Our first Mystery in the Book of Daniel is…

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Mystery # 1 : The Statue and the Stone : Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream & Daniel’s vision

Daniel’s vision of the Kingdom to come is the title for this edition of MOB. This vision deals with Four World Empires and in fact is a significant part of World history. Those that say the Bible is all fairy tales are quite ignorant when it comes to the fact that the Bible is 100% accurate when compared to actual historical dates and general information. Here is our MOB scriptural passage for this edition as follows.

Thou, O King, sawest and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee, and the form thereof was terrible.

There really is one image to speak of; this image is then divided into individual kingdoms. One thing is certain that we can be most sure of, the Lord Jesus Christ will establish his World rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the very last days to come. Eschatologists (those who study Bible Prophecy) generally accept that the four kingdoms in this vision are Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.

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While the actual material of each section of the image decreases from head to foot, they do increase in military strength. The decreased value of the elements seems to signify the decrease of absolute rule by each kingdom. These kingdoms were all physical earthly World empires, but none of them ever ruled the whole planet. There is only one area in the World that is ruled outright and that is the Kingdom of the Promised Land. It is ruled outright by God.

While there are Four World Empires, there are 5 sections to the image. There are the feet in the image, but there are also the toes of the feet. The stone itself represents Christ and his rule and the legs are Rome. Christ does not strike the legs, he strikes the feet instead.  Many believe the feet to be in fact the revived Roman Empire. All the talk of the Pope perhaps being the last Pope that Malachi Martin prophesied about, seems to give credence that there is something different about this current Pope (as of the time of this writing in 09/2015) now updated once again in 2018.

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Never mind the fact, the Pope was to come and visit the US for the first time in September 2015. This is an unprecedented situation that never happened before. The Pope was to address Congress,

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so again his impact and influence around the World has never seemed as great as it is currently (as of this writing). Since this writing more and more we see evidence of the Luciferian influence on the Papacy  especially in doctrine as well as efforts to build the one World ecumenical Church that will pave the way for Antichrist to emerge.

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Now let’s go back to more discussion concerning the Image. The stone does destroy the image and this is a key factor in being able to understand the vision correctly. Again the stone strikes the feet and yet the whole image is crushed from this one time initial strike. The striking of the feet really is a good indication of the timing of the Lord in exercising his divine right to rule the World, finally and completely. The crushing of the entire image is a strong indicator that Christ’s reign will put an end to all forms of human government.

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It is interesting to note beloved that there is a prophetic gap in the chronology of this passage. The Four Empires take us to the time of Yeshua, the Messiah who was “cut off ” (when crucified) and so the clock for human government also was stopped. It all starts again in Daniel’s “seventieth week”.

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We will take a close look at that “seventieth week” in an upcoming MOB, since it needs it’s own study, in of itself to do it proper justice. The feet and the toes represent the governments in existence at the time in which they will be overwhelmed and dealt with, by the return of Yeshua. He will come to judge all the nations accordingly.

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So one question from all this is, can a kingdom truly endure forever? Well the kingdom of Heaven certainly will endure forever, we know. God promised to make a new Heaven, that will certainly will  endure forever, we know. God promised to make a new Heaven and a new Earth. The Kingdom of Heaven has and always will be, not a piece of land or territory, but an acknowledgement of Christ’s sovereignty. Christ’s Kingdom will continue unhinged and unbroken even after the new Heavens and the new Earths are created and inhabited by his creation.

So if we take history and what we know of it when we study it, and we look at the Kingdoms that have basically, been dominant on the Earth from the start of time, the Four Empires represented here (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome). We can see how this image that had a shape of a man, with arms, and legs, a chest, even toes and of course a head, matches the kingdoms that have come and gone.

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The revived Roman Empire

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plays a major role in the one world Global Religion, and the Mark of the Beast, as well as the Apostolic Church. The whore riding the Beast has for a long time been identified as the Roman Catholic Church. Again to our Catholic friends, we love you and care for you and we mean no insult however, Bible prophecy, integrity and credibility must be maintained. The False prophet appears to be on the scene and the unveiling of the beast, the Antichrist, and his Luciferian Cult cannot be far behind.

The Good news is Christ, the Chief Cornerstone will smash man’s attempts to govern himself and these last days government and the Beast, the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be dealt with and so will ultimately Satan. The Stone smashes the feet which in turn smashes the entire image, turning it into ruins. The Lord has promised to bruise the head of the Serpent, Satan.

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Satan in the last days as the Book of Genesis 3:15 states And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. The woman here is a representation of Israel and the one who head is going to be bruised is none other than Satan.  This is also a dividing line between God’s chosen people (God’s seed) and the seed of Satan (those who are cursed through a tainted bloodline such as the Canaanites.) God is big on genetics, that is why he had Noah’s family in the arc and that is why he destroyed the Earth, to maintain a form of purity in the genes and DNA strands for it had been tainted by the mixing of the fallen angels interbreeding with women and in some cases even animal species. Look  below at how even non believers who have fallen for the ridiculous “Pleiadean” deception understand that an incursion has taken place between man and fallen angels.

Satan being the copycat that he is also is big on messing with genetics in a very perverse and blasphemous manner, so no wonder he has his demonic minions –the spawns of the Nephilim (those the deceived call aliens) taking people aboard an imaginary spacecraft only to take sperm samples and probing men and women alike in sexually perverse ways.

We digress from our subject matter (although it was actually on purpose in this instance). The fact that God will bruise the head of Satan is basically the same idea here in The Book of Daniel, where this image seen in Daniel’s vision is destroyed at the feet with the stone.

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So God uses the stone, the Chief Cornerstone that is, Yeshua the Messiah to destroy Satan’s attempts of using man to get back at God. Just as the Image and vision that Daniel sees is destroyed, just like the Image of the Beast is destroyed, so to at the Valley of Armageddon, the armies of man will attempt to unite against God in an attempt to overthrow him.

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The spirit of Antichrist will be going full throttle, one can sense it strongly on Earth with the Cern project which is literally the same thing as the Tower of Babel,

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building a portal to another dimension to time travel, and teleport and be basically God like without God’s Consent.

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The Book of Revelation 9:11 even warns that out of the abyss and the pit of Hell will arise the one called Apollyon or Apollo in English.


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This is the exact same site where the Large Hadron Collider has been built at Cern and where Apollo was worshiped.

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A coincidence you say? Think again! Bible prophecy once again is coming true right in front of our eyes.


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For what it is all about beloved, is that for a time or a season or in some cases an entire life, man hides in his heart rebellion and the desire for sin and to ultimately to not be held accountable for his sinful actions.

Image result for man wants to free himself from God so that he can sin freelyImage result for man wants to free himself from God so that he can sin freelyImage result for man wants to free himself from God See the source imageSee the source imageImage result for dont ask God for forgivenessImage result for not accountible for my sin

Man ultimately seeks to free himself from all forms of restriction and accountability when it comes to the license for sin. This is why people filled with the devil hate so much the righteousness of God, this conflicts greatly with their desire for moral obsolescence and it sears their conscience and exposes their true guilt and sinful reprobate depravity.

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Man in short, wants to create his own God, this is of course Idolatry in the truest sense. Man desires to willfully sin without consequence and this is why Cern is going full throttle because man wants the god particle, to be able to be like God, so they can reject the judgment of the one true God.

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Man is biting from the apple of the Serpent in the garden again, believing he can be like God without any consequence.

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So to the people behind Cern think there will be no consequences for what they are doing. Their God is the Shiva (the Goddess of War) statue outside of Cern.

The whole reason man wants to pursue the Cern project, why man is tracking down the DNA of Nimrod,

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trying to contact spiritual beings in other dimensions

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trying to build portals in hopes to discover time travel and to know the Mysteries of the Universe (to be like God).

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This is why man has tried discovering wormholes and “transhumanism”, and hybrid technology.

Image result for HUMAN HYBRID TECHNOLOGYImage result for HUMAN HYBRID TECHNOLOGYImage result for Alien Human HybridImage result for human hybrid technology gif

and even “transgenderism”, “gender blenders”,

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man wants to have no defined limitations on his “mortal coil” It is indeed the same rebellious evil behind the Tower of Babel and Mystery Babylon combined on full display here, the Spirit of Antichrist is indeed in full swing. All attempts will prove fruitless and futile, as this image that Daniel has envisioned will come crumbling down.

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No matter will those who were slain for failing to worship this image as well as the Image of the Beast that the Antichrist demands to be worshiped; it will have no effect on the final outcome.

These images of false gods and man’s futile efforts to build himself a pathway to his own godhood will be destroyed, they will be cut off at the feet, they will be bruised at the heel and head, and they will be crushed by Christ. Only God’s Kingdom will prevail and stand the test of time, forever and ever. Amen.

Next up..

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Mystery # 2:  The Fiery Furnace (and The mysterious 4th figure )

Let’s start with our scripture passage for this MOB edition.

Daniel 3:24-26 Then Nebuchadnezzar the King was astonished, and rose up in haste, and spake, and said unto his counselors, Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the King, True O king He answered and said, Lo, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire, and they have no hurt; and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.

The amazing miracle of the fiery furnace, is just one more incredible Miracle of God and a true mystery of the Bible if there ever was one. Besides being an incredible Miracle of God this story is also a good representation of what the final persecution upon Israel and the saints of God will experience when Antichrist is in full power and able to rage his war against God and his saints.

In fact one could say that Nebuchadnezzar is a type of Antichrist in that he wanted Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego to worship the golden image he had setup, much like the Antichrist will want to be worshiped, with the image of the Beast.

