)

and the hand gestures for the Illuminati (both the right side up pyramid

Image result for satanic music upside down pyramid

and the upside down pyramid )

Image result for satanic music upside down pyramid

Image result for napolean bonaparte was an antichrist

Another popular one with these unfortunate Satanic patsies is the emphasis of the all seeing eye with this gesture

Image result for satanic music

and that is what they are doing (they souled out to Satan for a little money and fame and at the finish line will most likely Hell waiting them if they don’t repent of course). Of course still popular with them are the  hand signs such as the 666 (formerly known as the ok sign) made by so many singers, performers and actors as well as all types of celebrities.

Image result for satanic music

In fact there are too many instances where this happens to really address specifically. It would seem just about everyone in the Entertainment Industry and all celebrities, politicians, sports athletes may not be actual members of the Illuminati, but certainly do support the New World Order and are in a way “lackeys” as they do promote their agenda for them in exchange most likely for riches and fame. The Illuminati continue to use these people to let the World know who is in charge, which amazingly enough they believe they are.

Image result for satanic music

Is it any wonder whom is behind the World’s elitists? It is the devil of course who also believes he can win over God even though he also knows where his future and eternal home is in the Lake of Fire. Of course only God is in charge and evidently, many of these people who are doing the devil’s work have not read the end of the Book (the Bible). Too bad, they could have saved themselves the trouble yet to come including World War 3 never mind the Battle of Megiddo (Armageddon) never mind the 7 years of wrath to come called The Great Tribulation.

Image result for The Great Tribulation On EarthThere have been so many antichrists through the History of Mankind. Here are just a few notables to be mindful of. Well no list would be complete if not the original antichrist who parts of the Bible was written referring to and that is Antiochus Epiphanies (see an earlier MOB on the Antichrist ) who in 168 BC attacked Egypt. He eventually would force the Jews to worship Zeus.

Antiochus persecuted the Jews greatly and the Book of Daniel speaks of him, with a foreshadowing of the Abomination of desolation where he supposedly sacrificed a pig on an altar of which the Antichrist has yet to come on the World scene and perform. Nero was a Roman Emperor and he was widely known for all the tyranny he caused and the many people he put to death. He even put to death his own mother and adopted brother apparently. He had no boundaries and knew no restraints, much like the antichrist to come.

Another antichrist was another Roman emperor by the name of Titus. Titus played a major role in laying siege to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and destroying both the City and it’s Temple. Titus squashed any and all rebellion by the Jews to counter the devastation he laid during his dictatorial reign. Charlemagne was a King of Western and Central Europe who invaded Italy and had a high ranking influence with the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. It was because of all his conquests that fear began to spread everywhere around the Globe that he may be the antichrist.

Image result for hitler antichrist

Such fear began to spread in a number of places around the continent. Napoleon Bonaparte was still another antichrist who was a military and political leader of France who fought and won against every major European power and like Charlemagne, because of the success of his military prowess in invading and winning over other nations, thoughts that he may be the antichrist rose. There are more antichrists yet to come. Here are some that are of the Antichrist Spirit and are guilty by Association and by Association we mean the high ranks of the Illuminati. Benito Mussolini was an Italian politician who led the National Fascist party and for all intense purposes was one of the key founders of the Fascism Movement. He was a true tyrant and dictator if there ever was one and was perhaps one of the most well-known of all the would be antichrists on our list, except for the next one on our list.

We are talking about none other than Adolf Hitler. Hitler was Austrian born (but was said to be of Jewish Blood). Hitler’s atrocities are known worldwide for killing as many as 17 million civilians, including the genocide of an estimated 6 million Jews that has come to be known as The Holocaust. Hitler was fascinated by the occult and knew enough of the texts pertaining to the Antichrist.

Image result for Was Hitler Satanist

He desired to be the Antichrist and sought to fulfill all of the prophecies written about the Antichrist in the Bible.

Hitler believed supposedly in the Power that could be tapped by the original Atlantians in order to create a race of Superhuman Arians. He sought to harness a power called vrill which is often associated as being harnessed by the Draco reptilians (a type of hybrid animal/demon) supposedly believed to be living in deep underground tunnels and caves below the Earth’s surface. 

Hitler has ties with the Occult and aliens (demons).

Image result for hitler and the vrill

It was from this dark science that the now famous  German bell saucers came about.