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So it is the persecution to follow I seen as being typical of what the Antichrist will do to punish those who are not compliant with his demands during the Great Tribulation.

Image result for the antichrist will persecute christians

So it was the three young friends of Daniel were thrown into the fire for not bowing down to Nebuchadnezzar for that was a decree that Nebuchadnezzar insisted upon.

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In defiance to the King’s decree they informed the King that God was able to deliver them from the fiery furnace, and in fact will deliver them out of the King’s hand. They then told him bluntly, that they will not worship the golden image which he had built. As one would expect, this greatly maddened Nebuchadnezzar greatly and he demanded the furnace to be heated Seven times (the number of perfection with God if you recall) more than it normally is heated.

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Then the King demanded that Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego be thrown into the fiery furnace as penalty for their subordination against him.

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Many said that this edict so very closely resembles what we are told the Antichrist will do. He will force all to bow to the Image of the Beast, and those that do not submit, will be killed.

See the source image

No exceptions, it is do or die. So it was with the King Nebuchadnezzar, a man who wanted to be worshiped as God. So it was Nebuchadnezzar asked his most mightiest of men to bind the three and cast them into the burning fiery furnace. The 3 had all their garments, including hats and coats. The flames and the fire grew so hot; it actually killed Nebuchadnezzar’s men that had bound the three. The three men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego fell down amidst the burning flames of the fiery furnace. For a split second Nebuchadnezzar must have thought to himself, how good it was that he rid himself of these 3 subordinates who had the audacity to stand against him and defy his orders.

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Then that very next second those vengeful thoughts were instantly halted for Nebuchadnezzar rose up, shocked and astonished. He asked his counselors if in fact they threw 3 men into the fires of the furnace. And they said that was correct and it was 3. Then he said back to those same counselors, “well then if it was 3 men cast into the furnace, why do I see 4 men loose and walking amidst of the fire?”

Image result for the fiery furnace bible storyRelated imageImage result for dANIEL'S vISION IN THE BIBLE GIF

They were not burning; they were not even harmed in anyway. In fact Nebuchadnezzar noted the fourth figure, was like the Son of God.

Was this a preincarnate appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ? Some scholars tend to think so. While a subject of some dispute, since the earliest days, Christians have held that this fourth figure was indeed a preincarnate appearance of Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. For in Daniel 7:13 we see Daniel himself use the term Son of Man in a term that could only describe one who displayed Divine Glory. Let’s take a look at that passage right now. I saw in the night visions, and behold, one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near him. Who comes in the clouds at the second coming, of course none other than the Lord.

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Mark 13:26 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory. So the Son of man will receive glory and power when he comes again and is the one who is of the Godhead bodily. Christ himself quoted portions of this verse when the Chief Priest asked him if he was the Christ, the Son of God. This can be found in Mark 14:62. Here Jesus responds to the question of whether he is Christ, the Son of the Blessed (God). And Jesus said, I am and ye shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of heaven. 

So Son of Man and the term Son of God are both deemed similar in their implications. Some Jewish scholars denounce the idea of a preincarnate appearance of the Lord, saying it is only describing an angel in the fiery furnace with the other three. However the word God used by Nebuchadnezzar in the phrase “Son of God” translates not to angel but to Elohim, which is a Hebrew word.

Image result for son of God translates in hebrewSee the source imageSee the source image

The word Elahin, is an actual Chaldean word which refers to the God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, who hath sent his angel, and delivered his servants that trusted in him, and have changed the King’s word and yielded their bodies, that they might not serve nor worship any god except, their own God.

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Still Nebuchadnezzar went one step further declaring that anyone who even talked ill of the God of the 3 young men, they would be killed (cut in pieces and their houses include to become a dunghill is the explicit terminology) because there is no other God that can deliver as of their God did for them.

Image result for Nebuchadnezzar demanded daniel worship and bow down to himImage result for Nebuchadnezzar demanded daniel worship and bow down to himImage result for Nebuchadnezzar demanded daniel worship and bow down to himImage result for Nebuchadnezzar demanded daniel worship and bow down to himSee the source image

Nebuchadnezzar would go on to have a second dream and he would acknowledge God as the most high and the King of Heaven in the days to come.

Image result for Nebuchadnezzar demanded daniel worship and bow down to himImage result for Nebuchadnezzar demanded daniel worship and bow down to himImage result for Nebuchadnezzar demanded daniel worship and bow down to him

In the end for whatever reason (perhaps as judgment) Nebuchadnezzar went insane, he ate grass like an oxen, his body was wet, his hair was grown out in a long, wild and straggly fashion, his nails were like the claws of an animal. He became a wild man.

Perhaps if he had fully repented as Daniel pleaded with him to do, after seeing the Miracles of the God of Israel had performed. Perhaps his outcome would have been different. The last we hear of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel might be a positive indication that he finally knew who God was calling him the King of Heaven. So despite his meltdown perhaps he came around after all. So what is the price for your obeying God? Those who hold onto their lives will lose their lives; those who lose their lives will find them in Christ Jesus. Will you stand in the furnace beloved and trust God for our safety and protection or will you try to save your own life and obey the demands of an ungodly ruler who tells you to obey and worship a false god. Where is your heart, where is your loyalty?

Image result for the saints will be persecuted by the amtichrist

Image result for all who live holy will be persecuted Image result for all who live holy will be persecuted

The 3 young men could have burnt in the furnace for a short time but they would not have ultimately burnt for all eternity. Never forget the big picture of what we are striving for beloved, the Kingdom of God and his glory and his will that none should perish but all come to know the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha ‘Mashiach.


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 Mystery # 3 – Nephilim: The Ancient Book of Enoch and The Watchers

This edition of MOB, it’s the watchers that we take a look at. There are many scripture passages related to the watchers in the Word of God, but direct passages using the actual word watchers is relegated to 2 verses in the Book of Daniel and that is Daniel 4:17 where it is stated This matter is by the decree of the watchers and Daniel 4:23 which states And whereas the King saw a watcher and a holy one coming down from heaven.

The rest of the Bible refers to the watchers in various accounts that we will cover in this MOB.

The watchers, perhaps you have heard of them. They have become the stuff of Urban Legends,

Related imageRelated imageTHE WATCHERS | EPISODE 4 - YouTube

Horror and Sci-fi movies featuring everything from angels, to huge buggy black-eyed aliens to all kinds of fanciful creatures.

Image result for the watchers horror moviesImage result for horror movies with watchersImage result for movies about watchers
Enough of the nonsense, which is all Hollywood really is anyways. Who are the watchers really? Well if we believe the Bible to be real, that’s a good start as any to beginning to try to understand who these watchers are and where they came from. The word watcher in Greek is egregoroi which means “awake, watchful, and vigilant” and a variation of this word is the word Grigori.


Even the apocryphal Book of Enoch from the 1st and 2nd Century of BC mentioned a combination of both good and bad watchers. We know from the Book of Genesis, that there were indeed rebellious watchers as well.

We will look at those passages in a little bit, because even though The Book of Enoch is not canonized (authorized) scripture it may shed some light on this subject for us. There is controversy however with the Book of Enoch so please be aware, we are not endorsing it on this website because it has some thought provoking information. The Bible is what we put 100% credibility and trust upon and no other work of literature.

In our feature passage, from the Book of Daniel, we are dealing with watchers and angels being one and the same. This is not to say all angels were appointed watchers, but there certainly was an assigned group whose sole purpose was to watch over the welfare of man on the Earth. We know in Daniel 4:23 a distinction is made between a watcher (an angel) and a holy one (The Lord), so we know watchers are not holy, they represent the Holy God in many capacities.

Image result for the watchers bible

Some are Archangel messengers, like Gabriel,

See the source image

then there is the Mighty Archangel Warrior, Michael

Image result for Archangel Michael Warrior

and of course there was the one time most anointed cherub, the one who was in charge of ministering to the heavenly host, Lucifer, before his fall from the Heavenlies.

Other angels were assigned for the responsibility of coming to Earth, and look after the affairs of man, not so much to get directly involved (as in the notion of a guardian angel) but to watch over the affairs of man by keeping an eye on them, for their best interest sake.

Image result for The Watchers Fallen Angels

Let’s return back to The Book of Enoch for a moment. The offspring of the fallen ones are the Nephilim. Somehow the genetic mix of the DNA of the tainted mix of the Angelic and the human female formed a monstrosity creation, the Nephilim.


See the source imageImage result for nephilim giants

They were hybrid creatures so big and strong they may have been the ones that built the pyramids and Stonehenge and other gigantic structures that no average man could have ever built in ancient times. The Nephilim were not only monstrous, they were cannibalistic, super large giants that walked the Earth devouring humans in their path as they moved around.

Image result for The Watchers Fallen Angels

In response to this evilness as well as experimentations with fallen angel/ animal/ and human DNA God created the Great Flood to wipe the Earth of not only the monstrosities of the Nephilim but the contaminated DNA that was perverting God’s Creation.

Image result for God sent the flood to destroy the nephilim

What was left behind after the flood was the disembodied spirits that came from the Nephilim and that we now refer to as demons.

Image result for nephilim disembodied spirits called demons

They have no body and must always seek a host to dwell in, whether human or animal.

Image result for nephilim disembodied spirits called demonsImage result for nephilim disembodied spirits called demons

Demons are indeed the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim while the fallen angels “off spring “that some see walking around are what people call the Alien Grays.

Image result for nephilim disembodied spirits called demonsImage result for nephilim disembodied spirits called demonsImage result for nephilim disembodied spirits called demons
Image result for NO!

There were apparently close to 200 fallen angels who were cast out of Heaven for their disobedience in desiring to have a union with human women.

Image result for fallen angels left heaven and intermingled with women

There are times such as in Genesis 6: 1-4 where Sons of God is used in place of the watchers. The key verse that many know is of course Genesis 6: 1-4, when men began to multiply on Earth and daughters were born to them, the Sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of man were,

Image result for the sons of god found women desirable in the book of Genesis

and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose.

Image result for fallen angels left heaven and intermingled with women

See the source image

Then the Lord said, My Spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years. At the time the Nephilim appeared on Earth after the Sons of God had relations with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown. We covered a lot of this in our Genesis MOB about the Nephilim and the Giants way back.

See the source image

Today we will also look at some additional information about the watchers. The 200 angels who rebelled against God descended on Mount Hermon during the days of the rule of King Jared.

Image result for 200 fallen angels descended on mount hermon

Once the angels reached the Earth they took wives for themselves and taught the women magic and incantations as well as the art of make up.

See the source image

The women became pregnant and gave birth to great giants. The giants ate everything in site and eventually became cannibals and went around killing and eating other humans after the people got tired of trying to find food to feed them. This is all detailed in 1 Enoch 7: 1-5.

See the source image

The fallen angels taught the men how to make weapons of war and this led to great bloodshed and lawlessness.

Image result for time of noah the earth much violenceImage result for time of noah the earth much violence

The men of Earth cried out to heaven and the 4 Archangels including (Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel)

Image result for the 4 archangels cried out to GodImage result for the 4 archangels cried out to God about the evil on the earthImage result for god's angels and their dutiesImage result for god's angels and their dutiesImage result for The 4 Angels

in turn cried out to God. God then sent Uriel to warn Noah about the impending flood to take place. God had decided the flood would destroy the wickedness found throughout the Earth. God commanded the Archangels to bind the leaders of the fallen angels, Azazel and Semyaza, until the Day of Judgment,

Image result for 200 fallen angels descended on mount hermon

where they will be cast into the Lake of Fire along with the Antichrist and False Prophet. The death of the Giants gave way to a great legion of evil demonic spirits on the face of the Earth. These disembodied spirits could not dwell in a resurrected body, so they are forced into being limbo upon the Earth.

Image result for nephilim disembodied spirits called demons

These evil spirits will be punished on the Day of Judgment. The watchers, the Fallen Angels, are punished before and on the Day of Judgment. Nowadays much has been written that all these UFO appearances are the watchers, the fallen angels, watching us in their spacecraft’s

Image result for UFO ArtImage result for UFO ArtImage result for UFO ArtImage result for UFO ArtImage result for aliens watching from inside UFO

as well in some documented cases, even watching us in our homes, etc.

Image result for alien being in houseImage result for real aliens caught on camera in the home gifImage result for aliens watching from inside UFO GIF

Well they are doing for more than watching they are doing satanic rituals that are sexual in nature, they are taking the fetuses out of women, mixing it with demonic DNA, and trying to create hybrids once again.


Image result for The Watchers Fallen Angels

All this activity is headed up by the fallen angels or sometimes known as the Grigori, the evil ones. These biblical angelic figures are deceiving many into thinking that these demon hybrids we call Grays (who are nothing more then working class demonic henchman who do the dirty work for the fallen ones) are benevolent aliens from another planet

Image result for aliens are our friends here to help usImage result for nice freindly aliensSee the source imageImage result for nice freindly aliensImage result for cute aliens

only here to warn us that we are destroying ourselves and our planet and if we can only discover our true identity as divine beings and that they are our true creators, we will have peace and harmony for the first time.

Image result for aliens are here to warn us and protect usImage result for aliens are here to warn us and protect usImage result for aliens are our creators Image result for Blasphemy!

They want us to know that we can have a harmonic convergence and get to the next plain of our evolutionary existence and on and on it goes. Everything amounts to speculation as to why these space visitors would come from so many light years away to our planet to warn us and spread new age occultic demonic dribble that every new age self-help book has written about for decades.  Now add to this, the fact that these space travelers never mention that Jesus Christ is God and only  an ascended master, then you finally know who your really dealing with here. Don’t we?

Image result for alien deceptionImage result for what aliens really are gifSee the source image

Two tribes thought to have lived in ancient Israel that were believed to have deceased from the Nephilim were the Anakim

Image result for anakim in bible

and the Rephaim. These were six finger, six toe genetic oddities that walked the Earth. There are allegations that the Catholic Church would not allow The Book of Enoch entry into the Bible and instead substituted The Book of Revelation (the Apocalypse of John), which has no reference whatsoever to the watchers and the fact their origin was Heaven no less, in which they fell from due to their choice to rebel and sin against God. In fact in some instances The Book of Enoch has been banned by both the secular World and even some of the Christian community as well.

Image result for The Watchers Fallen Angels

It seems the watchers have never gone away. People are being abducted, something seems to be watching many of us in the skies above, it’s not all Government Psy Ops (Tr3B’s) projects flying those triangle spacecraft

Image result for tr3b is realImage result for tr3b is real

that so many expect the alien greys to be seated at the helm and navigating. Will history repeat itself once again? Will we see the Nephilim on the Earth again in order Satan’s hybrid army can rise against God? What if anything is locked down at the bottom of the Dulce Base on a floor called Nightmare Hall


Image result for nightmare hall dulceImage result for nightmare hall real pics

where it is said so many hybrid and horrific genetic crossbreeds are on display in cages and large tanks.


Image result for Dulce Base CreaturesImage result for Dulce Base CreaturesImage result for Dulce Base CreaturesSee the source image

What of all the controversy of supposed hidden “alien” bases in the Antarctic and Underwater and underground?

Image result for alien bases under the antartic


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Will we ever find the answers to all these questions? We can only guess and speculate at this for now for now but soon God promises all will revealed and all that is manifest will be made known to us all. If the watchers are indeed among us, we will know that too. For now, look up and keep watching the skies, not for the watchers, but for your redemption, for it draws nigh, and the Son of Man will come in the clouds in an hour you know not. Will you be ready to receive him or will he come as a thief in the night for all those who are not ready and have not repented of sin? The choice is yours to make beloved.


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Mystery # 4: The handwriting is on the wall

Daniel 5:5 In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the King’s palace; and the King saw the part of the hand that wrote.

Today our MOB is the Handwriting is on the Wall. In the Book of Daniel, there are so many visions and incredible occurrences that seem to defy logic and utterly define the World of the supernatural. As far as Mysteries of the Bible goes, the handwriting on the wall is a MOB if there ever was one.

King Belshazzar, the son of Nabonidus was a King of Babylon

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and more specifically the King of the Chaldeans and was a descendant of none other than Nebuchadnezzar. King Belshazzar was also known as a drunk.

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He would be drinking wine in the silver vessels which Nebuchadnezzar had stolen out of the Temple in Jerusalem during his raid on the Holy Land. So it was this King who was drinking wine and praising his false gods, the gods of gold and silver, and of brass, iron, wood and stone was about to get a major dose of sobriety.

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The King witnessed first hand (no pun intended) the appearance of a hand that wrote on a wall. The King was shocked and he shouted out for his mystics, his astrologers and soothsayers and all the wise men of Babylon to come and see what was happening.

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None of the King’s men could make out the writing nor understand what the interpretation of the writing was. King Belshazzar was greatly troubled because of this.

The Queen told Belshazzar about Daniel, that he would be able to interpret the handwriting on the wall.

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Belshazzar did not understand Daniel’s God given Supernatural abilities and where they came from. He was thinking that his abilities came from the spirit of the gods inside of him. The King wanted to offer Daniel a gold chain to hang around his neck and the acknowledgement of being the third ruler in the Kingdom. Daniel of course turned it down and told him to keep his gifts to himself or give them to another. Daniel reminded the King that it was God who gave Nebuchadnezzar his kingdom and all that came with it. Daniel also reminded King Belshazzar that once King Nebuchadnezzar’s heart hardened and his pride got out of hand, God took him off of his Kingly throne, and took all of the glory away from him as punishment. Daniel reminded Belshazzar that Nebuchadnezzar went mad and dwelt with the wild animals and was eating grass like an oxen. Daniel then told Belshazzar, that he too had not humbled his heart even though he knew what happened to Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel mentioned the false gods that Belshazzar has praised, and all the wine he has drunk from the vessels he stole from the Temple in Jerusalem. Daniel mentioned that despite God, being real, living and breathing, and the other gods being false, Belshazzar has failed to recognize the one true God of the Universe, Yahweh.

Daniel goes on to tell Belshazzar the words that were written on the wall. MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UFARSIN. The interpretation Daniel tells Belshazzar is MENE, which means God has numbered the kingdom and it is finished as far as its rule goes. Tekel – that all that Belshazzar has done has been weighed by God (judged, analyzed by God) and God finds Belshazzar wanting.

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In other words his works have been judged and Belshazzar lacks goodness and righteousness (as we all do). Lastly the word Ufarsin which indicates that the kingdom of Belshazzar will be divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

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Belshazzar regardless of Daniels wishes, put a gold chain around his neck and made him the third ruler in the Kingdom as he promised he would do. That night Belshazzar, the King of the Chaldeans, was slain just as God had foretold in the handwriting, and David interpreted he was indeed finished.