Image result for german bell saucersImage result for german bell saucersImage result for german bell saucersImage result for german bell saucersImage result for nazi germans flying saucersImage result for nazi germans flying saucers

Some members of Hitler’s immediate party in the SS were equally mystical and overtly occultic in both beliefs and practices. Hitler sought the Holy Grail as well as the Ark of the Covenant but found neither thankfully. Still another individual considered to be an antichrist is Javier Solana of Spain. Javier played and continues to play a huge role with the European Union and many who think The Antichrist will come from the European Union, think that Javier Solana meets many of the Characteristics of the Antichrist. Still another individual considered to be an antichrist is Javier Solana of Spain. Javier played and continues to play a huge role with the European Union and many who think The Antichrist will come from the European Union, think that Javier Solana meets many of the Characteristics of the Antichrist.

Image result for obama antichristImage result for Trump antichrist

But there have been many that have been categorized or given the title as antichrist and they may very well be of the antichrist spirit but they are not The true Antichrist, for there is only 1 true candidate for that.

Image result for the one and only true antichrist

Beyond this short list, some think that the Pope is the False Prophet

Image result for the false prophet

and the former President of the US is the Son of Perdition, the Prince of Fierce Countenance.

Even the current President (at the time of this writing) has at least a few characteristics of the Antichrist himself.

Image result for the one and only true antichrist

Neither of any of these individuals may actually be the Antichrist or the False Prophet although they undeniably are all of the antichrist spirit, just like, Aleister Crowley the occultist who nicknamed himself the Beast.

Image result for aleister crowley

He also was called the most evil man on the face of the Earth. We won’t go into any detail of the evil acts he committed for they are far too hideous and revolting and disturbingly sickening to discuss but we will mention they include child ritual murder/ abuse of children of all sorts / pedophilism and more.  If ever anyone on the Planet could be considered a true life Monster he would have to be in the running. Certainly those like Charles Darwin the Evolutionist

Adam Weishaupt the founder of the Illuminati,

Image result for Adam Weishaupt

Anton Levay the founder of the Church of Satan

Image result for Anton Levay

and Jack Parsons a rocket engineer with a background with NASA (not surprisingly) and occultist who may have opened a portal to a demonic void back in the 1940’s and all the Charles Manson types of the World all have an antichrist spirit about them.

Perhaps one could say the same thing about Friedrich Nietzsche or Karl Marx, who both through their ideologies left a trail of devastation in their path.

Image result for karl marx was into the occultWhat about all those who claim to be the Christ, with the Christ consciousness?

Image result for false christs of today who say they have the mind of christ

They are those we know as the false prophets of the World, but they also are to be regarded as a type of antichrist as well. Currently there is a Russian Man, Segei Anatolyevitch Torop who has a following of 4000 followers.

Image result for false christs of today segey

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda claimed not only to be the Messiah but the Antichrist as well. He has since passed away.

Apollo Quiboloy claims to be the Messiah in the Philippines attracting 6 million followers. There are many more all over the World in fact, too many to mention here and frankly most of the individuals either willfully intended to brainwash or to lead their followers into a deceptive cult like environment.

These cult leaders are leading their congregations down a primrose path literally to death and hell and they are doing much damage to the people caught in these cults, so they are of the antichrist spirit as well.

Let’s hope we don’t forget what one man did telling his congregation he was God,

the Reverend Jim Jones became a nightmare preying on many vulnerable people. The results was utter devastation and destruction and sheer unspeakable horror and tragedy.

Image result for Guyana Jim Jones mass deathsBelieve it or not, a lot of the idolatry that is a big part of the movie and music industries, is extremely antichrist.

Image result for movies with lots of satanic symbolismImage result for movies with lots of satanic symbolism

Such things as the super hero movies and many of the video games that are out there nowadays are very satanic not to mention the music. Music for some time now has not bothered to hide their antichrist agenda and messaging to a very accepting World. Music Festival’s like Tomorrowland are attended by tens if not hundreds of thousands of mostly young people (who are still spiritually confused and so impressionable and vulnerable to be persuaded) and are extremely influenced by these satanic raves that basically hypnotize and demonically possess these young people into a trance.

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Often gateway drugs and Hallucinogenic LSD like drugs are associated in abundance at these raves and they only magnify the spiritual ramifications of the type of incantations that bring forth demons at these concerts which are actually demonic worship and black mass rituals. They disguise them as rock & pop music concerts but nothing could be further from the truth.