God never foretells anything without it becoming 100% true and 100% certain that it will happen. If God wills it, it is done. Ironically the one replacing Belshazzar would be Darius the median,

who would soon persecute Daniel by placing him in the Lion’s Den (which just happens to be our next MOB). So what can we learn about the handwriting that was written on the wall by the Hand of God beloved? Sure we know the Supernatural element here, we have the literal Hand of God physically manifesting and writing on the wall, God’s Judgment for King Belshazzar. We also know God elevates Kings and rulers and when needed he takes them down a notch or to, or in Belshazzar’s case, all the way down. He got too caught up in his pride, he needed to be humbled and refused to do so. When the Israelites were humble and followed God with a contrite heart, God rewarded them with rulers and Kings that were just and righteous and in times when Israel forsake the Lord God and became rebellious idolaters pursuing harlots and false gods, God gave them over to wicked and oppressive rulers as a form of judgment upon them. We can see the similarities today in the Western World when everyone running for President or Prime Minister in the time of Election seems to be corrupt and not a solid one of reputable character, we can see that we are clearly in judgment.


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When a nation turns their back on God (takes the 10 commandments out of school and introducing Satanic activities for children after school,

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out of all the State / Government facilities) we create a godless world built on hopelessness and a lack of principal and meaning as the foundation of all morality has been removed. We have no absolutes for the absolute one; God has been removed from the very institutions that were built around him. Then God is left with no choice and he turns his back on such a nation as this. America now has to face God’s Judgment seat as does Canada and it’s neighboring Western Countries for their crimes against God (abortion, infanticide, child molestation, child trafficking, homosexuality, sexual immorality, adultery, idolatry, pornography, rampant drug taking and addictions, genetic breeding of the fallen angels to create a race of hybrids and demonic offspring), the World as in the time of Noah is filled with violence, sin and degradation of morals and compassion.

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How haughty a spirit Belshazzar must have had. How similar are the rulers and Presidents, Kings and Queens of today to Belshazzar, one might ask. Very similar, is the answer.

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Whether they admit it or not, they often act with impunity, like they have no concern for accountability, it doesn’t apply to them, they can do whatever they like whenever they like, to whomever they want to. They believe they are gods, made in their own image and in the vanity of their imaginations; they worship a false god, themselves.

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In many places in the scriptures, particularly in the New Testament both Jesus and the other writers commend believers to submit themselves to their government and leaders at least until they begin to disobey God’s ordinances and provisions. Then and only then, can the believer in the Lord separate themselves from ungodly principles laid out by a ruler or ruling body such as a King or Government. Until that time we are to render on to Caesar, what is Caesars and to render unto God what is God’s.

The bottom line for believers in Yeshua is to be reminded that our battle is never against ungodly rulers like Nebuchadnezzar or Belshazzar and all present rulers, Presidents and Prime Ministers accepted. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but as Ephesians 6:12 states, For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. In other words, we are engaged in spiritual warfare beloved against principalities and high places and things we can’t see.

Pray to the Lord for the full armor of God’s Righteousness to put off the wiles of the enemy, which is not the Government but Satan and always pray the governments of this World will yield and submit themselves before the Eternal Governments of the Heavenly Host.


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Mystery # 5 : Daniel And the Lions Dens 

Daniel 6:16 Then the King commanded, and they brought Daniel. And cast him into the den of the lions, now the King spoke and said unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest continually, he will deliver thee.

Daniel in the Lion’s den is a story from the Bible that captures the imaginations of adults and kids alike. Imagine a den full of hungry, vicious powerful man eating death machines with razor sharp fangs and long pointed talons ready to rip and tear Daniel apart piece by piece!

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Daniel in the lion’s Den is today’s MOB. How did Daniel get cast into the Lion’s den anyways? If you recall in our last MOB, Darius the Median

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took the Kingship of Babylon once Belshazzar was slain. Daniel assumed an important role in Daniel’s kingdom due to the fact that it was said he had an excellent spirit about him.

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What happened was that a number of Kings, Rulers and Princes who disliked Daniel for whatever reason, started to try and find fault with Daniel. They couldn’t find any errors or fault in him.

So one of the men came up with an idea that since they could not find fault with Daniel, they might be able to find something to do with the law of Daniels’ God Yahweh. After all this was Babylon, a land full of false gods that were ordered to be worshiped by all. So they came up with a royal decree that the King agreed to, that any man making a petition (praying) to a God other than the ones accepted in Babylon, would be cast into the den of lions. King Darius signed the decree, not knowing what these men had planned.

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Despite knowing of the royal decree, Daniel continued to pray 3 times a day to God. The men wanting to find fault with him were most likely spying on him

and one day found him praying and making supplication before God.

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These men went back to King Darius and mentioned to him that Daniel made a petition to God three times a day. Despite King Darius being upset with himself for making the decree now that he had seen the results of it,

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he was reminded by the men that the King cannot go back on his word. So that was when Darius had no choice but to order Daniel to be cast into the Lion’s Den.

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Whether he believed it or now, King Darius said to Daniel that he fully expected Daniel’s God to deliver him. Workers for the King placed a huge rock in front of the entrance of the Den. The king even sealed the entrance way with his own signature. The king went to his palace, fasted for the night and he did not sleep that night. The king woke up early the next morning and went immediately to the den where the lions are kept. It was dark inside the den and Darius could not see into it very well so Darius yelled out loud to see if Daniel was still alive and whether his God had indeed delivered him from certain death.

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Out of the darkness of the den, Daniel answered back and told him that God had sent an angel

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to shut the Lions mouths and they did not hunt him at all. The King was very glad and demanded that Daniel be taken out of the Lion’s den. The men however that bear false witness upon Daniel and accused him were instead thrown into the Lion’s den as well as their children and their wives. Needless to say there was no shutting the mouths of the Lion’s now and they killed and devoured each and every one of them. After that King Darius wrote a new decree for all people and all nations

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that in his kingdom all men should fear and tremble as it is stated in Daniel 6:26 before the God of Daniel, for he is the living God, and steadfast forever, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed, and his dominion shall be even unto the end. King Darius went on to say that God does great works of signs and wonders in Heaven and Earth and that was demonstrated when God rescued Daniel from the den of Lions.  God’s power was clearly on display for both believers and skeptics alike. The Chapter ends with a note that Daniel prospered during the remainder of the reign of King Darius and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian as well. So we have a story of those that would falsely accuse a righteous person, one of the brethren. Daniel had to bare the persecution of having others bare false witness against him. The penalty was stiff here not only were the men who did this, thrown to the Lions so were their wives and even their children. This is a good indication how serious a crime this was and continues to be to this very day. Baring false witness is a sin before God.

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Daniel was accused falsely, he was merely praying to God.

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This led to death for many people including the men that accused Daniel falsely. King Darius must have had some reverence to God to begin with. He had a testimony of God’s supernatural power played out in front of him and that was of God’s Supernatural Power in shutting the mouths of the lions as well as his providence in protecting Daniel in the Lion’s den the entire time. It was a powerful testimony indeed.

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When you face persecution because of your faith beloved, will you do as Daniel did and continue to risk being spied on as he was? He still prayed 3 times a day; he refused to compromise his obedience to God’s Will. Will you be willing to risk getting caught just living as God had commanded us to live or are you going to renounce your faith in order to protect your life?

Image result for christian persecution some will compromise See the source imageImage result for the persecuted church gifPersecution Worldwide In more than 40 nations around the world ...

He who loses his life will find it and he who lays his life down will gain life. Scripture states this, Jesus even said it. In Matthew 10:39, He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

Never forget what the Lord Jesus Christ exhorted us concerning persecution, in Luke 21:17 -19, And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake. But there shall not a hair of your head perish. In your patience possess ye your souls. Not that anyone wants to be persecuted but when we are we can take some solace in knowing we are living as the Lord lived for the World hated him first and he was greatly persecuted unto death.

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There are many Christians dying brutal deaths daily. We would apologize for showing such horrific images but really there can be no apology or tame way to present the brutal truth and the Church (especially in the Western World needs to wake up-the persecution is coming your way!) We cannot shy away from the truth. Christians are being crucified for the faith. CRUCIFIED! Pray for the martyrs of the faith beloved, pray for them all over the World.

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Are you going to have the faith like Daniel

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and be willing to go into the lions ’den (which can be in the form of any type of persecution) by the enemy, Satan, who is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and he goes up and down this planet Earth. Do you trust God to protect you no matter what? Is your trust in God greater than your greatest fear? Daniel did trust God and you saw the outcome, a miracle took place. Daniel was indeed protected by God and what an amazing testimony to all Babylonians bearing witness to this miracle of God. God is faithful to see you through the most difficult of circumstances beloved and when you’re at your weakest point that is when God is glorified by his strength and not yours. His burden is light his yoke is easy; we are to thrust our burdens unto the Lord, not to prove to him we are some great martyr like Job was. So you must have faith as God has promises you will not suffer any more than you can endure. He knows your breaking point far better than you know it yourself. The Lord will take your burden from you as well as your suffering and in its place he will give you the peace that passes all understanding from the Prince of Peace, Yeshua. You will even have this peace in the Lion’s den or any storm you go through in life, beloved.


The day will come when praying to God and reading the Bible will also probably cause people in the Western World to be jailed and persecuted during the time of the Antichrist’s reign. It has been happening in China and other places for years.

Christianity Under Fire on TBN UK Freeview Channel 65 & Sky ...See the source image

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That’s why they have underground churches built so they can do the things that we take for granted everyday like reading the Bible, praying and attending Church.


Mystery #6 : Daniel’s Vision of Kingdoms: The 4 Beasts

Daniel 7:2 -3 Daniel spoke and said, I saw in my vision by night, and behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse from one another.