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Sadly these young people will have a spiritual experience at these “concerts”, but it will be a spiritual experience apart from God Almighty. Many will become demonically possessed at these events. No wonder, there is such a high suicide rate with the youth of today, they are opening demonic gateways and not even knowing it.

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For those who do not know the Lord, we can truly be living in a frightening World and frightening times. One may travel down the “rabbit hole” without knowing and who knows if one will ever come back or not. Believers and followers of Yeshua have to be praying fervently for those lost and who will be vulnerable to the ways of these antichrists or for that matter, when the real deal Antichrist finally shows himself upon the face of the Earth. When that time does come up, then those still alive on the Earth at that time who call themselves believers need to look up for their redemption draweth nigh. 1 John ch.2 and 4 told us that the Antichrist would be one that does not confess that Jesus came in the flesh and he will be the one who denies Jesus Christ. 2 John 1:7 states, For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.
The Gospels of Matthew and Mark echo the sentiment that there are many false Christ’s and false prophets that shall arise.

They will indeed show false signs and wonders to fool the masses and seduce them. We pray you not be one of them, beloved. Ask God to give you and your loved ones the discernment needed to walk the straight and narrow path. Many are called but few are chosen. Falling for all the deception that exists is just one more reason, so many don’t make it into God’s Kingdom.

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Mystery # 7 : Test the Spirits

1 John 4: 1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God’s because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
Today we deal with a subject that most if not all Christians should have some knowledge about. They have indeed heard about it and yet oddly enough, one cannot but help to wonder, how many are actually putting it to practice we are referring to what scripture calls, trying the spirits. It’s part of why we are told to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

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Now when we use the word try as in trying the spirits here, we are not meaning or advocating sampling the spirits rather trying here is more like testing the validity of the spirits, it’s having a healthy dose of skepticism. The idea here is that we don’t just believe every spirit that comes along. One definition of try is when used as a noun, refers to “an effort to accomplish something”, it’s an endeavor to get something accomplished. As a verb the word try means “to put something or someone on trial or investigation.” In Greek try is dukimi einai and it means “to put on trial, or probation, to test.”
So it is that we are told to test and put on trial the spirits and we are given the parameters of the test in the scriptures to follow by John. We are told in V.2 of 1 John 4 that every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come to us as God in the flesh is a Spirit from God. Likewise all the spirits that do not confess that Yeshua has come in the flesh are simply not of God. In fact we are told clearly that this is no other than the spirit of the antichrist at work here, not the actual antichrist, but that which comes before him as his predecessor.

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As God has his Ruach haKodesh, the Holy Spirit, Satan being the counterfeiter that he is, has his unholy Spirit. This is none other than the spirit of Antichrist which is Satan’s demon horde who spreads the disease of unbelief upon as much flesh as possible on the Earth. John reminds us that we are told prophetically that the spirit of Antichrist would come into the World and even now that spirit is amongst all men, doing it’s evil work. How true is that even more so today?
With story after story in today’s news of parents murdering their children,

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children murdering their parents,

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nothing is sacred especially life. All is disposable when God is removed from the equation. John reminds the believers in Christ, they are children of God and have overcome the World because greater is Yeshua in each believer than he (Satan), that is in the World, we read in V.4. Those who are in the World can only speak about the World; they are the ones who fit into the World System the best. For it is this very World System which will become the Beast System which will see the Antichrist poised to take center stage and begin his reign of tyranny as the Global Dictator.

We are nearing closer and closer to that day, as Global talk increases of the need for a One World currency, a One World Government and a One World Ruler is not far behind. The World is already ruled by just a few people as it is,

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they will give way to One person who will be fully 100% possessed by Satan.

Image result for one man will become 100% possessed by Satan the antichristThe Antichrist, the Son of Perdition, the Prince of Fierce Countenance will enter the World scene in a low key fashion but then will take the World by storm and will begin to start sounding more like the dragon that he really is in making all bow down to him and treat him like he is God. Deception will never be greater so the believer must be girded with the full Armor of God and pray for discernment. Do not forget Yeshua warned that if it were possible, even the elect could be deceived. It’s not however possible for this to happen, as God will not allow that to happen. He protects his own Children in their time of need. He always has and he always will. So beloved, try the spirits, test them, see if what they say, lines up with the Word of God. Do not put experience over scripture, you will become deceived in the process, if something does not line up with scripture, scripture will expose it for what it really is, lies from the pit of Hell. The World hungers for Spiritualism, but it is ready to receive this false spirituality (Satan’s New World Order /Mystery Babylon religion).