We are now at one of the apexes of Biblical Eschatology (the crème de la crème if you will) and of course the final Book of the Bible, The Book of Revelation is the pinnacle of the entire Old and New Testament as it points toward the ultimate fulfillment of end time prophecy. Today we pull back the veil to reveal the meaning of the dream and visions that Daniel had concerning the 4 Beasts, in this edition of MOB. The Book of Daniel as written around the mid-2nd century BC. If you recall King Nebuchadnezzar had a vision (we did a MOB on it recently – with the image being of a statue of a man that would ultimately be destroyed by the Lord representing the corner stone) and there are some definite cross over similarities between the image of that man and the 4 Beasts that we will describe in this edition.

Image result for the 4 beasts of Daniel in the bible

With this vision in Daniel 7 we will go into more depth on some of the eschatological events surrounding the last days and what these four beasts represent.

See the source image


Starting with the first creature or beast, we see a lion which most scholars agree represents King Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian Empire. This lion had wings, but they were plucked which is a reference to his insanity.

Image result for king nebuchadnezzar went insane

Yet there was a type of conversion that took place in Nebuchadnezzar’s heart, which is referred to in V.4.

Image result for the 4 beasts of Daniel in the bible

People will read into the Bible what they want to and some are firm believers that the Eagle represents the U.S and the fact that its wings are plucked is an indication it is under judgement of God.

While we agree the US is under judgment of God for it’s sins in turning it’s back on God, there is just no support or evidence in scripture that the US is even specifically in Biblical Prophecy period. This is even a bigger indictment on the future of the nation when one thinks about it.

See the source image

When one thinks about where the US and for that matter North America and the Western Hemisphere is right now, it is going hand in hand with the rest of the advocates for a Global World Economy and a One World Government, the New World Order.


Image result for the US is not in Bible prophecy

They will be part of the Antichrist system and army with any dissidents incarcerated permanently in death camps or put to death at some point and time. The next creature some interpret as being Russia, but a more accurate depiction is that the bear seems to typify the Medo –Persian Empire that had raised itself up on one side.

This is another reason that it makes sense that it is not Russia. For it is from the fact that this bear is raised up on one side that we can understand that there are 2 unequal partners in this empire.

Image result for daniel's vision of the 4 beasts

There are the Persians and the Medes and it is the Persians who gradually gained supremacy over the Medes.

Image result for medes and the persians battle

The Three ribs in its mouth refers to the three empires that were absorbed by Persia at one time, and that is Babylon,

Image result for babylon defeated by persia


Image result for egypt and the persians battle

and Lydia (today known as Turkey). The next creature rising out of the sea is a type of leopard beast. This is generally understood as a reference to Greece and this leopard has four wings and four heads referring to the division of the Greek Empire into four sections following the death of Alexander the Great.

Image result for the 4 beasts of Daniel in the bible

Now the last creature or Beast is the one that most readers seem to focus on. For it is this unnamed beast that most believe represents the Roman Empire.

In Daniel 7:7 we have a reference to iron teeth which seems to speak of Rome’s unequaled military strength. Remember the vision that Daniel explained to King Nebuchadnezzar about the iron feet of the image? Iron and Rome are always tied together in these prophetic visions of the end times.

This creature/ beast is described as trampling and crushing and devouring all in it’s path. This beast is described as dreadful and terrible and this all seems to represent Rome’s oppression of it’s laws and culture on all the people and nations that it has conquered over time. The Ten Horns which are similar to the Ten Toes of the image is a reference strictly for the end times. Let us explain further…

Image result for the 4 beasts of Daniel in the bible

This beast not only has Ten Horns,

Related image

there is another little horn that seemed to somehow pluck up three other horns by their roots. This little horn had eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth

See the source image

speaking great things (which is a direct correlation to the characteristic of the Antichrist) who on first appearances acts like a lamb and then exposes himself in time, to be more like a dragon, speaking great and boastful things. The eyes of the little horn demonstrate that there is a supernatural intelligence and ability behind this little horn or Antichrist and that is of course, of Satanic inspiration. The Antichrist is fully possessed with Satan’s seed and demonic spirit. The mouth of the Antichrist speaks blasphemies against God and this is very similar to the description of the Beast (also a description of the Antichrist) in The Book of Revelation 13:5-7 And there was given unto him, a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven. This is of course describing unmistakably none other than the little horn, the Antichrist.

Image result for the 10 horns of the beast

Image result for the antichrist speaks blasphemy against God

It is the Antichrist who seeks to wear out and destroy all the Saints of God for the duration of time that God allows which will be three and a half times or the equivalent of 42 months as is mentioned in Revelation13:5 The Antichrist

Image result for the US is not in Bible prophecy

however will not just be able to destroy everybody and everything, he himself will finally be stopped and destroyed and he will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Both Daniel 7:11 and Revelation 19:20 address the fact that the Antichrist’s impact and time is both limited by God and his fate is sealed. So what are these Ten Horns anyways?

They are ten kings (more like dictators and rulers) who all rule in the area that is still part of what is considered as being part of the Old Roman Empire in the last days. The Coming Antichrist (who is already here and among us even now) who is the little horn will eliminate three of the original Ten Horns, leaving only seven remaining. This little horn is also known as a King of Fierce countenance and the one who understands dark sentences. This is a reference again to the reality of a spiritual entity behind this Antichrist literally giving him the words to speak, coming from the mind and mouth of the devil himself.

See the source image

So it is the Antichrist will wear out the saints of the most High, it is he, who will think to change times and laws. For a while the saints will succumb to the Antichrist and will be given to him, to persecute the saints and many will die. Most will be beheaded, others jailed and all persecuted and our faith and trust in the Lord put to the ultimate test. It will be at that time that those not right with God will chose life and sell out to The Beast system, take the mark of the Beast and be forever damned by their decision in order to not be persecuted.


Others will go to their death knowing Glory and the eternal presence of God is the next stop for them. It is as black and white as it sounds; it is the separating of the chaff from the wheat, the goats from the sheep. Some people have a problem with that, sometimes there has to be a decision rendered and those on the fence must decide today, for tomorrow is not promised concerning who is Jesus to them. This is why Jesus, while on Earth always asked those around him, who do you say I am? He knew their answers but he was testing them just the same. Was Yeshua just a man or just a prophet as some religions believe or is he the Messiah and Savior of the World, more importantly, your savior, your only hope of redemption?

Image result for jESUSS SAYS WHO DO YOU SAY THAT i AM?

Before the Great Tribulation begins, there is some interesting subtle but revealing passages of scripture here in Daniel 7 worth taking a look at. In V.9 of Daniel 7, we have a very interesting depiction that seems to match up with Ezekiel’s vision of God, and this one of the Ancient of Days. Listen to this description and see if that vision described in the Book of Ezekiel matches closely with this vision. I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool; his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.


There is no doubt this is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings being described here, in fact it matches up with the description of the Lord coming back on his white horse from The Book of Revelation 19:11.

Image result for the Book of Revelation

However in this instance in Daniel it is the actual Great White Throne Judgement of Seat of Christ being referred to here. It is also interesting to note that Daniel’s prophecies were to be sealed unto these very last days, these end times we are in now. For these very few events all need to take place before the return of Yeshua. God will make his presence known to the 4 Beasts as he will appear on his fiery throne. The beast with Ten Horns (the Antichrist) will be destroyed, and the other beasts lives will be extended but for a season until the time that the Son of Man, the Lord takes over completely (all dominion of the Kingdom of Earth and Heaven). It is the fourth beast that is the combination of all the other beasts; he is part leopard, part bear and part lion with the ten horns. Daniel’s 4th Beast vision encompasses a World dominating empire (that will include all the other beasts or kingdoms).

Image result for THE 10 HORNS IN THE BIBLE

When we think of how popular the Pope is nowadays and how influential he is around the World, we can see how desperate the World has become for a savior dressed all in white that they can hope is the very personification of God. However this same current Jesuit Pope (as of this writing) has come out and said that he believes in Evolution and says that God does not have a magic wand that God needed help to create the World because he is limited. This is not our interpretation; the Pope has readily admitted his stance on such matters. Is this truly God’s Representation on Earth?

We are going to say an emphatically no to that! This same Pope who will not come out with a strong statement on his stand against abortion or homosexuality and says he who would baptize aliens (demons in actual fact) in the name of the Lord is incredible blasphemy.  Are Aliens (demons) created in the image of God? This is a liberal Pope if there ever was one, he says he is not to judge homosexuality, which is true however he needs to stand for biblical principles and it is clear in the Book of Romans what God has to say about all sin of every sort and the consequences of it. As the leader of his flock he is commanded by God to properly lead the flock of God in the right direction, not astray as he is doing. Add to it, that this Pope is a Jesuit, the first Jesuit Pope and according to the late Malachi Martin said to be the last Pope in recorded history, and we have the perfect mix and ingredients for the one called the False Prophet. Some make the mistake in thinking that this Pope is the Antichrist, when this is simply not the case. The Antichrist is a political figure, not a spiritual figure.

The False Prophet will point the “sheeple” to the Antichrist encouraging them to worship him and his image (The Beast).

Image result for THE FALSE PROPHET

The plan will be to get everyone on Planet Earth to worship him or face certain doom. The Apostates will come from everywhere that a false faith or false gospel is preached (many surprisingly from so called Christian churches and Mega Churches, cults and fringe so called “Christian” groups). The Church of Laodicea is a huge part of Sunday gatherers and many of them because they are biblically illiterate and do not have a personal relationship with the Lord will fall for the lying signs and wonders of the Antichrist and False Prophet.

See the source image

This will make up the One World Church also known as Mystery Babylon -The Devil’s congregation.


Image result for The one world church

Now that the time for Prophetic revelation is here and upon us, the unsealing of the Book of Daniel, tells us all we need to know beloved. Anyone telling you they have a new revelation from God, be very wary of. God says clearly at the end of the Book of Revelation anyone who adds or subtracts from the Book, so too will that person find themselves under judgement of God. History has already been made and history is about to be made once again, just as the coming back of Yeshua Jesus, our Adonai is at the doorstep, prepare the way for the Ancient of Days.

Next up:

 Image result for the ram and the goat gifImage result for the ram and the goat in the bible gif

Mystery # 7 :  Daniel 8 : The Ram & Goat (The Coming King of Fierce Countenance)

Daniel 8:3 Then I lifted up mine eyes, and saw, and behold, there stood before the river a ram which had two horns and the two horns were high; but one was higher then the other, and the higher came up last.
During the reign of King Belshazzar in his 3rd year,

Image result for king belshazzar

Daniel had a vision concerning a ram and a goat. In reality this vision really deals with the Medo-Persian Empire and Greece.

See the source image

If those 2 names ring a bell, they should they were 2 of the Beasts (Kingdoms) that we were dealing with in our last MOB (the bear and the leopard if you recall) as well as part of the image of the statue that Nebuchadnezzar had a vision about.  Today our MOB is this vision concerns  that of the ram and the goat and the revealing of the one with fierce countenance (the Antichrist). In this vision, the ram was by the River of Ulai and was very mighty

and no other beasts wanted to challenge it except for one, a goat. This goat came from the west and seemed to glide on air as it’s feet did not touch the ground and had a notable horn between his eyes.

Image result for Medo Persian Empire Daniel Chapter 8 Ram with Horns Two

The ram on the other hand, had two horns, one higher than the other. The goat ran into the ram violently

Image result for Medo Persian Empire Daniel Chapter 8 Ram with Horns Two

with the desire to fatally wound the ram as the goat was full of angst and hit the ram so hard, it broke it’s two horns. The ram was cast down into the ground and the goat stomped and trampled on it and finished it off.

The goat became great and was very strong, but his great horn was broken and four other horns came up out of it. One of the four horns was exceedingly greater than the other horns. This little horn magnified itself and took away the daily sacrifice. Daniel later explains the vision, as it was explained to him by the angel Gabriel. The ram with the two horns represented the Kings of Media and Persia. The goat was the King of Grecia (Greece) and the great horn in between the eyes is known as the first king. His kingdom was broken into four other kingdoms (or horns). It is at this time, the angel Gabriel explains that, a king of fierce countenance will arrive on the scene (the little horn). This king will be very mighty (not in his own power, but of the power of Satan), he shall be a destroyer of God’s People.

This mighty King, the son of perdition, will create his own policies and he will worship himself and boast of himself. He will initially declare peace with Israel and will be seen as a peacemaker and to some even a messiah (a false messiah), but he will end up destroying many.

This little horn, the Antichrist will even try to stand up before the Lord, but in the end as with the statue and image that King Nebuchadnezzar saw was broken by the Lord, so to, will this little horn be broken by the Lord. This prophecy is then sealed and shut up until the end times, such as now, where it can be made sense of finally in lieu of contemporary events and properly unveiled. Daniel is overcome by the vision and ends up passing out from it. No one can pinpoint exactly when this vision took place but historical records seem to indicate that Belshazzar reigned in 533-539 BC and that would make this vision somewhere around 550-549 B.C. God wanted Daniel to let the Israelites know that there would be the time of the end coming upon them someday and in that latter time there would be great indignation. By that, persecution would come upon Israel. There would be the conflict between Medo-Persia and Greece,

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there would be the division of the Grecian empire following Alexander the Great’s death and lastly, there would be the rise of Antiochus Epiphanes and his desecration of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

See the source imageImage result for Antichocus Ephipanes desecrates the temple in JerusalemSee the source image

There is much more to this prophecy however then the things we just mentioned. We learn more about the Antichrist, the one with the fierce Countenance.

Image result for ANTICHRIST

We know Daniel is physically in Babylon at the time of the vision. In the actual vision however, he finds himself in the city of Susa, in the Province of Elam.

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Susa is the capitol city of the Persian Empire and today the city exists in Iran and is known as Shush.

Image result for the city of susa , province of elamImage result for the city of susa , province of elamImage result for modern day shushImage result for shush in persia gif

Some even think that Daniel is actually buried in this ancient city, but that is just speculation, though interesting. What makes this passage so interesting is how the Bible lines up with reality. The vision clearly says that the two horned ram represents Medo-Persia. The Persian Empire has the ram as its national emblem and ancient coins have a ram’s head depicted on one side.

The Bible also identifies the goat as Greece and sure enough the national emblem of Greece is the goat and there are coins from the country of Greece that do depict a goat on them.

We know the four horns are Greece, Turkey, Syria and Egypt. The little horn that rises from this group is of course the Antichrist. The Antichrist will take away the daily sacrifice of the Jewish people and will forbid them to worship in the sanctuary or holy temples, which will be destroyed by him. We do know about the seven-year peace treaty the Antichrist is said to make with the Jewish people.

We know that halfway through that seven year period, he will break the treaty.  We know that the Antichrist, who some Jews thought was the messiah, will turn on the Jews and he will wage war on them as well as Christians and people of faith around the World. Some speculation is that this Antichrist is a Muslim, but he would have had to hide his identity in order to earn the Jews trust in the first place. A Jewish messiah would have to convince the Jews that he was of the lineage of David and a true Jew. The part about hiding one’s true identity and details of their origin, does that remind you of anyone you know on the current Global political scene?

Image result for Fierce Countenance AntichristImage result for obama fly on the lipImage result for obama alien face on back of head

We know of the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, we have heard the stories and confirmations that a red heifer will be made available (in order to consecrate the temple).

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The pieces have all fallen into place. Everything is there except of course, the Dome of the Rock blocking the way. The Dome of the Rock stands where the original temple was. Would a peace treaty be the essential ingredient to remove that Dome in order for the temple to be rebuilt? Of course Muslims would have something to say about their sacred Muslim temple being tampered with in any shape or form. There is strong evidence that the Temple building ground is actually not the Temple Mount or Dome of the Rock at all but instead located in the City of David.

Did you know that roughly only 18% of Jews in Israel today have any belief at all of the coming Messiah? There is great unbelief in the Land of Israel. The majority of Jews are secular, agnostic or atheist.

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God will purge Israel through the Great Tribulation as well as the rest of the World for their unbelief and rebellion and Antichrist will be given a certain amount of power to bring God’s judgment upon the faithless and rebellious. It is interesting to note that Daniel actually hears 2 angelic hosts speaking to one another in Daniel 8:13-14. The discussion centers on how long it will take for the vision to be fulfilled. This is the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, the abomination that causes desolation and the surrender of the temple. One angel tells the other that there needs to be 2,300 evenings and mornings, before the sanctuary can be reconstructed.

So we know that this is an end time’s prophecy and none of this was going to occur in Daniel’s lifetime. In fact we are told that the vision is to be sealed up until these very last days. The term evenings and mornings is a Hebrew terminology and refers to a single 24 hour day. So we are really talking about 2,300 days. In Daniel Ch.7 we heard that the Antichrist was going to wage war on the Jews and Christians for three and a half years. So on the one hand we have 2,300 days and the other we have three and a half years which is 1,278 days approximately. 2,300 days is 6 years, 4 months and 20 days. The difference is that the 3 ½ years is the length of the Antichrist will be allowed to reign on the Earth. This is the same length of time the Antichrist will be allowed to reign on the Earth. This is the same length of time as the Great Tribulation or Jacob’s trouble as we sometimes refer to it.

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The second, longer time is telling us how long the Jews will be without their sanctuary or able to make sacrifices in their holy temple, and that will be 2,300 days. 

Image result for 2300 days prophecy

Now do these periods of time overlap? Absolutely they do. If the Antichrist desecrates the sanctuary at the beginning of his reign even after his reign is halted three and a half years later, it will still be another 2 years, 10 months and 20 days before the sanctuary is restored, cleansed and finally ready for sacrifices and worship to begin again. So there are 2 different events that will occur simultaneously. Logic would tell you, the temple sanctuary cannot be restored or re-consecrated until the evil Antichrist is defeated and his reign of terror and persecution comes to a complete end.

Some even speculate that the DNA of Nimrod himself will be used to raise once again

See the source imageThe Tomb Of Gilgamesh-Nimrod Was Found In 2003 ... But What ...

the one who willfully defied God the first time around, Nimrod (the Tower of Babel) and now will attempt to complete this task through the Antichrist, Satan’s Satanic Son.

So there we have it, the vision of the Ram and Goat, one of the simpler and clearer cut of the 4 chief visions of Daniel. The little horn (the Antichrist) is no doubt here among us now; the Antichrist spirit is very strong in the world. Recorded amounts of killing, violence and especially evil against the defenseless, (children, babies, the homeless, refugees and Christians and people of faith) is so widespread nowadays. The World is becoming a colder place, lacking general compassion for our fellow man. It’s getting harder and harder to find it these days.


Soon God will unleash the little horn among us, the goat will slay the ram and seek to persecute the World. But take care beloved, God is in control, the Lord pulls the strings, not Satan. God will purge evil with evil, and then extinguish that very same evil, for once and for all.

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Mystery # 8: Daniel’s Prophecy of The Seventy Weeks : The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

Let’s begin this edition’s MOB with our scriptural feature passage.

Daniel 9:24 Seventy weeks are determined upon they people and upon the holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

Beloved, in this edition of MOB we deal with perhaps the most well-known of all prophetic texts outside of the ones referring to Christ’s second coming. For in this edition, we deal with the seventy weeks of Daniel, one of the most important and controversial prophecies in all of scripture.