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New Age thinking and practices have entered the Church

and occultic practices as well have become common place in certain churches including types of yoga and meditation that are not Biblical.

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The World is more inclined to have “space” aliens come to save them from supposedly millions of light years away, or the World chooses to welcome the “trannies” of the World (transhumanists

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and transgenders)

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to try and steer man from being created in God’s Image and desecrate what God had created for his glory (his creation man). Man thinks he is liberating himself from the enslavement of God much like he attempted to do in Sodom and Gomorrah and even the building of the Tower of Babel was really about wicked rebellion against God as well. Man can sear his conscience all he wants, he cannot obliterate God’s handiwork or his unmistakable presence from the very Earth he completely created by himself. Man wants to free himself from God’s “footprint” he has left behind, all for the opportunity to sin without moral consequence, without God’s Judgement, without punitive damage. Man wants to discover the God particle with the CERN project so that they can become Gods themselves and forsake the God of the Bible once and for all.

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The reprobates mind and conscience is indeed seared with an iron, remember what The Book of Romans says, so they love to worship the creation and not the creator. This is where paganism and witchcraft (rebellion against God) come from, from worshipping the elements that God created (the Earth, the wind and fire) so that we would give him glory not the other way around. Today we have many false prophets, pied pipers on TV and everywhere else luring massive amounts of “sheeple” with their hypnotic charisma (tools Satan gave them). Satan knows what he is doing, he desires to create distraction so that people would turn from God and take their eyes off the Cross of Christ and God’s finished work of redemption upon it.

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Beloved keep your eyes on the cross, keep your eye on the prize and hold on. For as we are told in 1 John 4:6, that we are of God and God hears us and more importantly God knows us. God doesn’t hear those that are not of him nor desire him. God has given us the ability of discernment, Hereby know we the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. Never forget to try the spirits beloved. Ask God to give you guidance and discernment to make it so.

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Mystery # 8 : Dispute over the Body of Moses : What is Satan up to here?

Jude 1:9 , Yet Michael the archangel when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation but said, the Lord rebuke thee.

Apart from the scriptural passage above the context of it remains to this day a great mystery (and as such is featured on this edition of MOB – Mysteries of the Bible). Apparently from what we can determine there was a dispute between Michael the Archangel and the devil concerning the body and burial of Moses. The most important thing to note is the lack of any type of “railing accusation” (as the scriptures call it) from Michael the Archangel when he had good reason to do so against Satan, he refrained and instead called on the name of the Lord God.

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Of course this flies in the face of Satan who is the accuser of the brethren and for that matter, all of mankind. So Michael the Archangel did not reciprocate nor partake in one of Satan’s favorite schemes, to falsely accuse others. Instead of merely accusing Satan, Michael the Archangel did the right thing and rebuked him in the Name of the Lord.

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One thing we must all get into our heads is that believers and for that matter angels (not fallen ones of course) cannot rebuke the devil in our own strength, it can only be done by the power of the Lord God Almighty. Michael the Archangel wanted it known that none of us, apart from the Lord God Almighty, Yeshua, can put the “devil out of business permanently.” For Satan, as we know, also knows his time is short and his actual demise is soon forthcoming. Satan will have limited time to wreak havoc on the Earth during the Beginning of Sorrows (which leads up to the Great Tribulation). We know from reading Revelation 20:2 (which is our final book of coverage and in the Bible itself as well) that Satan will be bound for a thousand years during Christ’s millennial kingdom and that finally after that when he is unleashed for one last rebellion against God and his children, he will finally be cast into the Lake of Fire and brimstone, forever.

Now to the most compelling part of this MOB, the questions are, why did Satan take such an interest in Moses body and burial and what was Satan really up to in trying to do this?

One thing we can take note of is that since the Bible (despite it’s skeptics) is very consistent in it’s messaging throughout both the Old and New Testament), that we learned that angels and demons fight spiritual battles all the time over the souls of men and women. These same demons try very hard to resist the angels and seek to interfere whenever possible in the fulfillment of God’s Plans. This would be a big part of Satan’s Overall plan to disrupt God’s success in redeeming Man his creation unto himself.

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It was God who buried Moses in the first place back in Deuteronomy 34: 5-6. Then Satan came along and one can only come to the conclusion that he was interested in unburying Moses and doing something profane with his body. God being all knowing, knew what Satan was up to and sent Michael the Archangel to intercede on his behalf.