Here was Daniel, the Prophet praying about the rebuilding of the City of Jerusalem and the return of his people to the Holy land from Babylon. The angel Gabriel informed Daniel that God had a very specific timeline concerning his dealings with Israel, including their judgement or purging and it’s eventual restoration.  The first timeline is 70 weeks; we will cover what that means, in just a bit. We are told the transgression is finished and there is an end to sin and the process of reconciliation can start. We know that true atonement for iniquity and all sin for that matter would be dealt with, once and for all at Calvary where Jesus laid his life down, for the sins of the World. This is of course is a reference to any and all individuals who accept God’s Act of Reconciliation, believe upon with their heart that no other act of redemption with God is possible except what Christ did on the cross. This pertains to individuals and not to the nation of Israel, as their time for recognizing the true Messiah, would come at a later time (prior to Christ’s millennial reign on Earth). In fact the nation of Israel was and remains a sinful lot who would need to be purged of all sin and transgressions come the Day of the Lord.

Image result for secular israel

In fact, we know the most Holy Place, the Temple of God, his Holy Sanctuary though destroyed at this time, will be reestablished and will be rebuilt in time as we have discussed very recently.

So the beginning of this time, the 70 weeks is a decree to rebuild Jerusalem.  We can know that when Daniel refers to weeks, he is referring actually to years. We know this from Daniel 10:2 when Daniel refers to seven day periods while specifying three full weeks. Most biblical scholars agree that this Prophecy is in fact an extension of God’s earlier revelation of the Seventy Years Captivity (the Babylonian Exile). The thought here is that the 69 weeks began with the decree being issued by Nehemiah somewhere around 445 – 444 B.C and ending 483 years later. This of course is based on a contemporary 360 day year calendar. Obviously in ancient days of old, there were different calendars and so consequently slight error on exact dates must be taken into consideration. Even so, the date of the end would bring it to none other than Palm Sunday, the Day the Lord came riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Image result for psalm sunday

What is also been taken notice of, is a gap in Daniel’s prophecy, a feature quite characteristic with a fair amount of Daniel’s writings. The gap is explained because there was 30 years that had elapsed from the crucifixion of Christ (when the Messiah was cut off) and the destruction of Jerusalem. We go to verses 25 and 26 now to see this discussed by Daniel. Know there fore and understand, that for on the going forth, of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the messiah the prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. Even more information about what happens to the Lord Jesus in these end times is described in the next verse 26.

And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself, and the people of the Prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.

Image result for the time of jacob's trouble

The Messiah being cut off, the coming of the Son of perdition, the King of Fierce countenance, the Antichrist will appear on the scene.

Image result for Jesus Christ and the Antichrist 666Image result for Jesus Christ and the Antichrist 666Image result for Jesus Christ and the Antichrist 666Related imageImage result for the antichrist from the bible gifImage result for antichrist is here

All of this follows the first 69 weeks. As long as the Window of Grace is still occurring and the Lord God is gathering the church together and out of this World, the final week, the 70th week remains in the future. That future is getting very, very close to happening beloved. Look around you, Israel is a cup of trembling,

See the source image

World War 3 seems just a blink of an eye from taking place, all the principal players seem to be pulled into the World Stage whether it be Russia, China, the entire Middle East, Turkey and soon enough, the Western hemisphere will be pulled into this conflict. Once the time of the gentiles is complete, the clock of God’s Judgment will count off the last remaining week. What will happen then you ask? Scripture makes it clear, the Antichrist will make a peace covenant, he will make sacrifices cease in the temple and the abomination of desolation will take place, which there is speculation that an unholy sacrifice of demonic proportions will take place in God’s formerly holy temple.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

The abomination of desolation is the acts of defilement of the things of God meant originally to represent the holiness and righteousness of God but have been corrupted by the embodiment of evil worship devoted strictly to Satan himself. The Antichrist has taken what God meant for his glory and has turned as much as he can, into a vile misrepresentation of his evil campaign to abolish God’s Dominance on Earth. Much of what we will eventually cover in the Book of Revelation mirrors what is also addressed prophetically here in the Book of Daniel, especially a description of the appearance of the Antichrist. The Antichrist appears upon the scene and what he plans to do, when he rises to power. This will all happen in the last week which is a 7 year period yet to come.

Image result for the abomination of desolation spoken by danielGod’s precise timetable is supernaturally held intact as he holds the hour glass and he decides when the granules of sand will spill forward. God is in control, beloved. Take peace with that; harbor no fear, no matter how crazy the world seems at times. No matter how demonic and dark the news of the day is, the good news remains constant, Jesus Christ, Yeshua is the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, but through the Son, the Lord God Almighty.

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 Mystery # 9 : Daniel 10 (Daniel’s Vision of the Lord)

Daniel 10: 5, 6 Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz: His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightening, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in color to polished brass, and the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude.

It was the third year in the reign of Cyrus, king of Persia

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when the Prophet Daniel had a most amazing vision of the Lord Jesus Christ. In what is called a preincarnate appearance (that is prior to his official first coming).

Image result for daniel's vision of the Lord

What is amazing about this passage and why it’s selected as the MOB for this edition is how well it lines up with the description of Yeshua in the Book of Revelation 1:12-17. In fact some of it matches up identically. Let’s look at just a few comparisons.

See the source image

Yeshua’s eyes are described in Daniel 10: 5-6 as like lamps of fire, in Revelation 1:14, his eyes were as a flame of fire. In Daniel 10:5-6, Jesus feet are described as that of polished brass and in Revelation 1:15, his feet are like unto fine brass.

See the source image

Yeshua’s voice in Daniel 10; 5, 6 is like the voice of a multitude and in Revelation 1; 15, his voice is the sound of many waters. As well Yeshua in Daniel 10:5, 6, he is dressed in a very fine gold and in Revelation 13; he has a golden sash or waistband.

Clearly it’s the same description; it’s the same Messiah Jesus being described by first Daniel and then John the Revelator, who also see the Lord in his vision. Now when Daniel saw his vision, it was if there was a type of earthquake all around him, for no one else saw this vision but him. In fact all the others around him fled in terror because of this terrifying earthquake like sensation. Daniel was alone to bare witness to this vision of the Lord. The Lord was shining so brightly like the Sun. Daniel felt weak, like all the energy had rushed out of his body. Daniel heard what sounded like the voice of the Lord and fell onto the ground, face first. It was at this time that an angel of the Lord, Gabriel reached out and touched him on the shoulder. Daniel was afraid but the angel of the Lord, Gabriel told him not to be,

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and the angel of the Lord told him that he has come to inform him what will happen in the very last days to Israel.

Image result for what will happen to israel in the last days

There is even a hint that the angel of the Lord, Gabriel and Michael the Arch Angel had some battles with the powers of darkness (the Prince of the kingdom of Persia).


There is mention that this foe battled the angel of the Lord for 21 days (if this is in the Heavenly realm that is obviously not 21 days as we know it for 2 Peter 3:8 says one day in Heaven is like a thousand years on Earth). So we are actually talking about a lot more than 21 days on Earth. Now it’s interesting to note the Lord mentions Michael as one of the chief Princes, came to assist him. Now the Lord is not talking about the reigning king of Persia, here, Cyprus or even his son Cambyses.

Image result for cambyses of persia

They would have been referred to as a King and on top of that, they would not be able to stand up to any angel of God’s Heavenly Army never mind, Michael the Archangel. No, this can only be interpreted as a supernatural term, just as the description-the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia, is a reference to Satan, the true king of the Underworld. So it is Michael the Archangel battling it out with none other then Satan himself.


The evil angel Satan is the prince and small g (god) of this world but he cannot stand up to God no matter how often he attempts to do so. It is not unusual in the least bit for the armies of God to go head to head in battles with Satan. There was the dispute about the body of Moses in Jude 1:9,

Related image

the challenge of Satan concerning Joshua in Zechariah 3: 1-3

Image result for challenge of satan about Joshua in Zechariah 3

and the actual war in the heavenlies of Michael and his angels against the rebellious angels of Satan in Revelation ch.7 & 8.

Image result for the war in the heavenlies

Now whether it was still the Lord or the angel of the Lord, Gabriel, the messenger who is making his appearance before Daniel, is definitely open for debate. It is not mentioned who is actually talking to Daniel, but until this point and time Daniel’s communication with God has been done through Gabriel, the messenger angel. So it makes sense that this too is a message from the Lord but done through the messenger Gabriel.

Just as Satan was working on the Kings of Persia for acts of evil, Gabriel was working just as hard trying to influence the Kings of Persia, for the good, such as finding favor in the Jews in order to influence them to rebuild their cities and temples. However Gabriel encountered an evil spirit that stood up against him for quite some time.

Image result for Gabriel the archangel encounters a demon spirit

This evil spirit overtook Cyprus’s son Cambyses, and stirred up the Samaritans to corrupt the Persian councils and courts, in order to influence them against the Jews, by having them accept gifts. So here was Daniel fasting and praying with Michael the Archangel’s help,

Image result for Gabriel the archangel encounters a demon spirit
It would take the might of Michael the Archangel to battle this evil high ranking fallen angel of Satan’s henchmen.

Image result for challenge of satan about Joshua in the bible

Gabriel stood up against the king of Persia as they battled against the evil intentions of the dark spirit of Satan’s hordes.