Michael is perhaps the only angel (that is why he is an archangel) that has the ability to square off with Satan and take him on as he has done in various spiritual battles spread throughout the Old and New Testaments. The only one who can banish Satan all together once and for all is the Lord of Hosts, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach.

So what was Satan really trying to do here? Some believe Satan was trying to hold Moses accountable for his sins at Meribah where he struck the rock for water against the Lord’s Wishes in Deuteronomy 32:51 or the murder of the Egyptian in Exodus 2:12. This “theory” would make sense since Satan is the accuser and loves to point a finger especially at the ones God has a special heart for (like Moses and Job). As one would expect all of Satan’s accusations are filled with lies and are false. It is also believed by some that a Christian scholar and theologian by the name of Origen who wrote the book, “The Assumption of Moses” had a detailed account of this contesting of Moses body between God and Satan. Unfortunately we will never know for sure because only fragments of this non-canonized book, “The Assumption of Moses” even exists to this day. While speculation on just why Satan would want the body of Moses is just that speculation, some scholars think Satan was trying to invite the children of Israel to sin in some shape or fashion perhaps by trying to get them to worship Moses Body as a type of shrine on display and not God (provoking them to commit the sin of idolatry in the process). So is this the reason that Satan felt compelled to rest away the body of Moses, whom Michael the Archangel simply may have been preparing a more suitable if not permanent resting place for Moses burial? When Michael realized Satan’s intent he called on the name of the Lord, to rebuke him. There are still other scholars who think that this passage in Jude really refers to Zechariah 3:2 where the angel of the Lord rebukes Satan who was standing at his right hand side to oppose him. The problem with this verse making sense was that it was Joshua, the High Priest who was standing before the angel of the Lord, and there is no mention of Moses body at all. For this reason we here at MOB, believe these are similar albeit different circumstances and not one in the same event. As we mentioned earlier in Deuteronomy 34:5, we know that Moses, the servant of the Lord was buried by God in a valley in the land of Moab. The location was a secret place that no one but God knew about. In the end, we can only speculate since more information is not provided us, we must stick with what we do know. We know that the Word of God is inerrant and if God wants us to know more about this passage, then ask him to reveal it to you, through prayer. Otherwise this passage remains a genuine Mystery of the Bible. We can be certain of one thing for sure, and that is God has shown us in Jude 9, how Christians are to deal with demons. Michael the Archangel has left us an example that we are not to be cursing Satan or trying to even battle him ourselves, but when it comes to dealing with demonic forces we give it up to God and let God deal with it.

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The Spiritual armor is there to protect you so ask for it daily and ask for it liberally so that you are protected when in the battle of Spiritual Warfare, and you will be if you are living a triumphant life in Christ. The Devil doesn’t waste time with those who are lukewarm or backslidden as he presumes those are his anyways. We are too seek the Lord and ask for his intervention all the while wearing the full spiritual armor of God for our protection against the crafty old serpent. For if Michael the Archangel knows he needs to ask the Lord to rebuke Satan, how much more do we need to call upon the Lord as well, so that he is the one to deal with Satan, not us. Who are we to attempt to reproach, cast out or command demons. It is in the Lord’s Strength that we can only see the fulfillment of Mark 16:17. It can only be in the Lord’s name. And these signs shall follow them that believe In my name shall they cast out devils. That is in the Lord’s name beloved, not ours.


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Mystery # 9 : Mockers in the Last Days

Jude 1:18 How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.

Jude, the brother of James and the half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua) wrote during a time when there when there was great apostasy and a plethora of false teachers that were freely teaching and preaching in the churches (much like today in fact). Jude was reminding his readers that both the apostles and the Lord had warned how in the last days many mockers of God would arise. These mockers were not children of God as they chose to walk in their fleshly and ungodly ways, not caring about the spirit but concentrating on the flesh. Sound familiar? It should, turn your TV on any Sunday morning and take your pick from any dozen plus TV preachers teaching doctrines of demons and lies from the pit of hell.


They are not honoring and praising God, they are making a mockery of the cross and all that Christ had commanded us to do as followers of him. And that is the so called mockers who call themselves Christians, so what of the heathen mockers and the non believers? Scripture has something to say about them as well.
Jude had just quoted from the apocryphal Book of Enoch just a few verses earlier. Jude felt compelled to include a passage from the Book of Enoch in Jude 1:14-15 And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these sayings, Behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

That’s the word ungodly used four times in one sentence, do you think Enoch was trying to make a point about the ungodly here?
So in keeping with these verses concerning the 2nd coming of Yeshua, to execute judgement on the ungodly sinners who have refused to repent of their sins the Lord warns us of those who murmur, complain and who walk after their own lusts. This idea of walking in one’s lust is of course repeated in V.18, about the mockers who walk after their own ungodly lusts.

Today we have evolutionists who think they are so smart, trying to make fun of creationists and fundamental believers in Christianity.

Image result for EVOLUTIONISTS LIKE TO MAKE FUN OF CHRISTIANSIn fact it’s a general lack of reverence for God in general that is so common nowadays.


It’s not just them, it’s all over the media,  one of the most recent Presidents of the U.S loved to poke fun at Christians painting them as potential terrorists and vilifying them in as many ways as possible. Christ warned of all this that in the last days perilous times would come. Matthew 10:22, And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved. In Matthew 24:5, The Lord mentions in the last days that there will be wars  and rumors of wars

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and famine and disease and pestilence

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and Earthquakes

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and these are the Beginning of Sorrows. We have had such events going on for decades and decades now, so we can decipher we are truly at the end of the last days and also at the end of the time of the Beginning of Sorrows.

2 Peter 3:3 mentions something similar to Jude 1:18 knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. The next verse is the verse that condemns the mockers and scoffers. And saying, where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. This sadly enough is the very thinking of today, if there is a God, why does he allow so much evil to happen and why doesn’t he do something about it if he is good and he hates evil? They also say, if Jesus is coming back, why is he taking so long to come back? This places greater doubt in the scoffer’s mind and like pollution and a contaminate they seek to poison others with their doubts including those who desire to hold unto the Blessed Hope of Christ’s Return.
Scripture calls such mockers and scoffers, willingly ignorant. Peter goes unto remind skeptics, scoffers and mockers who wish to try and make a mockery out of the reverence of God and that God is not “slack” concerning his promises. God will deliver and he is long suffering that none should perish so he is giving as many as possible ample opportunities to repent and get right with him, so they are without excuse come the Day of the Lord and the Great White Throne of Judgment. So while God waits evil continues, killing and sin and debauchery of every sort continues but it will not win the day. God has won the victory over sin and death at the cross and upon his resurrection from the dead. The Lord’s Will is that none should perish and that all come to repentance and receive God’s Grace. Some who mock and scoff will repent and get right with God, but others have hardened their hearts and are now being sifted by Satan and will never sadly come into the Light of God’s love and forgiveness. It is available through the sacrifice provided by his son, the Lord Jesus Christ and available to all who are ready to repent and seek forgiveness and receive eternal salvation.


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Psalm 14: 1-2 Fools say to themselves, There is no God. Remember they tried to mock the Lord even when he was on the cross dying for the sins of the World. The Roman Centurions asked him to come off the cross if he was the Son of God. They tried to mock the Lord with the Crown of Thorns. They tried to mock the Lord, but they failed. They failed because as the Lord said to Saul just before his transformation to Paul, in Acts 9:5 And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. That was God’s Way of telling Saul, that he is wasting his time and he can’t do anything to God but what he was doing to God’s children, God considers it an attack against him. So to the would be mockers and would be scoffers, please know, you truly do nothing to the Lord God by living your life against God and apart from God.

God will still love you believe it or not and God is long suffering for you, holding out hope you will repent. If you end up spending eternity apart from God (in Hell) even though you will blame God forever, you put yourself there and not God. You chose for yourself to spend eternity apart from God. God gave you what you wanted. It’s not God’s fault, God loves you even if you don’t love God back. God has already showed you how much he cares for you by dying on  the cross for your sins, what greater love is there then this?

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Fair or unfair be not deceived God has NOT predestined all of us and God knows who each and every individual that has ever been in the Book of Life and as well every name blotted out of the Lamb’s Book of Remembrance, every single name. You do nothing to God, but you do everything to your eternal soul should you choose to shun God’s Attempts to reach you. The only one you fool in the end is yourself. That is when all the scoffing and mocking becomes the gnashing of teeth in the perpetual darkness of eternity, torment and unending pain and suffering. There is hope however, darkness for all eternity can be avoided by turning to God today confessing and repenting of your sins before a just and holy forgiving God and receiving the gift of Salvation from God the Father through his son, Adonai, Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. Then and only then, you can finally bask in the light of God’s Glory for all of eternity. Sound too good to be true? It takes faith, simple child like faith to believe.