Daniel lay on the ground on his face. Daniel felt he had no strength in his body anymore. Then the angel of the Lord touched him and told him not to have any fear and for him to be strong. Then Daniel was strengthened. The angel of the Lord then said he would return to go back to fighting with the Prince of Persia (the principalities in high places that had influenced the kingdom in a dark manner).


The angel of the Lord, Gabriel reassures Daniel that everything he has said is backed up by scripture and is of truth and that no one less than Michael the Archangel has taken charge of this situation. So it was once again Gabriel the messenger of God, appeared in a vision and it’s understanding was made clear to the prophet Daniel. How important it is, that Gabriel mentioned, the truth of scripture proving the validity of what is said and done in the name of the Lord. Nowadays we live in a World where there are so many false prophets among us and what did Jesus warn us about? In Luke 17:23, Jesus warns of all those running to and fro every time someone says Jesus is here, Jesus is there. And they shall say to you, see here; or see there go not after them, nor follow them.

Image result for PEOPLE BEING DUPED BY FALSE CHRISTSImage result for lord maitreya antichrist

The sheep are being scattered, for among some of them are the goats mixed in, and some are wolves in sheep’s clothing, plants of Satan.

Image result for satan has plants in the church and other placesRelated imageOprah Winfrey mocks Jesus Christ! - YouTube | Oprah winfrey, Oprah ...

Just like Satan influenced the Kings of Persia and the courts, there will be a great apostasy and falling away of the church, a great deception. So remain steadfast beloved, pray, fast, keep your eyes diligently on the prize and hold on!


Image result for lord maitreya antichristImage result for the time of jacob's trouble

Mystery #10 – Antichrist, The Eighth King : The King to Come

Daniel 11:31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate. And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall be corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

We have been taking a look through the prophetic Book of Daniel and we have seen glimpses of the portrait of the one known as the Son of Perdition, the Antichrist. Today, we continue with the portrait as laid out in Daniel Ch.11. This is the edition of MOB. Ch.11 of the Book of Daniel begins with verses related to the life of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who some believe to be the small horn as described in Daniel 8:9.

Image result for Antiochus IV Epiphanes,

While we at MOB believe he is not the small horn and is not “The” Antichrist, even though he did persecute the Jews and did desecrate the temple as well.

Image result for antiochus iv epiphanes
Image result for antiochus iv epiphanes a type of antichrist

We  will discuss this further as we go forward with this MOB. Antiochus was certainly a “type” of Antichrist as well shall soon see.

However in our feature scripture passage Verse 31, we see a foreshadowing of who the true Antichrist is, and the offenses he will commit against the Jewish nation of Israel and believers in Christ, around the World.

See the source image

We know certain offenses the Antichrist will do, once in full power. He will take away the daily sacrifice; he will perform the abomination of desolation. What is the abomination of desolation you ask?

Image result for antichrist and the abomination of desolationImage result for Abomination of Desolation Prophecy

It is open to interpretation, but what seems to make the most sense, biblically speaking, is that the Antichrist will stand in the rebuilt Jewish temple that has been consecrated for God and he will proclaim himself as God. This also marks the beginning of Jacob’s Trouble, The Great Tribulation and Satan’s reign of terror. It is the 70th creek of the time table and 3 ½ years in time.

Image result for the real antichrist will turn on the Jews

We go to Matthew 24:15 which states, So when you see standing in the holy place the abomination that causes desolation spoken of through the prophet Daniel –let the reader understand. Remember the front runner, the Greek ruler, Antiochus Epiphanes in 167 BC set up an alter to Zeus of burnt offerings in the Jewish temple of Jerusalem. He sacrificed a pig on the altar.

This blasphemous event became known as the abomination of desolation. Now here is the thing, some 200 years later Jesus was talking about a future abomination of desolation, so it’s clear he was not referring to what happened in 167 BC.

Instead it would appear the coming Antichrist will do the same thing Antiochus Epiphanies did, but with much more blasphemous ramifications. Also remember in 167 BC Antiochus Epiphanies never confirmed a covenant with Israel for seven years. It’s the Antichrist, in the end times who does that and no one else. It is he who will establish a covenant for 7 years and then breaks it at the half way point and then performs the abomination of desolation in the Jewish Temple. Even now you see the False Prophet preparing the deception to come with Israel for the Antichrist to come and weave his lies.

Image result for antichrist will fool israel

This is the same Antichrist who will make everyone worship the image of the Beast. They will worship it or they will be killed.

Image result for antichrist and the abomination of desolation

This Antichrist will speak flatteries and will pretend to be something he is not. He will pretend to be a lamb and the answer to the World’s problems, the savior of the World if you would. He will then reveal himself to be nothing less than a dragon in disguise. He will throw off that disguise.

See the source imageImage result for antichrist and the abomination of desolationImage result for Abomination of Desolation Prophecy

The good news is that it’s made clear; God’s People are going to stand strong against the Antichrist no matter how much he wears the saints out and persecutes them.

Image result for antichrist will fool israel

God’s People will remain a powerful testimony to Christ, against the tyranny of the King of Fierce Countenance. It is made clear the Antichrist will kill many by beheading them and many will die by sword and by fire and put many more incarceration. Some of God’s People will be helped by the support of brothers and sisters in the Lord as well as God’s Providence to protect the saints. Some will give into the Antichrist and will decide they want to live for the lies of Satan, rather than the Kingdom of God. The Deception of the Antichrist for a time, will know no bounds as he builds his New World Order Kingdom.

Those of understanding of what is really on the line here will take a stand for Christ and will be persecuted, until the appointed time for the persecution to stop. The prophetic revelation does shift from Antiochus IV to the antitype; the actual Antichrist  who will exalt himself and magnify himself above every god except of course God himself. God and only God will put this man of extreme arrogance , pride and demonic undertaking away for good!

The Antichrist will prosper for a season until he has gone as far as he can in his slanderous scheme against God. The Antichrist will have no respect for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,

Image result for obama this is not a christian nationSee the source image

he will not desire women. Some believe that makes him a homosexual

See the source imageImage result for obama is a gay manImage result for obama is a gay man

while this may be the case the other potential interpretation is that he may simply have no respect or use for women. He will have no regard for the things of God or God for that matter. He will simply magnify himself over all. The Antichrist will be devoted to the use of force and his army. He will honor Satan. He will honor wealth such as gold, silver and precious stones of great value.

He will seek to glorify Satan; he shall force many to worship Satan. He will divide and conqueror the land for selfish gain.

Related image

The Antichrist will be attached by both from the South (Italy) and from the North (Syria). The Antichrist will enter Jerusalem after conquering many countries and vanquishing them completely. Some countries will escape from his grasp and others like Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia, will not escape from his grasp. In the end, the Antichrist will be stopped but not by the East (China) or the North (Syria) but by God. God and only God alone will put an end to the reign of the Antichrist.

Image result for God will stop the antichrist

Daniel 11:45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

Next time on Mysteries of the Bible (MOB) the time of the end is at hand when Michael the Archangel stands up in Heaven, causing the Great Tribulation to finally begin and we shall look at in our next MOB. Please join us then Beloved.

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ANGEL - Album on ImgurImage result for when michael the arch angel stands upImage result for when michael the arch angel stands up

Mystery # 11: The Time of the end  (When Michael the ArchAngel stands up)

Image result for when Michael the Archangel stands up

Daniel 12:1 And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book.

Many people have overlooked the triggering moment of what causes the Great Tribulation to take place when Daniel 12:1 spells it out very clearly. Michael, the Archangel, God’s spiritual warrior cherubim, stands up. What does that mean and how does that cause the time of the end, The Great Tribulation, to take place?

Image result for when michael the archangel stands up ibn the bible

Michael stands up and stands over God’s Children, Israel and the saints of God. He has been protecting them and watching over them. Michael’s standing up signifies that the time of the end is to start and another phase of God’s Plan of Ultimate redemption is to begin and that is the purging of sin and evil called The Great Tribulation.

Remember Michael has all the angels of heaven under him and at his command.

Image result for when michael the archangel stands up ibn the bible

He is the general of the Chief in Commander of all the angels, the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah.

Image result for when michael the archangel stands up ibn the bible

Michael is the great prince that stands up for the children of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Yeshua.

See the source image

To stand up as Michael is standing up comes from the Hebrew word amad, which means “to interpose, to come forth to render aid” according to Strong’s Lexicon. So it is God himself that has given the job to Michael the Archangel to intervene for God’s people. And once The Great Tribulation begins, the only ones saved, will be the ones written into the Lamb’s Book of Remembrance of better known as the Book of Life.Image result for Lamb's Book of Life

In fact in v.2 we read about the resurrection of the dead. Isaiah also painted a picture of the End Times and The Great Tribulation as a time and a place for the resurrection of the dead. In fact there are two resurrections being noted, albeit happening at different times.

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V.2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to share and everlasting contempt. This is the resurrection prior to the Great White Throne of Judgment, where Christ rules and judges over all. Daniel is told to shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end, which is now. For knowledge would be increased which is definitely the case nowadays vs. the time of Daniel. Daniel then expresses a vision where he sees 2 men on opposite banks of a river speaking to one another. One man asks the other, how long before the end of wonders? The other man answers that it shall be for a time times and a half. Daniel then asks the one he refers to as the Lord (the Man of Linen) of what shall be the end of these things?

Daniel is reminded that the words are now closed up and sealed until the end of time. Again the indications are the daily sacrifice being taken away and the abomination that is made desolate. That time frame shall be 2,300 days.

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The bottom line beloved is we know that God is faithful and Michael the Archangel is assignment sure to stand up for God’s People and he will protect God’s Children from undue harm. And as Jesus promised, he will be with us always even until the end of time. That time we are entering into very, very soon.